Ekso Bionics provides exoskeletons to hospitals in Florida


2021-05-12 23:00:09 Roboticstrends


Ekso Bionics, a developer of exoskeleton technology for medical and industrial use, has expanded partnership with Kindred Healthcare, bringing EksoNR, the most clinically used robotic exoskeleton, to four of Kindred’s Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals in the US. The multi-unit order follows a successful pilot program of the EksoNR last year. EksoNR has become a standard of care within Kindred’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals by driving patient outcomes in neurorehabilitation through early mobility and gait training. In 2019, Kindred executed a proof of concept in the Houston LTAC market and, after a successful implementation, launched three additional Ekso programs in the Houston-metro area in 2020. Kindred’s recent addition of acute inpatient rehabilitation units to select LTAC hospitals across the country offers a unique continuum of care designed to help patients recover from debilitating effects of an acute injury, impairment, or illness such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury, neurological conditions, amputation and trauma. The LTAC locations incorporating EksoNR technology will be at Kindred’s Florida hospitals in Green Cove Springs, Tampa / St Pete, Fort Lauderdale, and Melbourne. Mike Warrington, president of Kindred Healthcare’s hospital division, says: “We are excited to expand our partnership with Ekso Bionics and build on our leadership position in acute patient services with the addition of these innovative EksoNR devices. “The EksoNR, combined with its specialized gait training, has proven to deliver game changing results in helping patients relearn how to walk following a devastating stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury. “Bringing the latest cutting edge exoskeleton technology to our LTAC hospitals reinforces our commitment to patient care.” EksoNR is a robotic exoskeleton device that empowers patients recovering from acquired brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury to learn to walk again with a more natural gait. The device contains posture and clinician control, SmartAssist software, adaptive gait training, and pre-ambulatory tools among other features designed for patients to mobilize earlier and restore independence. Jack Peurach, CEO and President of Ekso Bionics, says: “Our robust partnership and this multi-unit order with Kindred are a testament to our shared goals and patient-driven values. “As the first network to explore the benefits of EksoNR in the LTAC setting, Kindred has always been at the forefront of patient care. We look forward to continue advancing our relationship throughout the Kindred network.”
医疗和工业用外骨骼技术开发商Ekso Bionics扩大了与Kindred Healthcare的合作伙伴关系,将临床使用最多的机器人外骨骼EksoNR带到了Kindred在美国的四家长期急性护理医院。 该多单位订单是继去年EksoNR的一个成功的试点计划之后的。 EksoNR已经成为Kindred住院康复医院的标准护理,通过早期活动能力和步态训练促进患者神经康复的结果。 2019年,Kindred在休斯敦LTAC市场进行了概念验证,成功实施后,于2020年在休斯敦-都会区推出了另外三个Ekso计划。 Kindred最近在全国选择LTAC医院增设了急性住院康复单位,提供独特的连续护理,旨在帮助患者从急性损伤、损伤或疾病(如中风、脑损伤、脊髓损伤、骨科损伤、神经疾病、截肢和创伤)的衰弱影响中恢复。 采用EksoNR技术的LTAC将设在Kindred在佛罗里达绿湾泉、坦帕/圣皮特、劳德代尔堡和墨尔本的医院。 Kindred Healthcare公司医院部总裁迈克·沃灵顿说:“我们很高兴能扩大与Ekso仿生学公司的合作伙伴关系,并借助这些创新的EksoNR设备,巩固我们在急性病人服务领域的领导地位。 “EksoNR结合其专门的步态训练,已经证明能够改变游戏规则,帮助患者在遭受毁灭性中风、脑损伤或脊髓损伤后重新学习如何走路。 “将最新的尖端外骨骼技术带到我们的LTAC医院,加强了我们对病人护理的承诺。” EksoNR是一种机器人外骨骼设备,使后天性脑损伤、中风和脊髓损伤的康复患者能够以更自然的步态重新学习行走。 该设备包括体位和临床医生控制、SmartAssist软件、自适应步态训练和行走前工具等功能,这些功能是为患者更早地活动和恢复独立而设计的。 Ekso仿生学公司首席执行官兼总裁Jack Peurach说:“我们与Kindred公司的牢固伙伴关系和多部门订单证明了我们的共同目标和病人驱动的价值观。 作为第一个在LTAC环境中探索EksoNR益处的网络,Kindred始终站在病人护理的前沿。我们期待着在Kindred网络中继续发展我们的关系。“