Ice Cube Launches Cannabis Brand in Partnership with Caviar Gold


2021-02-26 20:07:00 Ganjapreneur


Rapper and actor Ice Cube last week announced the launch of Fryday Kush, a cannabis brand in partnership with Caviar Gold. The founding N.W.A. member said the product is available in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oklahoma. The product logo mirrors the cover of Ice Cube’s 1992 album “The Predator.” Ice Cube is the latest hip-hop star to launch a cannabis brand. Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, B-Real, Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels, Method Man and his group Wu-Tang Clan, Drake, Noreaga, Xzibit, The Game, Berner, Jim Jones, 2 Chainz, Redman, Freddie Gibbs, and Kurupt have all started a cannabis company. Master P announced his own brand in 2016; however, he is currently embroiled in a $25 million lawsuit against his partner on the project – Privateer Holdings – over alleged breach of contract and fraud, The Source reports. According to Caviar’s website, Ice Cube “personally developed” the product, which includes “the unique proprietary process of adding 98% pure liquid THC to marijuana makes the strongest & highest quality flowers on Earth.” Caviar also has a partnership with actor and director Kevin Smith who launched his brands –  Snoogans, Snoochie, and Berzerker – in 2019.
说唱歌手兼演员冰立方上周宣布推出Fryday Kush,这是一个与Caviar Gold合作的大麻品牌。创始的N.W.A.member说,该产品在亚利桑那州、加利福尼亚州、内华达州和俄克拉荷马州都有售。 该产品标志反映了冰立方的1992年专辑“捕食者”的封面。 冰立方是最新推出大麻品牌的嘻哈明星。Snoop Dogg,Lil Wayne,Jay-Z,B-Real,Run the Jewels的Killer Mike和El-P,Method Man和他的团体Wu-Tang Clans,Drake,Noreaga,Xzibit,the Game,Berner,Jim Jones,2 Chainz,Redman,Freddie Gibbs,和Kurupt都开了一家大麻公司。 P大师在2016年宣布了自己的品牌;然而,消息来源称,他目前正卷入一场价值2500万美元的诉讼,起诉他在该项目上的合作伙伴--私掠者控股公司--涉嫌违约和欺诈。 据Caviar网站介绍,Ice Cube“亲自开发”了该产品,其中包括“将98%纯液体THC添加到大麻中的独特专有工艺,制造出地球上最强&品质最高的花朵。” Caviar还与演员兼导演Kevin Smith合作,后者于2019年推出了自己的品牌Snoogans、Snoochie和Berzerker。