Harborside Inc. Announces Departure of Chief Operating Officer Greg Sutton

Harborside公司宣布首席运营官Greg Sutton离职

2021-01-20 02:41:00 Business Times


Ambassador of Happiness wasn’t just a nickname, or some informal moniker used around his inner circle of close friends and colleagues, but rather it was the official and legal title for Joel Matthew Fischer, a co-owner of Oregon-based East Fork Cultivars. For IRS purposes, he was literally the company’s Ambassador of Happiness. Along with his fellow co-owners – Nathan Howard, Aaron Howard and Mason Walker – Fischer was part of a quartet known as the East Dorks on East Fork Ranch in Takilma, about 40 miles southeast of Medford, where their cannabis and hemp business launched in 2015. They own about 40,000 square feet of canopy along with 12 acres of craft hemp. Also a licensed realtor, real estate investor and personal finance coach, Fischer died unexpectedly Jan. 8, at age 37, leaving his East Fork family devastated. Fischer is survived by his wife, Tricia Chin, mother, Terry Fischer, and brothers Mike Fischer and Dave Fischer. “His death has broken me,” Nathan Howard said in a post on social media. “When I’m able to put myself back together, I hope to do so with his spirit, love and approach to life as guideposts.” Howard described Fischer as a “magical” person who went through life with “surreal zest” and passion that is legendary among his friends and family. Fischer, who grew up in Portland, built and developed an ability to impact those around him through his belief that people are capable of so much more than they think. “There’s room for everyone to be further empowered in their lives, and they really just need a mentor,” Howard said of Fischer’s ideology. “So, a cornerstone to Joel’s approach to everything was that if people believed they can do it, they can. And if people have been traumatized or beaten down or bullied or told by others that they can’t do it, it’s the worst thing if they internalize that, because that makes it all the more likely that they won’t change their lives or do what they want to do.” In addition to empowering others to follow their passions, Fischer was big on giving away small gifts, like organic lavender that he’d buy in bulk and put in small, blue vials to keep in his pocket and hand out to people he’d meet for the first time. Not to mention, Fischer would often help counsel others for free, whether it came to buying a house or just financial planning in general. His generosity earned him the nickname, “Patron Saint of East Fork Cultivars.” “It was small and big stuff,” Howard said. “But the Ambassador of Happiness title was really about helping other people find more happiness in their lives.” According to his obituary, Fischer made a point of making those around him feel loved. He was always up for an adventure and spent much of the last few years traveling the world. His presence in Oregon’s cannabis community, and in his own community, was extensive. “The impact he’s had on people across Oregon and the world is spectacular,” Howard said. “And [it’s] only becoming more clear in his death. His accomplishments, personal and professional, are similarly striking.” Nathan and Aaron Howard also experienced the grief of losing a loved one when their other brother, Wesley Howard, died in 2017 from complications associated with a severe case of neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue such as the brain, spinal column and nerves. Wesley’s