Rentschler Biopharma establishes Center of Excellence for cell and gene therapy in the UK

Rentschler Biopharma在英国建立细胞和基因治疗卓越中心

2021-02-11 20:01:28 BioSpace


New enterprise, Rentschler ATMP Ltd., is part of continuous innovation at Rentschler Biopharma and supports ongoing strategic international expansion Center of Excellence to address the gap in capacity and support for early-stage innovators in cell and gene therapy Collaboration with the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult to facilitate and accelerate the creation of this new initiative, in Europe’s largest cell and gene therapy hub LAUPHEIM, Germany and STEVENAGE, United Kingdom, Feb. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rentschler Biopharma SE, a leading global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for biopharmaceuticals, today announced that the Company is establishing a Center of Excellence for cell and gene therapy, which will be located in Stevenage, UK. With the newly formed UK subsidiary, Rentschler ATMP Ltd., the CDMO will establish development and manufacturing capability in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). The Company’s UK site is being set up at an already existing facility run by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) through a unique collaborative model. Over the next five years, Rentschler Biopharma plans to make a significant investment at the site to set up state-of-the-art manufacturing of viral vectors for clinical supply and expects to be ready for cGMP manufacturing by the first half of 2022. Dr. Frank Mathias, CEO of Rentschler Biopharma, said: “With more than 1000 cell and gene therapies currently in clinical development, the demand for manufacturing capabilities and support is ever increasing. Leveraging our specific expertise in process development and manufacturing for challenging molecules with highest quality and within demanding timelines, we are ideally suited to implement this knowledge in the field of viral vector production for new modalities. Our well-planned move into this growing area of biopharmaceuticals fits well with our strategic plans to expand internationally – ensuring proximity to our clients and important biopharma hubs.” Rentschler Biopharma will continue its well-established practice of forming true partnerships with its clients. At this new Center of Excellence, the company plans to partner with entrepreneurial players to enable them to transform their ideas into real products with the potential to treat and even cure patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. Rentschler Biopharma utilizes a highly flexible business model that addresses the specific needs of each client. About Rentschler Biopharma SE Rentschler Biopharma is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), focused exclusively on client projects. The company offers process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals as well as related consulting activities, including project management and regulatory support. Rentschler Biopharma's high quality is proven by its long-standing experience and excellence as a solution partner for its clients. A high-level quality management system, a well-established operational excellence philosophy and advanced technologies ensure product quality and productivity at each development and manufacturing step. In order to offer best-in-class formulation development along the biopharmaceutical value chain, the company has entered into a strategic alliance with Leukocare AG. Rentschler Biopharma is a family-owned company with about 1,000 employees, headquartered in Laupheim, Germany with a second site in Milford, MA, USA. In Stevenage, UK, Rentschler Biopharma launched a company dedicated to cell and gene therapies, Rentschler ATMP Ltd. For further information, please visit Follow Rentschler Biopharma on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Rentschler ATMP Ltd.是Rentschler Biopharma持续创新的一部分,支持正在进行的战略性国际扩张 为细胞和基因治疗早期创新者提供能力和支持的卓越中心 在欧洲最大的细胞和基因治疗中心,与细胞和基因治疗弹射器合作,促进和加速这一新倡议的创建 2021年2月11日,德国劳菲姆和英国史蒂文纳吉(环球新闻通讯社)--领先的全球生物制药合同开发和制造组织(CDMO)伦特施勒生物制药公司今天宣布,该公司正在建立一个细胞和基因治疗卓越中心,该中心将设在英国史蒂文纳吉。随着新成立的英国子公司Rentschler ATMP有限公司,CDMO将建立先进治疗药物产品(ATMP)的开发和制造能力。该公司的英国网站是建立在一个已经存在的设施由细胞和基因治疗弹射器(CGT弹射器)通过一个独特的合作模式。在未来五年里,Rentschler Biopharma计划在该地点进行重大投资,以建立最先进的病毒载体的生产,用于临床供应,并预计在2022年上半年前准备好cGMP的生产。 Rentschler Biopharma公司首席执行官Frank Mathias博士说:“目前有1000多种细胞和基因疗法处于临床开发阶段,对制造能力和支持的需求不断增加。利用我们在工艺开发和制造方面的专门知识,在严格的时间范围内,以最高质量制造具有挑战性的分子,我们非常适合在新模式的病毒载体生产领域应用这一知识。我们计划周密地进入这个不断增长的生物制药领域,这与我们在国际上扩张的战略计划非常吻合--确保靠近我们的客户和重要的生物制药中心。“ 伦特施勒生物制药将继续其与客户建立真正的合作伙伴关系的良好做法。在这个新的卓越中心,该公司计划与创业玩家合作,使他们能够将自己的想法转化为具有治疗甚至治愈严重和危及生命疾病患者潜力的现实产品。Rentschler Biopharma利用高度灵活的商业模式来满足每个客户的具体需求。 关于Rentschler Biopharma SE Rentschler Biopharma是一家领先的合同开发和制造组织(CDMO),专注于客户项目。该公司提供生物制药的工艺开发和生产以及相关的咨询活动,包括项目管理和法规支持。Rentschler Biopharma的高品质是由其作为客户解决方案合作伙伴的长期经验和卓越表现所证明的。高水平的质量管理体系,完善的运营卓越理念和先进的技术,确保了产品的质量和生产力在每一个开发和制造步骤。为了在生物制药价值链上提供一流的配方开发,该公司与LULECOCARE AG公司建立了战略联盟。Rentschler Biopharma是一家拥有约1,000名员工的家族企业,总部设在德国的Laupheim,在美国马萨诸塞州的Milford设有第二个工厂。在英国Stevenage,Rentschler Biopharma成立了一家致力于细胞和基因治疗的公司Rentschler ATMP Ltd. 欲了解更多信息,请访问。在LinkedIn和Facebook上关注Rentschler Biopharma。