Morocco Poised to Legalize Medical Cannabis


2021-02-27 22:39:30 Ganjapreneur


Morocco is set to legalize medical cannabis production and use as soon as next week under a Council of Ministers plan that would organize cannabis farmers into “cooperatives” which would sell their crop to local or international “processing” companies, according to a draft of the bill outlined by Morocco World News. The measure would not allow cannabis production throughout the country, limiting it to six regions in the Rif mountains – the nation’s traditional cannabis-producing regions, the report says. Production would only focus on cannabis for “medical, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes,” according to the draft bill outlined in the report. The bill says that Morocco’s illegal cannabis trade is worth about $15 billion – the majority of which ($14.5 billion) goes to drug traffickers rather than the farmers ($500 million). In recent years, residents of the Rif mountains have protested over economic inequality, according to a Reuters report. Six years ago, the government reduced the amount of land in the region where cannabis is cultivated under a special status from 134,000 hectares to 47,000 hectares. The nation’s Parliament, led by the moderate Islamist PJD, must still approve the reforms. Recreational cannabis production and use would remain outlawed. In 2015, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime identified Morocco as the world’s largest producer of hashish and 235 tons of hash was seized in the country that year alone. The report found 80% of the national hash production is destined for export, leaving 20% for the local market.
据《摩洛哥世界新闻报》报道,根据部长理事会的一项计划,摩洛哥最早将于下周实现医用大麻生产和使用的合法化。该计划将大麻种植者组织成“合作社”,将他们的作物出售给当地或国际“加工”公司。 该报告称,该措施将不允许全国范围内的大麻生产,仅限于Rif山区的六个地区--该国传统的大麻生产地区。根据报告中概述的法案草案,大麻生产将只集中于“医疗、制药和工业用途”的大麻。 该法案称摩洛哥的非法大麻贸易价值约150亿美元--其中大部分(145亿美元)流向了贩毒者,而不是农民(5亿美元)。据路透社报道,近年来,里夫山区的居民抗议经济不平等。 六年前,政府将该地区种植特殊地位大麻的土地数量从13.4万公顷减少到4.7万公顷。 由温和的伊斯兰政党PJD领导的国家议会仍然必须批准这些改革。娱乐性大麻的生产和使用仍将是非法的。 2015年,联合国毒品和犯罪问题办公室认定摩洛哥是世界上最大的印度大麻脂生产国,仅当年该国就缉获了235吨印度大麻脂。该报告发现,全国80%的杂烩产量用于出口,剩下20%用于本地市场。