condition is what sparked the Howards to start growing medical cannabis at their southern Oregon home, a former llama breeding ranch, in an effort to help their brother manage his pain and other ailments. When his brother Wesley died, Nathan Howard said Fischer was there for him. “Joel and I were together at a business meeting, working to build what’s become East Fork, when I got the call that my older brother Wesley had suddenly passed away,” Howard said. “Joel drove me to Wesley’s apartment, hugged me, stayed with me while saying goodbye to his body, and helped my family make all the post-death arrangements that we’re now making for Joel. He shared essential wisdom he had gained after losing his father far too soon.” But Fischer didn’t leave behind just his tight-knit community of about 25 co-workers at East Fork Cultivars. On a memorial website created for Fischer, those who knew him from all walks of life shared their condolences and memories. Before joining East Fork, Fischer, who earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Oregon State University, spent 12 years working in Oregon politics. Oregon state Sen. Sara Gelser and former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt paid tribute to Fischer with their testimonials. “My heart is broken,” Sen. Gelser said. “I began working with Joel early, early, early in my legislative career. He was always so bright and funny and cheerful and flexible and charismatic. To all who were lucky to have him be part of your regular life, please know how deeply admired he is, how loved he is and that you are wrapped in love in this time of sorrow.” Hunt wrote on Fischer’s memorial page that they both grew up as sons of American Baptist preachers, but they really got to know each other when Fischer started his political journey on former state Rep. Chris Edwards’ legislative campaign in 2006 in Eugene. “Although Joel and Chris were both proud Beavers, it was fun to watch him hide his ‘colors’ and find success in the heart of Duck country,” Hunt said about Fischer being an Oregon State graduate working in the same city as the University of Oregon. “His successful journey then continued in and outside the [Oregon] Capitol. He demonstrated his ultimate commitment to equity and justice at [Oregon Business Industry] in 2018.” Hunt continued and said, “Joel and I both lost our fathers about 15 years ago. We shared many conversations since then about how much we missed our dads and struggled with their premature deaths. May God bring comfort to Joel’s wife, mom Terry Sue, family and friends during these tragic days.” Early on in Fischer’s political career, he was the policy adviser for current Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek, whom he helped redesign the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program – which is designated to help low-income families with children achieve economic self-sufficiency – and guide it through the political process, according to Fischer’s LinkedIn page. When it came to cannabis legislation, Howard said Fischer was involved in the work that led to the passing of Ballot Measure 91, which legalized adult-use cannabis in the state in 2014. Oregon state Sen. Michael Dembrow, whose district Fischer resided in for a long time, will be introducing a bill in the upcoming legislative session to honor Fischer’s memory, legacy and all of his political contributions on the floor of the upper chamber, Sen. Dembrow