Smoking Cannabis Flower May be the Best Way to Combat Chronic Pain Says New Medical Study


2021-01-17 02:31:56 Cannabis


Over 1.5 billion people globally suffer from chronic pain, says the American Academy of Pain. In fact, pain is the most common reason people suffer from long-term disability in the United States, affecting some 100 million people. Pain is no joke: for many, it’s so debilitating that doing seemingly normal tasks like getting out of bed or doing household chores can be a huge challenge. So it’s no surprise that so many are turning to cannabis as a way to naturally manage pain. Cannabis has powerful analgesic properties that many over the counter pharmaceuticals can’t beat. And with so many ways to consume cannabis these days, medicating for pain has never been more convenient. However, researchers have found that smoking flower could be the most efficient way to medicate for pain. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of New Mexico revealed that pain patients have a better chance of efficiently managing pain when smoking flower compared to the other forms of cannabis consumption. The findings state that “whole cannabis flower was associated with greater pain relief than were other types of products.” They also add that “higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels were the strongest predictors of analgesia and side effects prevalence across the five pain categories.” These findings are nothing short of interesting especially given the rising popularity of CBD as a pain killer. The researchers basically say that using some THC is critical if you want to treat pain. “Cannabis flower with moderate to high levels of THC is an effective mid-level analgesic,” they say. “Perhaps the most surprising result is just how widespread relief was with symptom relief reported in about 95% of cannabis administration sessions and across a wide variety of different types of pain,” says Xiaoxue Li, the study’s lead author. “Our results confirm that cannabis use is a relatively safe and effective medication for alleviating pain, and that is the most important message to learn from our results,” says Jacob Miguel Vigil. “It can only benefit the public for people to be able to responsibly weigh the true risks and benefits of their pain medication choices, and when given this opportunity, I’ve seen numerous chronic pain patients substitute away from opioid use, among many other classes of medications, in favor of medical cannabis.” “Cannabis likely has numerous constituents that possess analgesic properties beyond THC, including terpenes and flavonoids, which act synergistically for people that use whole dried cannabis flower,” Vigil says. “Overwhelmingly, when the whole plant is used rather than isolating one compound of the plant inevitably it’s more effective,” explains Om of Medicine co-founder Mark Passerini, who worked with the University of Michigan for an International Review Board sanctioned survey on opioid and cannabis use. Other Benefits Of Smoking Flower Aside from the notable medical benefits of smoking flower, there are many reasons it continues to be the most popular way of consuming cannabis. It’s extremely versatile but it’s also so simple to consume; whether you want to use a bong or pipe, or rolling it up into a blunt or joint, smoking flower is champion for most. Smoking flower also has a quicker onset; because of its extremely high bioavailability, that means you can feel its effects much quicker. Not only will you get high quicker, but it will also deliver pain relief within minutes whereas pharmaceutical drugs often take half an hour to work and in the case of other medicines, you have to take them for 2 weeks to see relief. But unlike medications, smoking flower doesn’t have any side effects for your kidneys and livers just to feel its impact. When smoking a high-THC strain, you also don’t need a lot to feel its effects. That can make flower a very economical choice since a little goes a long way. However, keep in mind that smoking flower doesn’t have any standard dosing unlike other forms of consumption. That means the only way to truly find out how much works for you is by trial and error. So if you come across a strain with 18.64% THC, that means you’ll get around 186.40mg of THC in every gram of flower. If it’s your first time to smoke flower, always start small and then work your way up gradually until you find what works best for you. Most of all, the best part of smoking flower is that you get its full-spectrum of health benefits in its purest, most natural form. You also get the benefits of the Entourage Effect, which means that all the compounds and benefits of the plant enhance each other synergistically to give you the most efficacious experience. This effect cannot be felt with other forms of consumption since smoking flower is the only way to make sure that the complete range of secondary compounds and terpenes are present too. So while concentrates and edibles are equally popular ways to medicate, most of the secondary compounds have already been burned off during the extraction process because it involves high heat. For this reason, many people especially those suffering from chronic pain don’t experience maximum relief when consuming concentrates. On top of all these awesome benefits, you also get much more flavor and terpenes when smoking flower. It makes the whole process of medicating so much more enjoyable. With new research telling us that smoked cannabis flower being the top method of medicating for pain, it’s a good excuse to go out there and experiment with strains that are best known for combating pain. You can even mix it up with concentrates and edibles to enhance the symptom relief. There’s no limit to the relief you can get once you start trying cannabis for pain instead of pharmaceutical meds. CANNABIS STRAINS FOR CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, CHECK THE LIST! HOW DOES CANNABIS WORK WITH CHRONIC PAIN ISSUES?
