Oticon Introduces Oticon More, World’s First Hearing Aid with On-Board Deep Neural Network

Oticon推出全球首款车载深度神经网络助听器Oticon More

2021-01-14 00:31:26 BioSpace


Trained on 12 million real-life sounds, Oticon More works like the brain for optimal hearing performance SOMERSET, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, Inc. is challenging the conventions of hearing aid technology once again. The company today launched Oticon More™, the first-ever hearing aid built with an on-board deep neural network (DNN), to give people with mild-to-severe hearing loss a fuller, more balanced and more effortless hearing experience. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en/ Oticon More, the world's first hearing aid with an on-board deep neural network (Photo: Business Wire) The DNN in Oticon More is trained on 12 million real-life sounds to give the brain more of the information it needs to decipher the intricate details of sound. Based on this extensive experiential learning – not on a limited set of man-made rules – it processes speech in noise more like the human brain. This results in a more natural representation of sounds that improves wearers’ speech understanding, reduces listening effort and enables people with hearing loss to remember more of what is being said, even in noisy environments. “With Oticon More, wearers receive a more natural representation of all sounds,” says Donald Schum, PhD, Vice President of Audiology, Oticon, Inc. “The DNN in Oticon More has learned the way the brain learns, naturally over time. Every sound that passes through the hearing aid is compared to the results discovered in the learning phase. This enables Oticon More to provide a more natural, full and precisely balanced sound scene, making it easier for the brain to perform optimally.” Powerful, more intelligent sound processing Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology delivers what the brain needs to make better sense of sound. Built on Oticon’s most intelligent platform yet, Oticon More provides 30% more sound to the brain and improves speech understanding by 15%.* Industry-leading innovation in sound processing technology ensures Oticon More delivers the information wearers need to decipher sounds and fully engage in any conversation. The hearing aid scans and analyzes the sound scene 500 times per second, capturing and processing the intricate details of sound with better contrast, balance and clarity than ever before. Oticon More builds on Oticon’s legacy of award-winning product innovation and industry firsts. The hearing aid was recently named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Health & Wellness and Wearable Technologies categories. Connectivity and convenience Oticon More offers a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations. The hearing aid supports direct streaming from iPhone® and select Android™ devices. For people who want the convenience of rechargeable batteries, Oticon More comes in a discreet lithium-ion based rechargeable style (miniRITE R) that provides a full day of battery life**, including streaming, after just three hours of charging. The new hearing solution is built for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss. Wearers can select from eight attractive colors to blend with hair or skin tones. For information about Oticon More, visit www.oticon.com/more. *Compared to Oticon Opn S™, Santurette, et al. 2020. Oticon More clinical evidence. Oticon Whitepaper. **Lithium-ion performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Oticon, Inc. – Life-Changing Technology Oticon is one of the world’s most innovative hearing device manufacturers, with more than 110 years’ experience in the design and development of hearing aids for adults and children. Our comprehensive portfolio of life-changing technology improves not only the quality of hearing but the overall quality of life for people with hearing loss. Oticon challenges conventions and pushes the limits of technology to bring to market hearing solutions that exceed the needs and expectations of people with hearing loss, so that they can live their lives without limit. Our groundbreaking BrainHearing™ technology is helping to provide better hearing with less effort by giving the brain the clearest, purest sound signals to decode. For more information visit www.oticon.com. View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en/ Media Contact Denise DiMeglio Gregory FCA 610-228-2102 Denise@gregoryfca.com Source: Oticon, Inc. Oticon More, the world's first hearing aid with an on-board deep neural network (Photo: Business Wire) View this news release and multimedia online at: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en
Oticon More通过1200万个真实生活中的声音训练,像大脑一样工作,以获得最佳的听力表现 萨默塞特,新泽西州--(商业连线)--助听器制造商Oticon,Inc.再次挑战助听器技术的常规。该公司今天推出了Oticon more™,这是有史以来第一款内置车载深度神经网络(DNN)的助听器,旨在为轻度到重度听力损失的人提供更全面,更平衡,更轻松的听力体验。 本新闻稿以多媒体为特色。在此查看完整版本:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en/ 全球首款车载深度神经网络助听器Oticon More(图片:商业连线) Oticon More中的DNN是根据1200万个真实的声音进行训练的,为大脑提供更多的信息,使大脑能够破译复杂的声音细节。基于这种广泛的经验学习,而不是一组有限的人为规则,它更像人脑处理噪音中的语音。这会使声音更自然地呈现出来,从而提高佩戴者的语言理解能力,减少听力负担,使听力受损者即使在嘈杂的环境中也能记住更多所说的话。 Oticon More公司听力学副总裁Donald Schum博士说,使用Oticon More,佩戴者可以得到更自然的声音表达。Oticon More公司的DNN学会了大脑自然学习的方式。每一个通过助听器的声音都与学习阶段发现的结果进行比较。这使得Oticon更能提供一个更自然,更饱满,精确平衡的声音场景,让大脑更容易进行最佳的表现。 强大,更智能的声音处理 采用BrainHearing™技术的Oticon More提供了大脑更好地感知声音所需的信息。Oticon More建立在OTICONS最智能的平台上,为大脑提供了30%的声音,并将语音理解能力提高了15.* 业界领先的声音处理技术创新确保Oticon更多地提供佩戴者破译声音和充分参与任何对话所需的信息。该助听器每秒对声音场景进行500次扫描和分析,以比以往任何时候都更好的对比度,平衡度和清晰度捕捉和处理声音错综复杂的细节。 Oticon More建立在Oticons屡获殊荣的产品创新和行业第一的基础上。该助听器最近被CES®2021创新奖评为健康与健康和可穿戴技术类别的获奖者。 连通性和便利性 Oticon More提供了广泛的连接选项,在日常生活中提供高质量的聆听体验。助听器支持iPhone®和select Android™设备的直接流式传输。对于那些想要充电电池便利性的人来说,Oticon More采用了一种基于锂离子的可充电方式(miniRITE R),只需充电三个小时,就能提供一整天的电池寿命**,包括流式电池。 新的听力解决方案是为轻度到重度听力损失的个人建立的。佩戴者可以从八种诱人的颜色中选择,与头发或肤色相融合。 欲了解更多关于Oticon的信息,请访问www.Oticon.com/More。 *与Oticon Opn S™,Santurette等公司相比。2020年。更多临床证据。奥提康白皮书。 **锂离子性能因听力损失,生活方式和流动行为而异。 iPhone是苹果公司的商标,在美国和其他国家注册。Android,Google Play和Google Play徽标都是Google LLC的商标。 Oticon公司改变生命的技术 奥帝康是世界上最具创新精神的助听器制造商之一,在成人和儿童助听器的设计和开发方面拥有超过110年的经验。我们全面的改变生活的技术组合不仅改善听力质量,而且改善听力损失者的整体生活质量。奥帝康挑战常规,推动技术的极限,为市场带来超越听力损失者需求和期望的听力解决方案,让他们可以无限制地生活。我们开创性的BrainHearing™技术通过给大脑提供最清晰,最纯净的声音信号来解码,帮助以更少的努力提供更好的听力。欲了解更多信息,请访问www.oticon.com。 在businesswire.com上查看源代码版本:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en/ 媒体联系人 丹尼斯·迪梅利奥 Gregory FCA 610-228-2102 电子邮件:denise@gregoryfca.com 资料来源:Oticon公司。 全球首款车载深度神经网络助听器Oticon More(图片:商业连线) 查看此新闻稿和多媒体联机: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210112005783/en