Roam Robotics launches ‘smart knee’, a robotic partial exoskeleton

Roam Robotics公司推出“智能膝盖”,一种机器人部分外骨骼

2021-05-08 00:00:11 Roboticstrends


Roam Robotics, an artificial intelligence and wearable robotics company, has launched its Ascend product, a “first-of-its-kind smart knee orthosis that helps wearers reduce knee pain and regain mobility”, according to the company. Ascend’s technology is actively adapting, meaning it senses the body’s movement, automatically adjusts to the wearer’s needs, and provides precise support at the right moment for target muscle groups. It is a registered Class I device with the FDA and will be available for purchase directly and through private and Medicare insurance, radically expanding public accessibility to wearable robotic devices. Tim Swift, Roam’s CEO and co-founder, says: “Roam is focused on a massively underserved market. More than 20 percent of the global population is limited by their body’s mobility, and as medical advancements help people live longer that number is only going to increase. “Our approach to wearable robotics works seamlessly with the human body to help people lead healthier, happier and more active lives, unhindered by physical limitations.” Ascend is designed to help relieve knee pain and support functional improvements, dramatically improving mobility for patients. A clinical study of knee osteoarthritis participants demonstrated an average of 50 percent pain reduction, and 60 percent exhibited functional improvement when using the device. Ascend is the first wearable robotic device to show usefulness in everyday life for people suffering from joint pain who want to regain independence and live more active lifestyles. Ascend highlights include: The company has previously demonstrated commercial success with hundreds of users affirming the unique benefits of Roam’s AI-informed technology for more high-impact physical activity Forge, a sister product for the US military is built to increase soldiers’ endurance, speed, and strength. Roam plans to expand Forge into other industries with high physical demands, such as emergency first responders. All of the company’s products are constructed from high-strength plastics and use air compression ensuring they are lightweight, powerful and cost effective. With existing manufacturing processes, Roam can scale and deliver robotic wearable solutions that are accessible to millions of people worldwide. Ascend is now available for pre-orders, and devices will begin to be shipped in late summer of 2021. All devices are custom-built and initial customers placing pre-orders are invited to try Ascend in San Francisco.
人工智能和可穿戴机器人公司Roam Robotics推出了其Ascend产品,据该公司称,这是一款“首次推出的智能膝盖矫形器,帮助佩戴者减少膝盖疼痛并重新获得行动能力”。 Ascend的技术正在积极适应,这意味着它能感知身体的运动,自动根据佩戴者的需要进行调整,并在正确的时刻为目标肌肉群提供精确的支持。 这是一种在FDA注册的I类设备,可以直接购买,也可以通过私人保险和医疗保险购买,从根本上扩大了公众对可穿戴机器人设备的可获得性。 Roam的首席执行官兼联合创始人蒂姆•斯威夫特表示:“Roam专注于一个服务严重不足的市场。全球超过20%的人口受到身体活动能力的限制,随着医学进步帮助人们长寿,这一数字只会增加。 “我们的可穿戴机器人技术与人体无缝配合,帮助人们过上更健康、更快乐、更活跃的生活,不受身体限制。” Ascend旨在帮助缓解膝盖疼痛和支持功能的改善,显著提高患者的行动能力。 一项对膝骨关节炎参与者的临床研究显示,使用该装置后,平均50%的疼痛减轻,60%的功能改善。 Ascend是第一个在日常生活中显示有用的可穿戴机器人设备,对于那些想要重新获得独立并过上更积极生活方式的关节疼痛患者来说。 提升亮点包括: 该公司此前已经证明了商业上的成功,数百名用户肯定了Roam的人工智能技术在更高影响的身体活动方面的独特优势 Forge是美军的姊妹产品,用于增加士兵的耐力、速度和力量。Roam计划将Forge拓展到其他对体力要求较高的行业,比如紧急急救员。 该公司的所有产品都是由高强度塑料和空气压缩,以确保他们的轻量,强大和成本效益。 凭借现有的制造工艺,Roam可以扩展并提供机器人可穿戴解决方案,供全球数百万人使用。 Ascend现已可预购,设备将于2021年夏末开始出货。所有设备都是定制的,并邀请预订的初始客户在旧金山试用Ascend。