Nabis Expands into 26,000-Square-Foot Oakland Cannabis Distribution Hub, Adding Brands and Product Categories


2021-01-22 07:00:17 CFN Media Group


California’s Leading Cannabis Product Wholesale Distributor Nabis More Than Triples Its Storage and Fulfillment Capabilities to Meet Surging Demand OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nabis, one of California’s largest licensed cannabis distributors, announced the company has moved its Northern California distribution center to a larger facility in Oakland. Fitted with state-of-the-art security and operational equipment, the move provides Nabis with the extra storage space needed to continue integrating new brands into its compliant, rapid wholesale delivery service. The 26,000-square-foot facility gives Nabis the space to store nearly 400% more inventory than at the previous 8,000-square-foot facility, also in Oakland. The increased storage capacity allows Nabis to fulfill hundreds of orders per day and distribute them to the most populous regions in California, as well as increase distribution speeds across the state. The company plans to double its order fulfillment staff in Oakland by the end of 2021.   “We are ecstatic to begin operating out of the new fulfilment hub in Oakland. The past year has been eventful for the growth of our company, and we are looking forward to powering even more brands with our attentive service and tech-driven logistics solutions,” said Jun S. Lee, President of Nabis. “The significant space increase positions Nabis to onboard brands across all product categories, including flower, vapes, concentrates, topicals and edibles, both shelf-stable and perishable.” The facility is equipped with climate-controlled storage, refrigeration and freezers, state-of-the-art security technology such as facial-recognition cameras and a secure access system at every point of egress, and armed security guards that provide full facility protection 24 hours a day. In the past year alone, Nabis has signed 60 new brand partnerships as the company continues to modernize the cannabis supply chain. Nabis currently has over 10,000 unique active SKUs in its proprietary software platform. The larger facility will allow Nabis to grow the company’s product portfolio by at least five times in volume over the next two years, supporting brand growth in the world’s largest legal cannabis market. About NabisNabis is a technology-focused cannabis distributor supporting nearly 100 individual brands and supplying more than 99% of California’s dispensaries with top-tier products. Nabis offers clients compliant fulfillment logistics, warehousing, payment collection, financing, sales and marketing services to reduce barriers to entry and accelerate brand growth. Founded in 2017 by software engineers Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis is fueled by cutting-edge distribution technology designed in-house to support cannabis professionals and their businesses. Nabis works directly with brands to ensure lightning-fast fulfillment and provides actionable, industry-leading sales data and insights to help brands scale and grow. Learn more: Media Contact:Trevor ManiscaloGrasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency[email protected]630-841-1017 SOURCE Nabis This article was published by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the industry’s leading agency and digital financial media network dedicated to the burgeoning CBD and legal cannabis industries. Call +1 (833) 420-CNFN for more information.
加利福尼亚主要的大麻产品批发分销商Nabis将其储存和供应能力提高了两倍以上,以满足激增的需求 加利福尼亚州最大的大麻分销商之一Nabis宣布,公司已将其北加利福尼亚分销中心迁至奥克兰的一个更大的工厂。配备了最先进的安全和运营设备,此举为Nabis提供了继续将新品牌整合到其合规的快速批发配送服务所需的额外存储空间。 这个26000平方英尺的设施使纳比斯能够存储比之前的8000平方英尺的设施多出近400%的库存,同样位于奥克兰。增加的存储容量允许Nabis每天完成数百个订单,并将它们分配到加州人口最多的地区,同时也提高了全州的配送速度。该公司计划在2021年底前将其在奥克兰的订单履行人员增加一倍。 我们欣喜若狂地开始在奥克兰新的履行中心运作。NABIS总裁Jun S.Lee说:“过去的一年对我们公司的发展来说是多事之秋,我们期待着通过我们的专注服务和技术驱动的物流解决方案来为更多的品牌提供动力。”空间的显著增加使Nabis在所有产品类别中定位于机载品牌,包括花卉,蒸气,浓缩物,局部食品和可食用食品,既有货架稳定型,也有易腐型。 该设施配备有气候控制储存,冷藏和冰柜,最先进的安全技术,如面部识别摄像头和每个出口的安全出入系统,以及全天24小时提供设施全面保护的武装警卫。 仅在过去一年,Nabis就签署了60个新的品牌合作伙伴关系,因为该公司继续实现大麻供应链的现代化。Nabis目前在其专有软件平台中拥有超过10,000个独特的活动SKU。规模更大的设施将使Nabis公司在今后两年内将其产品组合的数量增加至少五倍,从而支持在世界上最大的合法大麻市场上的品牌增长。 Nabis是一家专注于技术的大麻分销商,支持近100个独立品牌,为加利福尼亚99%以上的药房提供顶级产品。Nabis为客户提供合规的履约物流,仓储,收款,融资,销售和营销服务,以降低进入壁垒,加速品牌发展。Nabis由软件工程师Vince C.Ning和Jun S.Lee于2017年创建,它通过内部设计的cutting-edge分发技术为大麻专业人员及其业务提供支持。Nabis直接与各品牌合作,以确保快速实现照明,并提供可行的,业界领先的销售数据和见解,以帮助各品牌扩大规模和增长。了解更多信息 媒体联系人:Trevor ManiscaloGrasslands:A Journalisminded Agency email Protected630-841-1017 源Nabis 本文由CFN Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB:CNFN)发表,CFN Media的所有者和运营商,CFN Media是业界领先的机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的CBD和合法大麻行业。如需更多信息,请致电+1(833)420-CNFN。