Aceto to Expand Bioreagent Offering to Support Growing Customer Demand in Biopharma and Cell Culture Manufacturing


2021-03-16 17:00:06 BioSpace


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.---- Aceto, a leading global virtual manufacturer of specialty materials for life sciences and advanced technology end markets, announced today the introduction of an expanded portfolio for biopharmaceutical and cell culture reagent manufacturers. This offering will be built on the established expertise of Pharma Waldhof, one of Aceto’s key facilities located in Düsseldorf, Germany, developing and commercializing active ingredients, key intermediates, excipients, and reagents for multiple life science industries including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics, and nutrition. The Biopharma and Cell Culture portfolio will leverage Pharma Waldhof’s worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities, tailor-made filling and packing, and experience as a major supplier to worldwide biopharma and cell biology industries. The Biopharma and Cell Culture offering will provide customers with access to raw materials including nucleotides, nucleosides, and bio-buffers, while also supplying cell culture media ingredients as amino acids and vitamins that further support the needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers. This service line expansion will provide customers greater access to raw materials and vigorously tested products for pharmaceutical cell culture applications, like ingredients for hybridoma and CHO cell culture media used in biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing. “Aceto is active in new product development and advanced manufacturing techniques to position the company as a preferred supplier to the highly regulated biopharma and cell culture industries,” said Gilles Cottier, Chief Executive Officer of Aceto. “Using the extensive Aceto network worldwide makes it easier for customers to access their robust portfolio of products, while working with a company that is vested in its customers’ success.” For more information, please visit About Aceto Founded in 1947, Aceto is a leading global virtual manufacturer supplying niche, differentiated specialty materials in life sciences and advanced technology end markets. With business operations in nine countries, Aceto distributes over 1,100 chemical compounds used principally by the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural, and specialty chemical industries. Aceto’s global operations, including a significant staff on the ground in China and India, are distinctive in the industry and enable its worldwide sourcing and regulatory View source version on Kate Blom-Lowery CG Life (619)743-6294 Source: Aceto View this news release online at:
纽约州华盛顿港----Aceto公司是全球领先的生命科学和先进技术终端市场专用材料虚拟制造商,今天宣布为生物制药和细胞培养试剂制造商推出扩大的产品组合。本次发行将建立在Pharma Waldhof的基础上,该公司是ACETO位于德国杜塞尔多夫的主要设施之一,为包括制药、诊断、化妆品和营养学在内的多个生命科学行业开发活性成分、关键中间体、赋形剂和试剂并将其商业化。生物制药和细胞培养产品组合将利用Pharma Waldhof在全球的制造和分销能力、量身定制的灌装和包装,以及作为全球生物制药和细胞生物行业主要供应商的经验。 生物制药和细胞培养产品将为客户提供包括核苷酸、核苷和生物缓冲剂在内的原材料,同时还提供氨基酸和维生素等细胞培养基成分,进一步支持生物制药制造商的需求。 这一服务线的扩展将为客户提供更多的渠道获得用于制药细胞培养应用的原料和经过严格测试的产品,如用于生物制药和疫苗制造的杂交瘤和CHO细胞培养基的成分。 ACETO公司首席执行官Gilles Cottier说:“ACETO公司积极开展新产品开发和先进制造技术,以使公司成为受高度管制的生物制药和细胞培养行业的首选供应商。使用Aceto在世界各地的广泛网络,使客户能够更容易地访问其强大的产品组合,同时与一家以客户的成功为己任的公司合作。“ 欲了解更多信息,请访问。 关于Aceto Aceto成立于1947年,是一家领先的全球虚拟制造商,为生命科学和先进技术终端市场提供利基、差异化特种材料。Aceto的业务遍及9个国家,经销1100多种化合物,主要用于制药、营养、农业和特殊化学工业。ACETO的全球业务,包括在中国和印度的大量工作人员,在业界独树一帜,使其具备了全球采购和监管能力。 在businesswire.com上查看源版本: 凯特·布洛姆-洛瑞 CG生活 电子邮件 (619)743-6294 资料来源:Aceto 请在以下网址联机查看此新闻稿: