Harvest at The Grove: How Fohse LED Fixtures Increased Yields and Drove Higher ROI

Garvest at The Grove:Fohse LED灯具如何提高产量并推动更高的ROI

2021-01-21 03:47:00 Business Times


When Mike Howard, director of cultivation at The Grove, first caught word of the record-breaking cannabis yields being harvested regularly by fellow grow teams around the country he knew the game was changing. Once Howard dug deeper into the news, he discovered a common catalyst behind the success of his peers: Both facilities were actively growing under the A3i LED grow light from Fohse.  After hearing firsthand from the grow teams in Michigan and Nevada how they had increased yields over HPS by 31% and 100% respectively, Howard knew he had to get Fohse lighting into The Grove—and fast! The Grove, a vertically integrated cannabis business with dispensary, cultivation, distribution and production licenses, has been producing, sourcing and selling high quality edibles, cartridges and recreational cannabis products since 2015. Their 26,600-square-foot growing and production facility is state-of-the-art and eco-friendly. They strive to recreate the conditions that cannabis would find in nature and use only all-natural growing media and inputs as well as biological measures to control any pests or diseases. It only makes sense then that they would seek out and select Fohse products—the best lighting fixtures in the business—to match The Grove’s exacting standards. The dry Las Vegas air makes for a challenging indoor growing environment for cannabis. Fohse fixtures operate at much cooler temperatures than standard HPS fixtures. At The Grove, this means that the humidifiers and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, and that an equilibrium between temperature and humidity level can be more easily achieved and maintained. This has led to some of the record harvests being seen regularly at The Grove. Looking at how Fohse’s A3i 1500-watt fixtures compare to standard 1000-watt DE HPS fixtures in an “apples to apples” comparison reveals just how in sync these intelligent fixtures are with cannabis. The numbers from a recent, late fall harvest tell an impressive tale: *Strawberry Cheesecake was the highest-yielding strain at 7.2 lbs/light, while Cookies was the lowest at 5.49 lbs/light In the now-typical example above from the fall of 2020, the A3i system generated an average of 27% more light as compared to the HPS fixtures. This additional light led to an increase in dry yield harvest weights by a whopping 65%. All of this, while using 16% less energy than the HPS lighting it was compared to and in the same physical footprint of space with the same number of plants. Remarkable results like those at The Grove are not a fluke or an accident and they are not restricted to Howard and his team alone. Growers all over are finding results like these to be the new norm, regardless of growing media and style of growing. Lume Cannabis has been tracking results of their Fohse A3i fixtures for over 40 hydroponic growing cycles and across eight different strains of cannabis. Without fail, the team at Lume under Kevin Kuethe’s direction reports higher yields under the A3i than those grown under HPS. For example, with Fohse fixtures they have harvested 7,130 lbs. versus 5,241 lbs. with the same strains grown under HPS. THC levels under Fohse lights have been 3% higher too; 20% versus 17% on average. In other words, the cannabis that Lume grew under Fohse lighting netted more than $2.5 