Cannabis and Sexuality: How Consumption May Enhance Your Sex Life


2021-03-04 15:21:03 Ganjapreneur


Jointly is a cannabis wellness app that launched in April 2020. Jointly’s mission is to help people discover purposeful cannabis consumption. Purposeful cannabis consumption starts with the question: why do you use cannabis? Although cannabis has a long tradition as an aphrodisiac, many people are just now discovering that cannabis and CBD can be used to enrich their intimate experiences. What does it mean to enhance intimate moments with cannabis? It could be a married couple looking to add a bit of creativity to their bedroom experience by splitting a cannabis-infused chocolate; a first date made more intimate and playful with a few hits from a vape pen; or a young woman who finds that consuming a small dose of THC makes it easier for her to reach orgasm in her solo sessions. Can cannabis or CBD help you enhance your intimate moments? Jointly can help you find out, but first let’s review what is known about cannabis, CBD and intimacy. Various traditional medicine systems have prized cannabis as an aphrodisiac. In 1965, Shri Dwarakanath, the Adviser in Indigenous Systems of Medicine for the Government of India, described numerous Ayurvedic formulations that contained cannabis and were prescribed as aphrodisiacs in rural areas. Dwarakanath noted that cannabis-based aphrodisiacs were found in both the Ayurvedic and Arab medical traditions and seem to have been used for hundreds of years. Evidently, humans have long used cannabis as an aphrodisiac. But according to Nick Karras, a sexologist who has informally studied the effect of cannabis on people’s sex lives, “Dosing is essential when it comes to cannabis. Consume too much THC, and you may develop a closer relationship with your couch than your partner.” A counselor of Ayurvedic medicine, Biljana Dušić, MD, seconded this notion: in the Ayurvedic tradition a small to moderate amount of cannabis is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, but habitual, heavy use of cannabis leads to a loss of sexual desire. For enhancing intimacy, it’s probably best to start with a small dose. Due to federal prohibition on cannabis, there is not enough research on how cannabis impacts sex or intimacy to state any firm conclusions. However, there have been several surveys and self-report studies that looked at how cannabis affected sexual frequency or subjective experience. In 2017, researchers at Stanford University conducted a survey of more than 50,000 adults and found that cannabis use is associated with increased sexual frequency and that it does not appear to impair sexual function. In 2018, researchers conducted an analysis of self-reported sexual effects of marijuana in a small group of men and women aged 18-25. They found that “the majority of marijuana users reported an increase in sexual enjoyment and orgasm intensity, as well as either an increase or no change in desire.” Another small survey of men and women explored how cannabis alters people’s sexual experience. The researchers found that 38.7% said sex was better under the influence of cannabis, 58.9% said cannabis increased their desire for sex, 73.8% reported increased sexual satisfaction, 74.3% reported an increased sensitivity to touch, 65.7% reported an increased intensity of orgasms, and 69.8% said they could relax more during sex. While these results are fairly compelling, the survey was only conducted on a few hundred participants who responded to an advertisement, so it is unknown if these results can be generalized. The scientific literature indicates that both men and women can experience a subjective improvement in sexual experiences when they use cannabis. But there is quite a bit of research that biological sex impacts how cannabis affects sexual function. For females, the research has “almost consistently suggested a faciliatory effect of cannabis on subjective indices of sexual function.” A study published in July of 2020 looked at whether the frequency of cannabis use, the chemovar (whether it has THC, CBD or both), or the method of consumption had an effect on female sexual function among cannabis users. They found that increased marijuana use was associated with improved sexual function in females. Chemovar type, method of consumption and reason for use did not impact the outcome. A 2019 study explored how cannabis use prior to sex affected female sexual function and found that “with any use, the majority of women perceived improvement in overall experience, sex drive, orgasm and pain.” The science on how cannabis affects sexual function in males is less conclusive. A literature review published in 2011 found contradictory results between studies and called for “renewed use of research resources” to learn how cannabis affects male sexual function. Some studies looking at male and female sexual function found a negative physiological effect of cannabis, but a positive subjective effect. For example, in males “it appears cannabis may actually have peripheral antagonizing effects on erectile function by stimulating specific receptors.” And in females, “cannabinoid receptor agonists, such as cannabis, may impair sexual arousal.” Studies often focus on sexual arousal because there is a method for objectively measuring physiological arousal, whereas there is not an objective way to measure sexual desire. Researchers discussing the difference between subjective and objective measures of sexual function stated, “While individuals may report enhanced sexual functioning while under the influence of certain substances, these substances are…often associated with decreased physiological sexual functioning.” Of course, if people feel their intimate experiences are better when facilitated by cannabis or CBD, the objective physiological markers may not be as relevant. An informal survey was conducted between Eaze, a cannabis delivery service, and Lioness, a climax-tracking vibrator, on several hundred people. The Eaze-Lioness survey tracked the physiological markers of orgasm length and frequency. The survey found that “cannabis can increase the length, frequency, and quality of your orgasms and pleasure sessions whether you’re single or married, solo or with a partner, young adult or silver fox.” Of course, this survey was not a scientifically rigorous study and more formal research is needed before any conclusions can be drawn. However, many couples have found that consuming cannabis enhances their intimate moments, and the science supports it. A 2019 study looked at 183 heterosexual, frequent marijuana using couples, and found that using marijuana together, or individually but in the presence of the partner, increased the likelihood of the couple sharing an intimate experience within 2 hours of consumption. When couples used cannabis separately and alone (not in the presence of their partner), there was no increase in likelihood of intimacy. The researchers concluded, “marijuana use is associated with increased experiences of intimacy, love, caring or support with one’s intimate partner in the next 2 hours.” They suggested it was plausible that subjective feelings of relaxation, happiness and wellbeing after cannabis use led the couples to “experience—or perceive—intimacy” with their partner. The endocannabinoid system plays a central role in “controlling reproductive function in mammals and humans,” and the cannabinoid receptor has been mapped to areas of the brain that play a role in sexual function. While it is clear that the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in sexual function, there are various other ways that cannabis or CBD can help people enhance their intimate experiences. For example, scientists have postulated that cannabis may enhance intimate moments by lowering stress and anxiety or decreasing pain associated with sex. Others note that cannabis can slow down the perception of time, thus prolonging sensations of pleasure. Cannabis can also heighten the senses, changing how touch feels. Whatever the mechanism of action, many people have found that cannabis and intimacy are natural bedfellows. With Jointly, you measure how well a cannabis product helps you achieve your wellness goals, including intimacy enhancement. As you record how each product helps you achieve your goals, Jointly helps you track the 15 factors that can impact your individual experience so that you enjoy your ideal experience every time. Jointly users who have optimized their cannabis consumption by reporting at least 10 cannabis sessions are enjoying their experiences 38% more than without Jointly. Download the Jointly app today and start accomplishing your wellness goals with cannabis and CBD! End Authored By: Jointly is a new cannabis wellness app that helps you discover purposeful cannabis consumption so that you can live better, naturally. With Jointly, you can set cannabis wellness goals, rate products based on how well they help you achieve those goals, and learn to dial in the 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience.
联合是一款大麻养生应用,于2020年4月上线。联合的使命是帮助人们发现有目的的大麻消费。有目的的大麻消费始于这样一个问题:你为什么使用大麻? 尽管大麻作为春药有着悠久的传统,但许多人刚刚发现大麻和CBD可以用来丰富他们的亲密体验。 增强与大麻的亲密时刻意味着什么?这可能是一对已婚夫妇想要为他们的卧室体验增加一点创意,分享一份加了大麻的巧克力;用vape钢笔敲几下使第一次约会变得更加亲密和有趣;或者是一个年轻的女性,她发现服用小剂量的四氢大麻酚更容易使她在独舞时达到性高潮。 大麻或CBD能帮你增强亲密时刻吗?联合可以帮你找到答案,但首先让我们回顾一下关于大麻、CBD和亲密感的知识。 各种传统医学体系都把大麻当作春药来珍视。1965年,印度政府土著医药系统顾问Shri Dwarakanath描述了许多含有大麻的阿育吠陀制剂,在农村地区被开作春药。Dwarakanath指出,以大麻为基础的春药在阿育吠陀和阿拉伯医学传统中都有发现,似乎已经使用了数百年。很明显,人类很早就把大麻当作春药。 但据一位非正式研究大麻对人们性生活影响的性学家尼克·卡拉斯说:“当涉及到大麻时,剂量是必不可少的。摄入太多的THC,你可能会和你的沙发发展出比你的伴侣更亲密的关系。“ 阿育吠陀医学顾问比利亚娜·杜希奇医学博士赞同这一观点:在阿育吠陀传统中,少量至适量的大麻被认为是一种强大的春药,但习惯性地大量使用大麻会导致性欲丧失。 为了增强亲密度,最好从小剂量开始。 由于联邦对大麻的禁令,没有足够的研究大麻如何影响性行为或亲密关系,以表明任何坚定的结论。然而,有几项调查和自我报告研究探讨了大麻如何影响性频率或主观体验。 2017年,斯坦福大学的研究人员对5万多名成年人进行了调查,发现使用大麻与性频率增加有关,而且似乎不会损害性功能。 2018年,研究人员在一个年龄在18-25岁的男女小群体中进行了一项关于大麻自我报告性影响的分析。他们发现,“大多数大麻使用者报告说性享受和性高潮强度增加了,欲望要么增加,要么没有改变。” 另一项针对男性和女性的小型调查探讨了大麻如何改变人们的性体验。研究人员发现,38.7%的人表示在大麻的影响下性爱更好,58.9%的人表示大麻增加了他们对性爱的欲望,73.8%的人表示性满足感增加,74.3%的人表示对触摸的敏感度增加,65.7%的人表示性高潮的强度增加,69.8%的人表示在性爱时可以更放松。虽然这些结果相当令人信服,但该调查只针对数百名对广告做出反应的参与者进行,因此这些结果是否可以推广还不得而知。 科学文献表明,男性和女性在吸食大麻时都能体验到性体验的主观改善。但有相当多的研究表明,生物性影响大麻如何影响性功能。 对于女性来说,研究“几乎一致地表明大麻对性功能的主观指标有促进作用。” 2020年7月发表的一项研究调查了大麻使用频率、chemovar(是否含有THC、CBD或两者兼而有之)或消费方式是否对大麻使用者中女性性功能产生影响。他们发现,吸食大麻的增加与女性性功能的改善有关。化疗药物类型、使用方法和使用原因对结果没有影响。 2019年的一项研究探讨了性行为前使用大麻如何影响女性性功能,并发现“使用任何大麻,大多数女性都感觉到整体体验、性欲、性高潮和疼痛有所改善。” 关于大麻如何影响男性性功能的科学还没有定论。2011年发表的一篇文献综述发现研究之间的结果相互矛盾,呼吁“重新利用研究资源”以了解大麻如何影响男性性功能。 一些关于男性和女性性功能的研究发现,大麻对生理有负面影响,但对主观有正面影响。例如,在男性中,“似乎大麻实际上可能通过刺激特定的受体而对勃起功能产生外周拮抗作用”,而在女性中,“大麻素受体激动剂,如大麻,可能损害性唤起。” 研究常常集中于性唤起,因为有一种客观测量生理唤起的方法,而没有一种客观测量性欲的方法。 研究人员在讨论性功能的主观和客观测量之间的差异时说:“虽然个人在某些物质的影响下可能会报告性功能增强,但这些物质往往与生理性功能下降有关。” 当然,如果人们觉得在大麻或CBD的帮助下,他们的亲密体验更好,那么客观的生理标记可能就不那么相关了。 一项非正式的调查在大麻递送服务Eaze和高潮跟踪振动器Lioness之间进行,对几百人进行了调查。Eaze-Lioness调查跟踪性高潮长度和频率的生理标记。调查发现,“大麻可以增加你的性高潮和快感的长度、频率和质量,无论你是单身还是已婚,是独居还是与伴侣在一起,是年轻人还是银狐。” 当然,这项调查并不是一项科学严谨的研究,在得出任何结论之前,还需要进行更正式的研究。然而,许多夫妇已经发现,食用大麻增强了他们的亲密时刻,科学支持这一点。 2019年的一项研究对183对经常吸食大麻的异性恋夫妇进行了调查,结果发现,共同吸食或单独吸食但在伴侣在场的情况下吸食大麻,增加了两人在吸食后2小时内分享亲密体验的可能性。当夫妻分开单独吸食大麻时(不是在其伴侣在场的情况下),亲密关系的可能性并没有增加。 研究人员得出结论,“吸食大麻会增加在未来两小时内与亲密伴侣的亲密、爱、关心或支持的体验。”他们认为,吸食大麻后的放松、幸福和幸福的主观感觉会导致夫妻与伴侣“体验--或感知--亲密”,这是有道理的。 内源性大麻素系统在“控制哺乳动物和人类的生殖功能”中起着核心作用,大麻素受体已被定位到大脑中对性功能起作用的区域。 虽然大麻素内源性系统在性功能中起着重要作用是显而易见的,但大麻或CBD还可以通过各种其他方式帮助人们增强亲密体验。 例如,科学家假设大麻可以通过降低压力和焦虑或减少与性爱相关的疼痛来增强亲密时刻。另一些人注意到大麻会减慢对时间的感知,从而延长快感。大麻还能增强感官,改变触摸的感觉。 不管作用机制如何,很多人都发现大麻和亲密是天生的同床共枕。 通过联合,您可以衡量大麻产品帮助您实现健康目标的程度,包括增进亲密度。 在您记录每一款产品如何帮助您实现目标的同时,联合帮助您跟踪能够影响您个人体验的15个因素,让您每次都享受理想体验。 通过报告至少10次大麻课程来优化大麻消费的联合用户比没有联合使用的用户享受到的体验多38%。 今天下载联合应用程序,并开始完成您的健康目标与大麻和CBD! 结束 作者: 联合是一个新的大麻健康应用程序,帮助您发现有目的的大麻消费,使您可以更好地生活,自然。与联合,您可以设置大麻健康目标,评级产品的基础上,他们如何帮助您实现这些目标,并学习拨入15个因素,可以影响您的大麻经验。