Sanofi establishes mRNA Center of Excellence to accelerate Covid-19 vaccines development


2021-06-30 18:00:21 PHARMACEUTICAL


Global biopharmaceutical firm Sanofi has launched a dedicated vaccines mRNA Center of Excellence to accelerate development and delivery of next-generation vaccines. The company has also announced plans to invest about $476.2m (€400m) per year on the new facility for the research and development of next-generation vaccines using mRNA technologies. The mRNA Center of Excellence will employ approximately 400 staff from existing sites in a bid to integrate end-to-end mRNA vaccine capabilities. This will include bringing together dedicated research & development, digital and chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) teams working across sites at Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US and Marcy l’Etoile, Lyon in France. The centre is expected to produce a minimum of six clinical candidates by 2025. Sanofi Pasteur Research and Development global head Jean-Francois Toussaint said: “During the Covid-19 pandemic, mRNA technologies demonstrated potential to deliver new vaccines faster than ever before. “However, key areas of innovation such as thermostability and tolerability improvements will be critical to unlock the applications of mRNA in routine vaccination against a broader set of infectious diseases and across all ages. “The Sanofi mRNA vaccines Center of Excellence aims to lead the field in this next chapter of vaccine innovation.” The company is working on the development of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate with biotech company Translate Bio. The two companies, which have been collaborating since 2018, also commenced a Phase I clinical trial recently to evaluate an mRNA-based investigational vaccine against seasonal influenza. The Phase 1 influenza mRNA vaccine clinical trial will evaluate two formulations of the vaccine (MRT5400 and MRT5401). It will assess the immunogenicity (immune response) and safety of the monovalent (single-strain) mRNA-based flu vaccine candidate in about 280 participants.
全球生物制药公司赛诺菲推出了一个专门的疫苗基因卓越中心,以加快下一代疫苗的开发和交付。 该公司还宣布计划每年投资约4.762亿美元(4亿欧元)在新设施上,用于使用基因技术研发下一代疫苗。 基因卓越中心将从现有的站点雇佣大约400名工作人员,以整合端到端的基因疫苗能力。 这将包括汇集专门的研发、数字和化学、制造和控制(CMC)团队,在美国马萨诸塞州剑桥和法国里昂马西·莱托伊勒的不同地点工作。 该中心预计到2025年将产生至少6名临床候选人。 赛诺菲巴斯德研发全球负责人让-弗朗索瓦·图桑说:“在新冠肺炎疫情期间,基因技术显示出比以往任何时候都更快交付新疫苗的潜力。 “然而,关键的创新领域,如热稳定性和耐受性的提高,对于解开mRNA在针对更广泛的传染病和所有年龄的常规疫苗接种中的应用至关重要。 “赛诺菲基因疫苗卓越中心旨在引领疫苗创新的下一章。” 该公司正在与生物技术公司Translate Bio合作开发mRNA新冠肺炎候选疫苗。 这两家公司自2018年以来一直在合作,最近也开始了一项I期临床试验,以评估一种基于基因的季节性流感研究疫苗。 1期流感mRNA疫苗临床试验将评估该疫苗的两种剂型(MRT5400和MRT5401)。它将在大约280名参与者中评估单价(单株)mRNA为基础的候选流感疫苗的免疫原性(免疫反应)和安全性。