million more than the cannabis grown under HPS. Like Howard’s team at The Grove, Cantwell and his team have the enviable logistics problem of figuring out where to put all of the bounty from these sky-high yields. All three teams, The Grove (coco pots), Lume Cannabis (hydroponics) and Green Life Productions (live soil), are blowing harvest records out of the water time and time again across three drastically different cultivation styles. These highly regarded and experienced cannabis producers are showing that the rules have changed and that Fohse lighting fixtures enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results. Howard and the grow team at The Grove have achieved their amazing results by relying on the horticultural skills of their talented team, and also by utilizing two of Fohse’s premier products. They have predominantly been using the A3i model, Fohse’s workhorse grow light, to achieve their highest yields. The A3i is specifically designed to grow cannabis and that is exactly what it does. Its spectral distribution is custom-made to address the unique needs of cannabis. As evidenced in the remarkable yields outlined in the table above, the A3i’s output (of up to 4,970 µmol/s depending on configuration) can be adjusted to supply seasonably appropriate lighting depending on the growth phase of the crop. All of this while producing up to 156% more light per fixture and burning cooler (no hotter than dishwashing water) than traditional HPS grow lights. This means the A3i is safer to operate for both growers and their cannabis crops. The A3i system is designed to handle the harsh extremes of a growing environment. The IP67-rated fixture will continue to operate at peak performance even with the moisture, dust, pests and biological debris, such as spores that are present in most indoor growing environments. Not many growers would expect their grow lights to still perform well after being submerged under several feet of water; the A3i can survive such a plunge and be relied on to deliver its photon payload as designed. Howard and his team at The Grove do not just rely on the A3i for their high yields. In their double-stack rooms they deploy Fohse’s lighter, more nimble F1V for its pound-for-pound power. Just like the A3i, the F1V fixtures rely on industry-proven Samsung LEDs for their photon delivery. While almost the same dimensions as the A3i, at 38 lbs. (17.2 kg) per fixture they are almost half the weight of each A3i (70 lbs./31.75kg each). Like the A3i fixtures, their power supply rating is +100,000 hours. Depending on the needs of the grower and the ability of the existing systems, Fohse offers 420W, 600W, and 800W versions of the F1V. In his own F1V rooms, Howard has reported similarly positive results as in his A3i rooms: 60%+ yield increases, increased utility efficiencies, and better labor efficiency. The team now does not have to “chase canopy” by raising and lowering the lighting fixtures to achieve late-flower PPFD intensities like they did with the old LED lights that they were using in those double-tiered systems. Fohse lighting products outperform their competition not only at The Grove, but anywhere they have been put to the test. So why hasn’t every cannabis grower switched over to Fohse? Growers who have not yet seen the results firsthand still believe that LEDs cannot keep up with the high lighting demands of cannabis the way that HPS lighting traditionally has. The narrative had long been one of incremental change and an acceptance that two pounds of harvested yields per light fixture was the best one could expect. At the turn of the century, there was chatter that this didn’t have to be “good enough.” As Howard said, Fohse fixtures are engineered with a “cannabis mindset.” HPS light output has plateaued because the added heat load is both detrimental to the cannabis crop and uneconomical to counterbalance. With Fohse fixtures growers can focus more on the nuances of a high-intensity light environment instead of combatting heat. Ever since that first time Mike Howard oversaw production in the initial grow room where Fohse products were installed at the Grove, he immediately saw the results. He is now vowing to keep replacing The Grove’s less efficient HPS fixtures and outdated LEDs with Fohse lighting as they continue expanding. Find out how switching to Fohse fixtures will increase your cannabis production and about all of Fohse’s record-busting lighting at Fohse.com.
当格罗夫的种植主任迈克·霍华德第一次得知全国各地种植团队定期收获破纪录的大麻产量时,他就知道情况正在发生变化。一旦霍华德深入挖掘新闻,他发现了同行们成功背后的一个共同催化剂:两个设施都在福斯的A3i LED成长灯下积极成长。 从密歇根州和内华达州的种植团队那里听到第一手资料后,霍华德知道他们是如何分别比HPS提高31%和100%的产量的,他知道他必须尽快地给树丛照明! Grove是一家纵向一体化的大麻企业,拥有药房,种植,分销和生产许可证,自2015年以来一直在生产,采购和销售高质量的食用大麻,大麻药筒和娱乐大麻产品。他们的26600平方英尺的种植和生产设施是最先进的和生态友好的。它们努力重建大麻在自然界中所能找到的条件,只使用全天然的生长介质和投入以及生物措施来控制任何害虫或疾病。只有在这种情况下,他们才会寻找并选择Fohse产品--行业中最好的照明灯具,以符合Groves严格的标准。 拉斯维加斯干燥的空气给大麻的室内生长环境带来了挑战。Fohse夹具的工作温度比标准HPS夹具低得多。 在格罗夫,这意味着加湿器和冷却系统不需要那么辛苦地工作,温度和湿度水平之间的平衡可以更容易地实现和保持。这使得一些创纪录的收获经常出现在小树林里。 看看Fohses A3i 1500瓦固定装置与标准1000瓦DE HPS固定装置相比,苹果与苹果的比较揭示了这些智能固定装置是如何与大麻同步的。最近一个秋末收成的数字告诉我们一个令人印象深刻的故事: *草莓芝士蛋糕的产量最高,为7.2 lb/Light,而饼干的产量最低,为5.49 lb/Light 在上述从2020年秋季开始的典型例子中,与HPS固定装置相比,A3i系统产生的光平均多出27%。这一额外的光照导致干产量收获重量增加了65%。所有这些,虽然使用的能源比HPS照明少16%,但与相同的物理足迹空间和相同数量的植物相比。 像在格罗夫取得的出色成绩并不是侥幸或意外,也不仅仅是霍华德和他的团队。所有的种植者都发现这样的结果将成为新的标准,无论种植介质和种植方式如何。 Lume Cannabis公司一直在跟踪他们的Fohse A3i固定装置在40多个水培生长周期和8种不同大麻品种上的结果。毫无疑问,在Kevin Kuethes指导下的Lume研究小组报告说,A3i种植的产量高于HPS种植的产量。例如,使用Fohse固定装置,他们收获了7130磅。而不是5241磅。相同的菌株在HPS下生长。四氢呋喃在灯光下的含量也高出了3%;20%,平均为17%。换句话说,Lume在Fohse照明下种植的大麻比在HPS下种植的大麻净收入多250万。 就像霍华德在格罗夫的团队一样,坎特韦尔和他的团队也面临着令人羡慕的后勤问题,那就是要弄清楚把这些高产量带来的所有赏金放在哪里。这三个团队,Grove(可可盆栽),Lume Cannabis(水培)和Green Life Productions(活土),在三种截然不同的种植方式下,一次又一次地打破了收获记录。这些备受尊敬和经验丰富的大麻生产者表明,规则已经改变,Fohse照明灯具实现了以前无法获得和无法想象的结果。 霍华德和Grove的种植团队依靠他们天才团队的园艺技能,以及使用Fohses的两种卓越产品,取得了惊人的成果。他们主要使用A3i模式,即FOHSES的“老黄牛光生长”,以获得最高产量。A3i是专门为种植大麻而设计的,这正是它所做的。其光谱分布是为满足大麻的独特需要而定制的。如上表中概述的显著产量所证明的,A3Is产量(根据配置,高达4,970mol/s)可以根据作物的生长阶段进行调整,以提供适当的光照。所有这些同时产生多达156%的光每一个固定装置和燃烧更冷(不比洗碗水热)比传统的HPS增长灯。这意味着A3i对种植者和他们的大麻作物都更安全。 A3i系统的设计是为了处理成长环境的极端严酷。IP67等级的夹具将继续以最高性能运行,即使有湿气,灰尘,害虫和生物碎片,如孢子,存在于大多数室内生长环境。没有多少种植者会期望他们的生长灯在被淹没在几英尺深的水中后仍然表现良好;A3i能够在这样的跳水中幸存下来,并被依赖于按照设计交付其光子有效载荷。霍华德和他在格罗夫的团队不仅仅依靠A3i的高产量。在他们的双栈室,他们部署了更轻,更灵活的FHSES的F1V,因为它的磅对磅的功率。 就像A3i一样,F1V的灯具依靠业界公认的三星LED进行光子传输。而尺寸几乎与A3i相同,为38磅。每个夹具(17.2千克)几乎是每个A3i(70磅/31.75千克)重量的一半。与A3i夹具一样,它们的供电额定值为+100,000小时。根据种植者的需要和现有系统的能力,Fohse提供420W,600W和800W版本的F1V。在他自己的F1V房间,霍华德报告了类似于他的A3i房间的积极成果:60+产量增加,提高了效用效率,更好的劳动效率。研究小组现在不必像他们在那些双层系统中使用的旧LED灯那样,通过升高和降低照明装置来实现晚花PPFD强度,来追逐树冠。 Fohse照明产品不仅在格罗夫,而且在任何一个被测试过的地方都胜过他们的竞争对手。那么为什么不是每个大麻种植者都改种大麻呢? 尚未亲眼看到结果的种植者仍然认为,LED无法跟上大麻对照明的高要求,而传统的HPS照明方式就是如此。长期以来,人们的叙述一直是渐进式的变化,并接受每个灯具收获两磅的产量是人们所能期望的最好的结果。在世纪之交,有传言说,这不一定要足够好。 正如霍华德所说,Fohse灯具是以大麻思想设计的。HPS光输出已趋于平稳,因为增加的热负荷既不利于大麻作物,又不经济地抵消。有了Fohse固定装置,种植者可以更专注于高强度光环境的细微差别,而不是与热作斗争。自从Mike Howard第一次在格罗夫安装Fohse产品最初种植室监督生产以来,他立即看到了结果。他现在发誓,随着Groves的继续扩张,他们将继续用Fohse照明来取代其效率较低的HPS灯具和过时的LED。了解如何切换到Fohse灯具将增加您的大麻产量,以及关于所有Fohse打破记录的照明,请登录Fohse.com。