confirmed. “Joel was a great guy, much loved and respected by those he worked with at the [Oregon] Capitol,” Sen. Dembrow said. While Fischer’s political impact extended to all corners of the state, back on the ranch at East Fork is where he found his favorite original cultivar – sour pineapple. Mentally, Fischer said in his company bio that it picked him up when he was down and settled him down when he was up. Physically, he said it is excellent for post-workout recovery and general relief. Those who also enjoy East Fork’s sour pineapple can do so with a connection to Fischer. Since last Friday, Howard said he’s spent a lot of time with Fischer’s family and friends at Fischer’s home trying to wrap their minds around the fact that he’s gone. “We spoke most days for the past five years,” Howard said. “Many of my favorite memories from recent life are with Joel. We didn’t say goodbye to each other when we were done hanging out or hopping off the phone – we said, 'I love you.'”
“幸福大使”并不是一个绰号,也不是他身边密友和同事的非正式称呼,而是乔尔·马修·费舍尔的官方和合法头衔,他是俄勒冈州East Fork Cultirars的共同拥有者。对国税局来说,他简直就是公司的幸福大使。 阿伦·霍华德和梅森·沃克·菲舍尔与他的合伙人内森·霍华德一起,在塔基尔马的东福克牧场组成了一个名为“东呆子”的四重奏,塔基尔马位于梅德福东南约40英里处,他们的大麻和大麻生意于2015年在这里启动。他们拥有大约4万平方英尺的树冠和12英亩的手工大麻。 费舍尔也是一个有执照的房地产经纪人,房地产投资者和个人理财教练,他于一月八日意外去世,年仅37岁,使他的东福克家庭饱受摧残。菲舍尔的遗属是他的妻子崔西娅·陈,母亲特里·菲舍尔,兄弟迈克·菲舍尔和戴夫·菲舍尔。 他的死让我心碎,内森·霍华德在社交媒体上发帖说。当我能够让自己重新振作起来时,我希望能以他的精神,爱和生活方式作为指路明灯。 霍华德把菲舍尔描述成一个神奇的人,他以超现实的热情和激情经历了一生,这在他的朋友和家人中都是传奇。 菲舍尔在波特兰长大,他坚信人们的能力远远超出自己的想象,他建立并发展了一种影响周围人的能力。 霍华德在谈到菲舍尔的思想时说:每个人都有进一步增强能力的空间,他们真的只需要一个导师。因此,乔尔处理一切事情的一个基石是,如果人们相信他们能做到,他们就能做到。如果人们受到创伤,被打倒,被欺负,或者被别人说他们做不到,如果他们把这些内化,那是最糟糕的事情,因为那会使他们更有可能不去改变自己的生活,不去做他们想做的事。 除了让其他人追随自己的激情,费舍尔还热衷于赠送小礼物,比如赫德大量购买有机薰衣草,然后装进蓝色的小瓶,放在口袋里,分发给第一次见面的人。 更不用说,费舍尔还经常免费帮助他人提供咨询,不管是买房子还是一般的财务规划。他的慷慨为他赢得了一个绰号,东福克栽培的守护神。 那是又小又大的东西,霍华德说。但“幸福大使”这个称号其实是为了帮助其他人在生活中找到更多的幸福。 根据他的讣告,费舍尔强调要让周围的人感到被爱。他总是准备冒险,过去几年的大部分时间都在周游世界。他在俄勒冈州大麻社区和他自己的社区都有广泛的活动。 霍华德说:“他对俄勒冈州乃至全世界人民的影响是惊人的。”直到他死后才变得更清楚。他的成就,无论是个人的还是专业的,都同样惊人。 内森·霍华德和艾伦·霍华德也经历了失去亲人的悲痛,他们的另一个哥哥韦斯利·霍华德于2017年死于严重的神经纤维瘤病相关并发症,神经纤维瘤病是一种遗传疾病,会导致脑部,脊柱和神经等神经组织形成肿瘤。 韦斯利的病情促使霍华德夫妇开始在俄勒冈州南部的家中种植医用大麻,这是一个曾经的美洲驼饲养牧场,以帮助他们的兄弟治疗疼痛和其他疾病。 当他的哥哥韦斯利去世时,内森·霍华德说菲舍尔在那里支持他。 霍华德说:“乔尔和我一起参加一个商业会议,准备建造一个叫做东福克的地方,这时我接到电话,说我哥哥韦斯利突然去世了。”乔尔开车送我到韦斯利的公寓,拥抱我,陪着我向他的遗体告别,并帮助我的家人做我们现在为乔尔做的所有死后安排。他分享了他在失去父亲太快之后获得的基本智慧。 但菲舍尔留下的不仅仅是他在东福克栽培公司的25名同事组成的紧密社区。在一个为菲舍尔创建的纪念网站上,各行各业认识他的人分享了他们的哀悼和回忆。 在加入东福克大学之前,在俄勒冈州立大学获得政治学学士学位的费舍尔在俄勒冈政界工作了12年。俄勒冈州参议员Sara Gelser和前俄勒冈州众议院议长Dave Hunt用他们的感言向菲舍尔致敬。 我的心都碎了,盖尔塞森说。在我的立法生涯的早期,早期,早期,我就开始和乔尔一起工作。他总是那么聪明,风趣,开朗,灵活,富有魅力。对于那些幸运地让他成为你日常生活的一部分的人,请知道他是多么的受人敬佩,多么的受人爱戴,在这悲伤的时刻,你也被爱包裹着。 亨特在费舍尔的纪念页面上写道,他们都是美国浸礼会传教士的儿子,但他们真正认识对方是在2006年费舍尔在尤金为前州众议员克里斯爱德华的立法竞选开始他的政治旅程时。 虽然乔尔和克里斯都是骄傲的海狸,但看着他隐藏自己的色彩,在鸭子之乡的中心找到成功还是很有趣的,亨特谈到菲舍尔时说,菲舍尔是俄勒冈州立大学的毕业生,在俄勒冈大学的同一个城市工作。他的成功之旅随后继续在[俄勒冈州]国会大厦内外进行。2008年,他在[俄勒冈州商界]展示了他对公平和正义的终极承诺。 亨特继续说,大约15年前,乔尔和我都失去了父亲。从那以后,我们分享了许多关于我们是多么想念我们的父亲,以及为他们的早逝而挣扎的谈话。在这悲惨的日子里,愿上帝给乔尔的妻子,母亲特里·苏,家人和朋友带来安慰。 在菲舍尔的政治生涯早期,他是现任俄勒冈州众议院议长蒂娜·科泰克的政策顾问,他帮助后者重新设计了该州的贫困家庭临时援助计划(TANF),根据菲舍尔的LinkedIn页面,该计划旨在帮助有孩子的低收入家庭实现经济上的自给自足,并在政治过程中指导他们。 谈到大麻立法时,霍华德说,费舍尔参与了导致投票第91号法案通过的工作,该法案于2014年使该州的成年人使用大麻合法化。 俄勒冈州参议员Michael Dembrow证实,费舍尔长期居住的地区将在即将到来的立法会议上提出一项法案,以纪念费舍尔的记忆,遗产以及他在上议院的所有政治贡献。乔尔是个好人,深受俄勒冈州议会同事的爱戴和尊敬。 当费舍尔的政治影响扩展到全州的各个角落时,回到东福克的牧场,他发现了他最喜欢的酸菠萝。费舍尔在他的公司简历中说,精神上,当他情绪低落时,它把他扶起来,当他情绪高涨时,它把他安顿下来。从身体上来说,他说这对锻炼后的恢复和全面缓解都是很好的。那些还喜欢东福克斯酸菠萝的人可以和费舍尔联系在一起。 自从上周五以来,霍华德说他花了很多时间和费舍尔的家人和朋友在费舍尔的家里试图让他们的思想围绕着他离开的事实。 霍华德说:“在过去的五年里,我们大部分时间都在交谈。”我最近生活中很多最喜欢的回忆都是和乔尔在一起的。我们没有说再见,当我们结束约会,或跳下电话,我们说:“我爱你。”