Anocca Raises $47m in a Series B Financing to Advance Its Industrialised Approach to TCR-T Cellular Immunotherapy


2021-07-22 16:00:29 BioSpace


Financing from renowned Nordic investors SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Anocca AB, a leader in unlocking the potential of T-cell immunotherapy to deliver transformative therapeutics for cancer, today announced the closing of a USD 47 million (SEK 400 million) Series B financing to further advance the company’s industrialised cellular biology platform and progress its pipeline of TCR-T cellular therapies into Phase I/IIa clinical trials. The financing, led by advisor Danske Bank, brings together a distinguished group of investors, with Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik, Ramsbury Invest and significant family offices including those of Harald Mix and Robert Andreen joining existing investors including Mellby Gård, Nidoco and co-founder Mikael Blomqvist via Michano. Anocca’s CEO and co-founder Reagan Jarvis, said, “This financing round, which takes us to well over $100m raised since our founding in 2014, is further strong endorsement of our pioneering approach to industrialised high-precision analysis of T-cell biology. The team has built and operationalised an industry-leading suite of unique technologies to generate efficient and systematic TCR-T cell therapy pipelines. We will use this substantial financing to accelerate our broad oncology pipeline into the clinic with our in-house manufacturing capabilities. We continue to methodically move towards our vision of delivering blockbuster franchises of next generation T-cell immunotherapies for the treatment of multiple cancer types.” The company’s highly industrialised cellular biology platform replicates human T-cell biology in the laboratory, to generate targeted T-cell therapies with broad applicability in oncology, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders. The technology platform is comprised of a number of proprietary cell biology and molecular genetics technologies and enables the scalable high-precision analysis needed to develop highly targeted therapeutics that leverage T-cell immunity. The platform is underpinned by proprietary, fully integrated, information management and bioinformatic software tools developed in-house. Anocca’s platform has delivered a broad pipeline of T-cell receptor (TCR) assets to generate novel TCR-modified T-cell therapies (TCR-T) against multiple antigen classes, including targets that are shared amongst tumours, against specific genetic mutations that drive cancer, and against viruses that cause cancer. TCR-T cellular therapies can unlock an immense target space inaccessible to biologics and CAR-T therapies and is emerging as an important treatment modality for many forms of cancer. Anocca’s Chairman of the board and early investor, Hans Stråberg said, “To deliver on the potential of new technologies you need to have the infrastructure in place to secure scaling. This is exactly what we have done with Anocca, by taking a systematic approach to building a broad industrialised platform with extensive automation and software tools, in addition to our own cGMP manufacturing facility, allowing us to drive multiple clinical programmes in parallel. This is an outstanding success for European life sciences, with Anocca emerging as a global scientific and technical leader in the field of TCR-T cell immunotherapy.” Lars Hevreng, Financial Advisor at Danske Bank