7D Surgical Accelerates Footprint of Game-Changing Machine-Vision Technology into European Market

7D Surgical加速改变游戏规则的机器视觉技术进入欧洲市场

2021-03-16 21:30:08 biospace


 7D Surgical, a Toronto based medical device company developing advanced, cutting-edge optical and machine-vision technologies for surgical navigation, announced today that it has successfully launched its FLASH™ Navigation System into Germany and Switzerland, with multiple units already placed and over 30 spinal procedures completed since the start of the new year. "We are very pleased with the strategic roll-out of our FLASH™ Navigation System into select European countries thus far," said Beau Standish, Chief Executive Officer of 7D Surgical. "The immediate and positive impact of our machine-vision technology on surgical workflows and radiation reduction has strongly resonated with our surgeon customers. We are excited to further demonstrate its full potential to the global healthcare community as we aggressively expand our European presence and international footprint in 2021." 7D Surgical has developed technology, similar to GPS navigation in self-driving vehicles, to create a three-dimensional image for surgical navigation in just seconds, resulting in shorter and more efficient spinal procedures. The FLASH™ Navigation System uses only visible light, eliminating the patient and staff exposure to intraoperative radiation. It is the only approved image guidance system that utilizes this novel and proprietary camera-based technology, coupled with machine-vision algorithms to eliminate the long-standing frustrations with legacy surgical navigation platforms. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency combined with a fundamentally streamlined surgical workflow provides significant economic value and harnesses the true potential of image guidance – all while enabling a safe and radiation-free surgical environment. "We are excited with the immediate success that our surgeons are having with the technology as they implement it into their operating rooms," said Brian Stuart, Chief Revenue Officer of 7D Surgical. "The overwhelmingly positive response from clinicians around the world has been tremendous and echoes our mission. 7D Surgical is transforming what surgical navigation and image guidance is and what it can do to improve outcomes, eliminate unnecessary radiation, and reduce healthcare costs. We look forward to continue the development of our strong innovation pipeline to share with our customers from around the world." About 7D Surgical 7D Surgical is a privately-owned Toronto based company that develops advanced optical technologies and machine vision-based registration algorithms to improve surgical workflow and patient care. 7D Surgical's flagship FLASH™ Navigation System delivers profound improvement to surgical workflows in spine surgeries. The underlying technology provides the promise of similar future advancements for other surgical specialties. Visit www.7Dsurgical.com to learn more. Media Contact: Autumn Gentry 470-808-1885 305262@email4pr.com multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/7d-surgical-accelerates-footprint-of-game-changing-machine-vision-technology-into-european-market-301248221.html
总部位于多伦多市的一家医疗器械公司7D Surgical公司今天宣布,它已成功地将其Flash™导航系统投放到德瑞两国,自新年开始以来,已有多个设备投入使用,并完成了30多个脊柱手术。这家公司开发先进、尖端的光学和机器视觉技术用于手术导航。 7D Surgical公司首席执行官Beau Standish说:“到目前为止,我们对在选定的欧洲国家战略性地推出我们的Flash™导航系统感到非常高兴。“我们的机器视觉技术对外科手术流程和减少辐射的直接和积极影响已经引起我们外科医生客户的强烈共鸣。随着我们在2021年积极扩大我们的欧洲业务和国际足迹,我们很高兴能够进一步向全球医疗保健社区展示它的全部潜力。” 7D Surgical已经开发出技术,类似于自动驾驶车辆中的GPS导航,可以在短短几秒钟内为手术导航创建一个三维图像,从而实现更短、更高效的脊柱手术。闪光™导航系统仅使用可见光,消除了病人和工作人员在手术中的辐射暴露。它是唯一一个通过使用这种新颖和专有的基于摄像机的技术的图像引导系统,加上机器视觉算法来消除传统手术导航平台长期存在的障碍。快速、准确和高效的手术工作流程与基本精简的手术流程相结合,提供了显著的经济价值,并充分发挥了影像引导的真正潜力,同时提供了一个安全和无辐射的手术环境。 7D Surgical公司的首席收入官布莱恩·斯图尔特说:“我们的外科医生在手术室实施这项技术时,立即取得了成功,我们对此感到兴奋。”“来自世界各地临床医生的压倒性的积极反应是巨大的,这与我们的使命相呼应。7D Surgical正在改变手术导航和图像引导的功能,以及它能做什么来改善结果、消除不必要的辐射和降低医疗保健成本。我们期待着继续发展我们强大的创新管道,与我们来自世界各地的客户分享。” 约7d外科手术 7D Surgical是一家总部设在多伦多的私营公司,开发先进的光学技术和基于机器视觉的注册算法,以改进手术工作流程和病人护理。7D surgical的旗舰闪光™导航系统为脊柱手术的手术流程提供了深刻的改进。基础技术为其他外科专业提供了类似的未来发展前景。访问www.7dsurgical.com了解更多信息。 媒体联系人: 秋绅 470-808-1885 电子邮件:305262@email4pr.com 多媒体:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/7D-surgical-accelerates-footprint-of-game-changing-machine-vision-technology-into-european-market-301248221.html