Primus Aerospace Adopts VELO3D’s Titanium AM System to Unlock the Future of Design for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Primus Aerospace公司采用Velo3D公司的钛制AM系统,为航空航天和国防工业开启设计的未来

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This is the first titanium-dedicated metal 3D printer from VELO3D that will be used solely for aerospace & defense applications. Primus has identified VELO3D’s AM system as a solution for many applications they currently produce, including cube satellites, hypersonics and turbine engines. The Colorado-based company is a top-tier supplier for the leading defense primes and the majority of aerospace OEMs, including Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon. “Primus is proud to be a leader in this manufacturing category,” says Gary Vaillancourt, Vice President of Engineering & Technical Sales. “Our customers require maximum performance of their aerospace-related systems and, together with VELO3D, we can redefine what is possible in manufacturing through advanced AM technology.” The partnership with VELO3D will enable Primus Aerospace to deliver unique design freedom and highest-quality AM services to their customers. Using the VELO3D manufacturing solution, Primus is looking to unlock powerful design and manufacturing capabilities that will enable the realization of previously unattainable geometries and optimized solutions as well as the exploration of novel aerospace applications. “Primus Aerospace is an excellent partner for us with their customer focus, commitment to innovation, and adoption of leading-edge technology,” says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. “Our capabilities will help them deliver to engineers and supply chain managers the part designs they want, not the limited part geometries that other commodity-AM suppliers say they can have. The synergies between our two companies will support developers of new products to optimize their designs without compromise or restraint.” Primus Aerospace expects to take delivery of the titanium Sapphire® System in Q1 2021 and will begin offering titanium printing at their facility located in Golden, Colorado. Learn more about the VELO3D Contract Manufacturing Partner Network. View source version on Media Contact for Primus: Gary Vaillancourt Vice President Engineering & Technical Sales Media Contact for VELO3D: Renette Youssef Chief Marketing Officer Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Source: VELO3D View this news release online at:
这是VELO3D公司的第一台钛专用金属3D打印机,将完全用于航空航天和国防应用。Primus已经将Velo3D的AM系统确定为他们目前生产的许多应用的解决方案,包括立方体卫星、高超音速和涡轮发动机。这家总部位于科罗拉多州的公司是领先的国防装备和大多数航空航天原始设备制造商的顶级供应商,包括洛克希德公司、波音公司、诺斯罗普·格鲁曼公司、通用动力公司和雷神公司。 工程与技术销售副总裁Gary Vaillancourt说:“Primus为成为这一制造业领域的领导者而感到自豪。我们的客户要求其航空航天相关系统具有最高的性能,与VELO3D一起,我们可以通过先进的AM技术重新定义制造中的可能性。“ 与VELO3D的合作伙伴关系将使Primus Aerospace公司能够为其客户提供独特的设计自由和最高质量的AM服务。利用VELO3D制造解决方案,Primus希望释放强大的设计和制造能力,从而实现以前无法实现的几何形状和优化解决方案,并探索新颖的航空航天应用。 Velo3D公司的创始人兼首席执行官本尼·布勒说:“Primus Aerospace公司以客户为中心,致力于创新,并采用领先技术,因此是我们的优秀合作伙伴。“我们的能力将帮助他们向工程师和供应链经理提供他们想要的零件设计,而不是其他商品AM供应商所说的有限的零件几何形状。我们两家公司之间的协同作用将支持新产品的开发人员不妥协不克制地优化他们的设计.“ Primus Aerospace预计将于2021年第一季度交付钛蓝宝石®系统,并将开始在其位于科罗拉多州Golden的设施提供钛印刷。 了解有关VELO3D合同制造合作伙伴网络的更多信息。 在businesswire.com上查看源版本: Primus的媒体联系人: 加里·瓦扬库尔 工程技术销售副总裁 电子邮件 Velo3D的媒体联系人: 雷内特·优素福 首席营销官 电子邮件 推特: 脸书: LinkedIn: 来源:VELO3D 请在以下网址联机查看此新闻稿: