3 Top Green Energy Stocks Under Biden's Environmental Push


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When President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, everyone thought the future of green energy was dead in America. That may have been the perception, but the reality was the world continued to accelerate its move toward making the world a less toxic place. The push for green energy paused under Trump, but then the idea of the Green New Deal was suddenly promoted by the progressives in the Democratic Party and it formed a major talking point in the Democratic presidential primaries. Now, with President-elect Joe Biden set to take the helm, and with the Democrats winning back control of the Senate for at least two years, there’s renewed optimism that green energy will become critical policy. The uncertainty surrounding the Green New Deal is about the scale. I highly doubt the entirety of the green energy plan will be achievable in one term. My thinking is that the drive toward alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen, lithium, and water may be significant, but at the same time, I doubt fossil fuels such as oil and coal will totally disappear. The current tailwinds for green energy and the solar segment are bullish. Given the rapid drop in the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules over the past decade, and the fact that many countries provide tax credits for using solar energy, the outlook is positive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden expands tax credits for alternative energy in order to drive job growth and his green agenda. During the Democratic presidential primary debates, Biden talked about creating millions of good-paying jobs in the green energy space. Should this strategy become reality, green energy stocks will likely vault much higher. Simply take a look at the massive run-up in solar stocks since the election. Invesco Solar ETF (NYSE:TAN) was drifting around $70.00 on November 3, rallying from $21.14 during its March 2020 low. After the election win by Biden, the market turned extremely bullish on green energy. Invesco Solar ETF rallied another 74% in the subsequent two months, trading at a 52-week high of $123.66 on January 7. Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com The upward explosion in the solar energy sector led to euphoric moves by the majority of solar stocks to new 52-week highs. Technically, the price acceleration is likely not sustainable. It will depend on what Biden actually does in the green energy space, and if companies can execute their strategies. There are uncertainties, but overall, I’m more bullish on solar stocks than before. I’ve decided to highlight U.S. solar stocks, since that’s the sector Biden will focus on to create American green energy jobs. The president-elect wants to generate millions of new jobs in that sector. This implies he’ll try to bring back (or develop new) domestic production in the U.S. This, clearly, will help the three major domestic green energy stocks listed below. Note that the three solar stocks are different as far as their businesses go, so there’s no major overlap. First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR) has been one of my top solar stocks for years. The company designs and manufactures PV solar energy solutions that use a proprietary thin-film semiconductor technology. With $11.0 billion in market cap after reaching a 52-week high of $109.62 on January 8, First Solar stock is one of the biggest players in the U.S. solar sector. Even with its recent moves, FSLR stock is well below its record $175.45 achieved in February 2011. Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com First Solar, Inc. has strengthened its balance sheet by cutting its debt, and it has built a significant cash reserve, which will allow the company to expand. Aiming to be a low-cost PV producer, First Solar has what it takes to benefit from not only the renewed green energy focus in the U.S., but worldwide. Sunrun Inc (NASDAQ:RUN) is one of the two biggest solar plays, with a market cap of more than $19.0 billion. RUN stock traded at a new record high of $97.50 on January 8 and is, as of this writing, up by a staggering 547% over the past year. Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com Sunrun Inc focuses on providing complete solar energy systems to the residential housing market. The major increase in value of RUN stock was triggered by the company’s acquisition of residential solar installation company Vivint Solar, Inc. in 2020. The merger has created a giant in the home solar energy market. If Biden expands the tax credits for home solar energy, Sunrun Inc could see its revenues take off. SolarEdge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG) has been one of the top performers since trading at $11.35 in November 2016, just after President Trump won the election. Despite the absence of major federal support for green energy during the subsequent four years, SolarEdge rallied 3,300% during the Trump term to a record $377.00 on January 8. Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com With a market cap of more than $18.0 billion, SolarEdge Technologies Inc doesn’t produce solar panels like First Solar, nor install home solar energy systems like Sunrun. The company develops the critical hardware and software used to convert DC energy from solar power to usable AC power. All solar energy systems—residential, commercial, and small utilities—require the technologies provided by SolarEdge Technologies Inc. The company’s products are sold in more than 100 countries. That bodes well for SEDG stock.
当唐纳德·特朗普总统让美国退出《巴黎协定》时,所有人都认为绿色能源在美国的未来已死。这可能是人们的看法,但现实是,世界继续加速向减少毒害的方向发展。 对绿色能源的推动在特朗普任内停顿了下来,但随后绿色新政的想法突然被民主党内的进步派所推动,并在民主党总统初选中形成了一个主要的谈论点。 现在,随着当选总统乔·拜登即将掌舵,随着民主党夺回参议院至少两年的控制权,绿色能源将成为关键政策的乐观情绪再次高涨。 围绕绿色新政的不确定性在于规模。我高度怀疑整个绿色能源计划能否在一个任期内实现。 我的想法是,对替代能源的驱动,如太阳能,风能,氢,锂和水可能是重要的,但同时,我怀疑矿物燃料,如石油和煤将完全消失。 目前绿色能源和太阳能领域的顺风向好。 鉴于过去十年太阳能光伏组件的成本迅速下降,以及许多国家对使用太阳能提供税收抵免,前景是积极的。如果拜登为了推动就业增长和他的绿色议程而扩大对替代能源的税收抵免,我不会感到惊讶。 在民主党总统初选辩论中,拜登谈到要在绿色能源领域创造数百万个高薪工作岗位。如果这一战略成为现实,绿色能源类股可能会大幅上涨。 简单地看一看自大选以来太阳能股的大幅上涨。 Invesco Solar ETF(NYSE:TAN)11月3日在70.00左右徘徊,从2020年3月低点的21.14反弹。 拜登赢得大选后,市场对绿色能源极为看好。景顺太阳能ETF在随后的两个月内又上涨了74%,在1月7日交易至123.66点的52周高点。 图表由stockcharts.com提供 太阳能板块的暴涨带动了多数太阳能股的欣喜走势,创下52周以来的新高。 从技术上看,价格加速上涨可能是不可持续的。这将取决于拜登在绿色能源领域的实际行动,以及公司是否能够执行他们的战略。虽然存在不确定性,但总体而言,我比以前更看好太阳能股。 艾薇决定重点关注美国的太阳能股,因为拜登将重点关注这一领域,以创造美国绿色能源的就业机会。这位当选总统希望在该部门创造数百万个新的就业机会。这意味着HELL将努力使美国本土生产回归(或开发新的)。 很明显,这将有助于以下三大国内绿色能源股。 请注意,这三家太阳能公司的股票就其业务而言是不同的,因此没有重大的重叠。 First Solar,Inc.(纳斯达克:FSLR)多年来一直是我最关注的太阳能股之一。该公司设计和制造采用专有薄膜半导体技术的光伏太阳能解决方案。 First Solar的市值在1月8号达到109.62点的52周高点后达到110亿美元,是美国太阳能板块最大的参与者之一。 即便是最近的走势,FSLR的股价也远低于2011年2月创下的175.45点的纪录。 图表由stockcharts.com提供 第一太阳能公司(First Solar,Inc.)通过削减债务加强了资产负债表,并建立了可观的现金储备,这将使公司得以扩张。 First Solar的目标是成为一个低成本的光伏生产商,它不仅从美国,而且从世界范围内的新的绿色能源焦点中受益。 Sunrun Inc(纳斯达克:Run)是两家最大的太阳能公司之一,市值超过190亿美元。RUN的股票在1月8号创下了97.50的历史新高,在写这篇文章的时候,在过去的一年里上涨了惊人的547%。 图表由stockcharts.com提供 Sunrun Inc.专注于向住宅市场提供完整的太阳能系统。 本公司于2020年收购住宅太阳能安装公司Vivint solar,Inc.,引发了RUN股票价值的大幅增长。合并造就了家用太阳能市场的巨头。 如果拜登扩大家用太阳能的税收抵免,Sunrun公司的收入可能会大幅增长。 SolarEdge Technologies Inc.(纳斯达克:SEDG)自2016年11月以11.35点收盘以来一直是表现最好的股票之一,当时特朗普总统刚刚赢得大选。 尽管在随后的四年中没有联邦政府对绿色能源的大力支持,但SolarEdge在特朗普任期内上涨了3300%,在1月8号达到创纪录的377.00点。 图表由stockcharts.com提供 SolarEdge Technologies Inc.的市值超过180亿美元,它既不像First solar那样生产太阳能电池板,也不像SunRun那样安装家用太阳能系统。 该公司开发关键的硬件和软件,用于将直流电能从太阳能转换为可用的交流电。 所有的太阳能系统,无论是住宅,商业还是小型设施,都需要SolarEdge technologies Inc.提供的技术。SolarEdge technologies Inc.的产品销往100多个国家和地区。这对SEDG的股票来说是个好兆头。