Regeneron plans $1.8bn investment to expand research facilities in New York, US


2021-07-20 19:30:27 PHARMACEUTICAL


Regeneron has announced plans to invest about $1.8bn to expand its facilities at its Westchester County campus in the US, over the next six years. The company intends to expand its research, preclinical manufacturing, and support facilities in Tarrytown, New York, creating approximately 1,000 more full-time jobs in the region over the next five years. The expansion project involves addition of new preclinical manufacturing and process development suites, office space and laboratories to substantially expand its research and development capabilities in Tarrytown. It will also include design and construction of up to eight new buildings, a central utility plant, as well as three parking garages totalling approximately 900,000ft2. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo noted that the project would also require road infrastructure improvements to support construction of additional buildings at Westchester County campus. Regeneron president and CEO Leonard Schleifer said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of continued and long-term investment in the biopharmaceutical industry, and Regeneron is proud to pursue life-changing science and technology from our labs and manufacturing facilities in New York State. “In 2020 and 2021, the Regeneron team has worked tirelessly, bringing forward new treatments for people with COVID-19, Ebola, multiple forms of cancer and pediatric atopic dermatitis. “As we expand our team and site, we look forward to bringing even more medical breakthroughs to patients in need.” Work on the project is planned to be completed in two phases in next six years. Empire State Development has offered up to $100m to Regeneron in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits if it reaches its hiring goal.
雷根龙宣布计划在未来六年内投资约18亿美元扩大其在美国威彻斯特县校区的设施。 该公司打算扩大其在纽约塔里敦的研究、临床前制造和支持设施,在未来五年内在该地区创造大约1000个全职工作岗位。 扩建项目包括增加新的临床前制造和工艺开发套房、办公空间和实验室,以大幅扩大其在塔里敦的研究和开发能力。 它还将包括设计和建造多达八栋新大楼、一个中央公用事业厂以及三个停车库,总占地约90万英尺。 纽约州州长安德鲁·科莫指出,该项目还需要改善道路基础设施,以支持威彻斯特县校园额外建筑的建设。 雷根龙总裁兼首席执行官伦纳德·施莱弗(Leonard Schleifer)表示:“新冠肺炎疫情凸显了对生物制药行业持续长期投资的重要性,雷根龙为从我们在纽约州的实验室和制造设施中追求改变生活的科学和技术感到自豪。 “在2020年和2021年,雷根龙团队不知疲倦地工作,为患有新冠肺炎、埃博拉、多种癌症和儿科特应性皮炎的人提出了新的治疗方法。 “随着我们团队和网站的扩大,我们期待着为有需要的患者带来更多的医学突破。” 工程计划在未来六年内分两阶段完成。 帝国发展公司已经向雷根龙提供了高达1亿美元的精益求精就业计划税收抵免,如果它达到了招聘目标。