Industry Experts Announce Launch of Sustainable Cannabis Coalition


2021-01-20 03:59:00 Business Times


LAS VEGAS, January 19, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – GreenBroz Inc., a provider of cannabis post-harvest processing technology, has announced an exclusive partnership to market, distribute and sell RollPros' patent-pending technology featured in the Blackbird Rolling Center to the U.S. and Canadian markets. The Blackbird Rolling Center solves the age-old problem of producing high-quality pre-rolls at scale, making it an invaluable addition to GreenBroz' line of post-harvest processing equipment. The first machine of its kind to offer the patent-pending "tru-roll" technology, the Blackbird Rolling Center utilizes radial compaction rather than directional packing to produce the highest-quality pre-rolls with maximum efficiency. The Blackbird Rolling Center is a fully automated and enclosed tabletop production unit capable of producing 750-plus (0.45-0.65 gram) pre-rolls per hour with a fill accuracy range of plus or minus 0.03 grams, ensuring compliance while also regulating temperature and humidity during operation. "When we started RollPros, we set out to completely rethink the pre-roll production process and design a solution unique to the marketplace," said RollPros founder Kyle Loucks. "Using our patent-pending 'tru-roll' technology, we have implemented a radial compaction technique that produces a uniform density and consistency that is superior to anything else on the market. RollPros is proud to partner with an industry leader like GreenBroz, who will enable us to get these machines in the hands of producers as fast as possible." All plant-touching surfaces are food-grade materials and/or surgical stainless steel and easily cleanable, reducing the risk of product contamination. Loading the Blackbird is easy and efficient. One 2,500-meter paper roll loaded on the bobbin can produce 40,000 joints, thereby saving time by eliminating the need to stop and reload. "GreenBroz has always focused on providing solutions that prioritize quality," said Cullen Raichart, CEO of GreenBroz Inc. "Once we identified that pre-roll production was lacking efficient equipment that provided high-quality results, we immediately went looking for a solution. Partnering with RollPros is a natural fit, and we are excited to be the exclusive distribution partner and to bring this new technology to the market." For more information about the Blackbird Rolling Center, visit
拉斯维加斯,2021年1月19新闻稿GreenBroz Inc.,大麻收获后加工技术提供商,宣布了一项独家合作关系,以营销,分销和向美国和加拿大市场销售Rollpros'的专利未决技术,该技术在Blackbird Rolling Center中具有特色。 Blackbird轧制中心解决了规模生产高质量预轧辊的古老问题,使其成为Greenbroz'收获后加工设备生产线的一个无价补充。 Blackbird轧制中心采用径向压实而不是定向包装,以最大的效率生产出高质量的预轧辊,这是第一台提供正在申请专利的“Tru-Roll”技术的同类机器。 黑鸟轧制中心是一个完全自动化的封闭式桌面生产单元,能够每小时生产750-plus(0.45-0.65克)预卷,填充精度范围为正负0.03克,确保合规的同时还能调节运行期间的温度和湿度。 RollPros创始人凯尔·劳克斯说:“当我们创建RollPros时,我们就开始彻底重新思考RollPros前的生产过程,并设计出一种适合市场的独特解决方案。“利用我们正在申请专利的‘Tru-Roll'技术,我们实施了一种径向压实技术,这种技术产生的均匀密度和一致性优于市场上的任何其他产品。RollPros很荣幸能与GreenBroz这样的行业领先者合作,他们将使我们能够以尽可能快的速度将这些机器交到生产商手中。” 所有接触植物的表面均采用食品级材料和/或手术用不锈钢,易于清洁,降低了产品污染的风险。加载Blackbird很容易而且效率很高。一个2500米长的纸卷装在线轴上可以产生40000个接缝,从而通过省去停止和重新装料的需要而节省时间。 GreenBroz公司首席执行官Cullen Raichart说:“GreenBroz一直专注于提供优先考虑质量的解决方案。一旦我们发现预卷生产缺乏提供高质量结果的高效设备,我们立即着手寻找解决方案。与RollPros合作是一种自然的选择,我们很高兴成为独家分销伙伴,并将这项新技术推向市场。” 有关黑鸟滚动中心的更多信息,请访问