HRG unveils ‘Intelligent Patrol Robot’ to fight against pandemic


2021-02-04 06:00:20 Roboticstrends


HRG has unveiled what it calls its “Intelligent Patrol Robot”. Developed by the Intelligent Equipment Research Institute of HRG Hefei Institute, the new product is designed to carry out patrol inspections in multiple scenarios. It can achieve a 24-hour observation of 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical to effectively reduce human contact during the pandemic. Based on the independently developed real-time operating system HRG Xuan Yuan, the patrol robot can automatically create digital navigation map and mark the patrol route and inspection locations according to the surrounding environment. It can identify the abnormal or dangerous behaviors of people within the monitoring range through big data analysis and deep learning, automatically make video recordings and send out alarm signals in the background. The intelligent unmanned trend in various industries has provided many possibilities for HRG Intelligent Patrol Robot. In addition to airports, customs and hospitals, the robot can be customized for many different scenes.
HRG推出了它所谓的“智能巡逻机器人”。 该新产品由HRG合肥院智能装备研究所研发,设计实现多场景巡检。 可实现水平360度、垂直180度的24小时观察,有效减少大流行期间的人员接触。 基于自主研发的实时操作系统HRG轩源,巡检机器人可自动创建数字导航地图,根据周围环境标注巡检路线和巡检地点。 它可以通过大数据分析和深度学习,识别监控范围内人的异常或危险行为,自动制作视频录像,并在后台发出报警信号。 各行业的智能化无人化趋势,为HRG智能巡更机器人提供了诸多可能。除了机场、海关和医院,这款机器人还可以为许多不同的场景定制。