LG unveils autonomous robot with disinfecting ultraviolet light


2021-01-22 12:40:31 Roboticstrends


LG has unveiled an autonomous robot with disinfecting ultraviolet light. The company says the newest addition to its CLOi range of robots are aimed at hotels, schools, offices, restaurants and retailers. LG says it has combined its core competencies in robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles with a “deep understanding of customer needs”. The electronics giant says it is developing an autonomous robot that will use ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas. LG Business Solutions USA plans to offer the UV robot to US hospitality, education, corporate, retail, restaurant, and transportation customers in early 2021. Michael Kosla, vice president, LG Business Solutions USA, says: “We hope LG’s first UV disseminating robot will give our customers, and in turn their customers, peace of mind. “Whether it’s hotel guests, students in classrooms or patrons of restaurants and other businesses, they can rest assured that the LG autonomous UV robot will help reduce their exposure to harmful bacteria and germs.” LG officially unveiled the robot at Digital CES 2021. Because of its autonomous design, the robot should be able to move easily around tables, chairs and other furniture, generally irradiating a room’s touchable surfaces in 15 to 30 minutes, disinfecting multiple areas on a single battery charge. Engineered to be easy to operate, the robot can be integrated into established cleaning routines without requiring extensive staff training or specialists to operate it. Staff will be able to monitor progress via remote updates to smartphones or tablets. Employee exposure to UV rays will be minimized through a built-in safety lock activated by human motion detection sensors, pressing of an emergency stop button or via the mobile application. Kosla says: “A higher level of disinfection is going to become the new customer expectation in the new contactless economy where we now all live, work, learn and play. “LG is bringing to bear its expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles for creative solutions like this to meet specific customer requirements.” This is the first in a series of new LG CLOi autonomous robots planned for introduction in the United States during 2021.
LG公司推出了一款带有紫外线消毒灯的自主机器人。该公司表示,最新推出的CLOi系列机器人将面向酒店,学校,办公室,餐馆和零售商。 LG表示,该公司将其在机器人技术,人工智能和自动驾驶汽车方面的核心能力与对客户需求的深刻理解相结合。 这家电子巨头表示,它正在开发一种自主机器人,它将使用紫外线(UV-C)来对接触频繁,交通繁忙的地区进行消毒。 LG Business Solutions USA计划在2021年初向美国酒店,教育,企业,零售,餐厅和运输客户提供UV机器人。 MichaelKosla,副总裁,LG商业解决方案美国,说:我们希望LGS的第一个紫外线传播机器人将给我们的客户,反过来他们的客户,安心。 无论是ITS酒店的客人,教室里的学生,还是餐馆和其他企业的主顾,他们都可以放心,LG自主UV机器人将帮助他们减少接触有害细菌和病菌。 LG在Digital CES 2021上正式发布了这款机器人。 由于它的自主设计,机器人应该能够在桌子,椅子和其他家具周围轻松移动,通常在15到30分钟内照射房间的可触摸表面,一次电池充电就能对多个区域进行消毒。 该机器人易于操作,可以集成到既定的清洁程序中,而不需要广泛的员工培训或专业人员来操作它。 工作人员将能够通过智能手机或平板电脑的远程更新来监控进展情况。通过人体运动检测传感器启动的内置安全锁,按下紧急停止按钮或通过移动应用程序,员工暴露在紫外线下的风险将降至最低。 Kosla表示:在新的非接触式经济中,更高水平的消毒将成为新的客户期望,我们现在都在这里生活,工作,学习和娱乐。 LG正在利用其在机器人技术,人工智能和自动驾驶汽车方面的专业知识,为满足特定客户的需求提供创造性的解决方案。 这是计划于2021年期间在美国推出的一系列新型LG CLOi自主机器人中的第一款。