美国疼痛学会称,全球有超过15亿人患有慢性疼痛。 事实上,在美国,疼痛是人们遭受长期残疾的最常见原因,影响了大约1亿人。疼痛可不是开玩笑的:对许多人来说,疼痛是如此的虚弱,以至于做一些看似正常的事情,比如下床或做家务,都可能是一个巨大的挑战。 因此,许多人转而使用大麻作为自然控制疼痛的一种方法也就不足为奇了。大麻具有强大的止痛作用,这是许多非处方药所无法比拟的。现在有这么多的方式来消费大麻,治疗疼痛的药物从来没有像现在这样方便。 然而,研究人员发现,抽花可能是治疗疼痛最有效的方法。新墨西哥大学的研究人员最近进行的一项研究表明,与其他形式的大麻消费相比,疼痛患者在吸食鲜花时更有可能有效地控制疼痛。研究结果表明,整个大麻花与其他类型的产品相比具有更大的止痛作用。他们还补充说,较高的四氢大麻酚(THC)水平是五种疼痛类别中镇痛和副作用发生率的最有力预测因子。 这些发现是非常有趣的,特别是考虑到CBD作为一种止痛药越来越受欢迎。研究人员基本上说,如果你想要治疗疼痛,使用一些THC是至关重要的。他们说,含有中到高水平THC大麻花是一种有效的中水平止痛剂。 该研究的主要作者李晓雪说,也许最令人惊讶的结果是,大约95%的大麻服用期和各种不同类型的疼痛症状都得到了缓解。 Jacob Miguel Vigil说:我们的研究结果证实,使用大麻是一种相对安全有效的止痛药物,这是我们研究结果中最重要的信息。如果人们能够负责任地权衡他们选择的止痛药物的真正风险和益处,这只会使公众受益,当有这个机会时,我看到许多慢性疼痛患者在许多其他类别的药物中放弃使用阿片类药物,转而使用医用大麻。 维吉尔说,大麻中可能含有许多除四氢大麻酚以外的止痛成分,包括萜类和类黄酮,这些成分对使用整朵干大麻花的人有协同作用。 Om of Medicine的联合创始人马克·帕塞里尼解释说,绝大多数情况下,使用整个植物而不是分离植物中的一种化合物会更有效,帕塞里尼曾与密歇根大学合作,参与了一项国际审查委员会批准的关于阿片类药物和大麻使用的调查。 吸花的其他好处 除了吸花显著的医疗益处外,还有许多原因使它继续成为最流行的大麻消费方式。它的用途非常广泛,但使用起来也非常简单;无论你想用烟枪或烟斗,还是把它卷成一个钝的或接合的,吸烟花是最受欢迎的。 吸烟花也有较快的启动速度;因为它极高的生物利用度,这意味着你可以更快地感受到它的效果。它不仅能让你更快地兴奋起来,而且还能在几分钟内缓解疼痛,而药物通常需要半个小时才能起作用,而其他药物则需要服用两周才能缓解疼痛。但与药物不同的是,吸烟对你的肾脏和肝脏没有任何副作用,只是感觉到它的影响。 当你吸食一种高THC的毒株时,你也不需要太多就能感受到它的影响。这可以使花是一个非常经济的选择,因为一点可以走很长的路。然而,请记住,与其他消费形式不同,吸烟花没有任何标准剂量。这意味着唯一能真正发现多少钱对你有用的方法就是反复试验。因此,如果你遇到一个含有18.64%THC的菌株,那就意味着你在每克花中大约会得到186.40mg的THC。如果这是你第一次抽花,一定要从小处开始,然后循序渐进,直到找到最适合你的方法。 最重要的是,吸烟花最好的部分是,你能以其最纯净,最自然的形式获得它的全套健康益处。你还得到随从效果的好处,这意味着植物的所有化合物和好处协同地相互增强,给你最有效的体验。这种影响在其他消费形式中是感觉不到的,因为抽花是唯一的方法,以确保完整的次级化合物和萜类化合物也存在。因此,虽然浓缩物和食用物是同样受欢迎的药物治疗方法,但由于提取过程中涉及到高热,大部分次级化合物已经被烧掉了。因此,许多人,尤其是那些患有慢性疼痛的人,在食用浓缩物时并没有获得最大程度的缓解。在所有这些令人敬畏的好处之上,你也得到了更多的风味和萜烯当抽花。它使整个服药过程变得更加愉快。 新的研究告诉我们,烟熏大麻花是治疗疼痛的最佳方法,这是一个很好的借口,去那里试验那些最有名的抗疼痛菌株。你甚至可以把它与浓缩物和食物混合,以增强症状的缓解。一旦你开始尝试用大麻来止痛,而不是用药物来止痛,你所能得到的缓解是无止境的。 用于慢性疼痛患者的大麻菌株,查看列表! 大麻如何治疗慢性疼痛问题?