China Robot Industry Alliance selects HRG’s disinfection robot


2021-02-26 19:01:13 Roboticstrends


The China Robot Industry Alliance, an industry association, has selected HRG’s disinfection robot as a “special case” in its 2020 White Paper on the Development of China’s Robotics Industry. The recently released 2020 White Paper on the Development of China’s Robotics Industry, compiled by CRIA, has selected HRG anti-pandemic disinfection robot as “a typical case in its special topic on pandemic prevention robots”. HRG anti-pandemic disinfection robot was independently developed by the Emergency Equipment Research Institute of HRG Hefei Institute. The White Paper has fully explained its structure, functional characteristics and application scenarios. The robot can effectively reduce the risk of infection and is highly stable and adaptable to the environment with a wide sanitizing range. It is applicable to both indoor and outdoor scenarios such as hospitals, stations, airports, shopping malls, parks, and so on. The robot has been applied and well-received in Hefei, Harbin and other cities since February 2020. As a representative anti-pandemic tech product, it is expected to be further improved and upgraded for more scenarios in the future.
行业协会中国机器人产业联盟在发布的《2020中国机器人产业发展白皮书》中,将HRG的消毒机器人选为“特例”。 近日发布的《2020中国机器人产业发展白皮书》,由CRIA编写,将HRG抗大流行消毒机器人选为“其大流行预防机器人专题中的典型案例”。 HRG抗大流行消毒机器人由HRG合肥院应急装备研究所自主研发。 白皮书对其结构、功能特点和应用场景进行了全面阐释。该机器人能有效降低感染风险,具有高度的稳定性和环境适应性,消毒范围广。 适用于医院、车站、机场、商场、公园等室内外场景。 该机器人自2020年2月开始在合肥、哈尔滨等城市应用并广受好评。 作为具有代表性的抗大流行科技产品,未来有望针对更多场景进一步完善升级。