Gateway Proven Strategies Announces Cannabis License Procurement Services for 5 New Legalized States

Gateway Provided Strategies宣布为5个新的合法化国家提供大麻许可证采购服务

2021-01-14 01:28:00 Business Times


  The five new emerging markets for the American cannabis industry are New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, and Mississippi. Currently, 15 states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreation, and 35 states allow medical use along with the District of Columbia. GPS offers licensing and compliance services to cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses, along with legal and operational assistance for hemp licensing, cannabis licensing, audits for compliance, inventory reconciliation, and any supplemental support for licensing. “We carry over 200 years of collective experience and are highly qualified in the cannabusiness space. Our clients receive reliable solutions to form and run sustainable operations. We have a global network along with in-house experts for consulting on all aspects of marijuana and hemp businesses,” said a spokesperson for GPS. Cannabis startups are in a critical phase in this period, as new markets are opening up. The opening of new states is often perceived as a situation to get the first move advantage. Firms like GPS help them navigate the legal and compliance map since every state presents its unique regulatory framework to address and take into account. The opening of the cannabis industry has been a gradual process since the first approvals came in 2012 in Colorado and Washington for recreational use. Four out of the new five states have allowed recreational use of marijuana for adults above 21 years. While Mississippi has approved medical usage, South Dakota has permitted both medical and recreational use. Oregon is the first state to allow medical use of psilocybin found in magic mushrooms. About Gateway Proven Strategies offers end-to-end services for investors, innovators, incumbents, and government institutions, scaling to each brand's needs with ease. GPS works across all services, from cosmetics to finance and manufacturing. For more information, please visit: www.GPS.Global.
美国大麻业的五个新兴市场是新泽西州,蒙大拿州,南达科他州,亚利桑那州和密西西比州。目前,15个州已将大麻用于娱乐合法化,35个州与哥伦比亚特区一起允许医疗用途。全球定位系统向大麻企业家和企业提供许可证发放和合规服务,并提供大麻许可证发放,大麻许可证发放,合规审计,库存核对等方面的法律和业务援助,以及对许可证发放的任何补充支助。 我们拥有超过200年的集体经验,在大麻领域非常称职。我们的客户得到可靠的解决方案,以形成和运行可持续的业务。GPS公司的一位发言人说:“我们有一个全球网络,还有内部专家,可以就大麻和大麻生意的各个方面提供咨询。” 在这一时期,大麻初创企业正处于一个关键阶段,因为新的市场正在打开。新状态的开启往往被认为是一种获得先手优势的局面。像GPS这样的公司帮助他们在法律和合规地图上导航,因为每个州都有自己独特的监管框架来处理和考虑。 自2012年科罗拉多州和华盛顿州首次批准用于娱乐用途以来,大麻业的开放一直是一个渐进的过程。在新的五个州中,有四个州允许21岁以上的成年人在娱乐时使用大麻。密西西比州已批准医疗用途,而南达科他州则允许医疗和娱乐用途。俄勒冈州是第一个允许将神奇蘑菇中发现的裸盖菇素用于医疗的州。 关于 Gateway Provided Strategies为投资者,创新者,在职者和政府机构提供端到端服务,轻松满足每个品牌的需求。全球定位系统适用于所有服务,从化妆品到金融和制造业。欲了解更多信息,请访问。