Seed Health Acquires Auggi’s Stool Recognition AI Tech & Algorithms


2021-02-13 05:01:49 HIT Consultant


What You Should Know: – Seed Healthv, a microbial sciences company, announced the acquisition of Auggi, a digital health company with a suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to track and analyze digestive health. – As part of the acquisition, Seed Health will acquire Auggi’s technology assets, including its AI algorithm for real-time Bristol stool typing, the world’s largest stool image database, and a mobile monitoring application for clinical research. – Auggi’s (augmented gastroenterology) deep learning algorithms for automated stool image detection and consistency characterization utilize computer vision and deep convolutional neural networks to objectively quantify and characterize an individual’s stool over time. – The acquisition will also enable Seed Health to integrate Auggi’s mobile tracking application across their human clinical trials assessing DS-01™ and the gut microbiota in IBS, constipation, and after antibiotic consumption. Study participants can quickly and efficiently report day-to-day gastrointestinal symptoms and quality of life inputs, whereas previous GI-related clinical research has relied on often inconsistent and inaccurate manual reporting. This technology is currently deployed in Seed Health’s ongoing Phase II randomized, triple-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trial to investigate the role of the gut microbiome in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. – Seed plans to launch its first consumer-focused digital product utilizing the AI and stool database in 2021, and is also currently testing a unique companion tracking and educational experience for its flagship probiotic, DS-01™, to improve adherence, outcomes, and retention.
你应该知道的是: --微生物科学公司Seed Healthv宣布收购数字健康公司Auggi,后者拥有一套人工智能和机器学习技术,用于跟踪和分析消化健康。 --作为收购的一部分,种子健康将收购Auggi的技术资产,包括其用于实时布里斯托尔大便分型的AI算法、全球最大的大便图像数据库,以及用于临床研究的移动监测应用。 -用于自动化粪便图像检测和一致性表征的Auggi(增强胃肠病学)深度学习算法利用计算机视觉和深度卷积神经网络,随着时间的推移客观地量化和表征个体的粪便。 -该收购还将使种子健康公司在评估DS-01™的人体临床试验中集成Auggi的移动跟踪应用程序,以及IBS、便秘和抗生素使用后的肠道微生物群。研究参与者可以快速有效地报告日常胃肠道症状和生活质量输入,而以前的胃肠道相关临床研究依赖于经常不一致和不准确的手工报告。这一技术目前被部署在Seed Health正在进行的II期随机、三盲、安慰剂对照临床试验中,目的是在Beth Israel Deaconess医疗中心调查肠易激综合征患者肠道微生物组的作用。 -Seed计划在2021年推出其首款利用AI和粪便数据库的面向消费者的数字产品,目前还在测试其旗舰益生菌DS-01™的独特伴侣跟踪和教育体验,以提高依从性、结果和保留力。