said, “We are delighted to bring together a distinguished syndicate of investors to back Anocca’s further development. The company’s long-term and very strong financial backing will now become even stronger, which will be very important for Reagan and his team to fully pursue their ambitious targets of unlocking the therapeutic potential of Anocca’s TCR-T cell immunotherapy approach.” - Ends - About Anocca Anocca is leveraging its highly scalable precision analysis technologies to develop transformative TCR-T immunotherapies to treat cancer and other serious diseases. The company has pioneered a proprietary industrialised analytical cell biology platform that enables a deep understanding of disease specific T cell biology to deliver highly targeted cell-based therapies. The company’s innovative ‘engineered immunity’ approach to deciphering T cell immunity can reach an unprecedented number of druggable targets in oncology and other therapeutic areas, such as infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders. Anocca has a fully integrated R&D infrastructure, with a range of scalable analytics platforms leveraging extensive libraries of engineered cells and complemented by a clinical manufacturing and process development facility. The company’s platform has generated a broad pipeline of blockbuster assets focusing on distinct disease franchises. The company expects to progress several TCR-T therapies to the clinic. Anocca was founded in 2014 and is led by an experienced management team that has raised over USD 100 million in funding from leading Nordic investors Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik, Ramsbury Invest, Mellby Gård, Nidoco and Michano with Danske Bank acting as advisor. Anocca’s team of over 65 employees operates from its site in Södertälje, Sweden. To learn more about Anocca, please visit and follow our LinkedIn. 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北欧著名投资者的融资 瑞典Südert→LJE--(商业网)--Anocca AB公司,在释放T细胞免疫疗法的潜力,为癌症提供变革性治疗方面的领先者,今天宣布结束4700万美元(4亿瑞典克朗)的B轮融资,以进一步推进该公司工业化的细胞生物学平台,并将其TCR-T细胞治疗管道推进到I/IIA期临床试验。 此次融资由顾问丹斯克银行(Danske Bank)牵头,汇集了一批杰出的投资者,Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik、Ramsbury Invest和包括Harald Mix和Robert Andreen在内的重要家族办公室加入了包括Mellby Gård、Nidoco和联合创始人Mikael Blomqvist via Michano在内的现有投资者。 Anocca的首席执行官兼联合创始人里根·贾维斯(Reagan Jarvis)表示:“自2014年成立以来,这一轮融资使我们筹集了超过1亿美元的资金,进一步有力地支持了我们对T细胞生物学进行工业化高精度分析的开创性方法。该团队已经建立并运行了一套行业领先的独特技术,以产生高效和系统的TCR-T细胞治疗管道。我们将利用这笔大量的资金来加快我们的广泛肿瘤管道进入临床与我们的内部制造能力。我们继续有条不紊地朝着我们的愿景迈进,即为多种癌症的治疗提供下一代T细胞免疫疗法的轰动一时的特许经营权。“ 该公司高度工业化的细胞生物学平台在实验室复制人类T细胞生物学,以产生针对性的T细胞疗法,广泛适用于肿瘤学、传染病和自身免疫疾病。该技术平台由许多专有的细胞生物学和分子遗传学技术组成,并使开发利用T细胞免疫的高度靶向治疗所需的可扩展的高精度分析成为可能。该平台由内部开发的专有、完全集成的信息管理和生物信息软件工具支撑。 Anocca的平台已经提供了广泛的T细胞受体(TCR)资产管道,以产生新的TCR修饰的T细胞疗法(TCR-T)对抗多种抗原类别,包括肿瘤之间共享的靶点,对抗驱动癌症的特定基因突变,以及对抗导致癌症的病毒。TCR-T细胞治疗可以打开生物制剂和CAR-T治疗无法进入的巨大靶点空间,正成为许多形式癌症的重要治疗手段。 Anocca董事会主席兼早期投资者汉斯·斯特拉伯格(Hans Stråberg)表示:“为了发挥新技术的潜力,你需要有确保规模扩大的基础设施。这正是我们对Anocca所做的,除了我们自己的cGMP生产设施之外,我们还采取了一种系统的方法,以广泛的自动化和软件工具建立了一个广泛的工业化平台,使我们能够并行地推动多个临床项目。这对欧洲生命科学来说是一个杰出的成功,阿诺卡正在成为TCR-T细胞免疫治疗领域的全球科学和技术领导者。“ Danske Bank的财务顾问Lars Hevreng说:“我们很高兴能聚集一个杰出的投资者辛迪加来支持Anocca的进一步发展。该公司长期和非常强大的财政支持现在将变得更加强大,这对里根和他的团队全面追求释放Anocca的TCR-T细胞免疫治疗方法的治疗潜力的雄心勃勃的目标至关重要。“ -结束- 关于Anocca Anocca正在利用其高度可扩展的精确分析技术开发变革性的TCR-T免疫疗法,以治疗癌症和其他严重疾病。该公司首创了专有的工业化分析细胞生物学平台,使人们能够深入了解疾病特异性T细胞生物学,从而提供高度靶向的基于细胞的治疗。该公司破译T细胞免疫的创新“工程免疫”方法可以达到前所未有的肿瘤学和其他治疗领域的可药物靶点,如传染病和自身免疫疾病。Anocca拥有一个完全集成的研发基础设施,一系列可扩展的分析平台利用了广泛的工程细胞库,并由临床制造和过程开发设施补充。该公司的平台已经产生了一系列专注于不同疾病特许经营的重磅资产。该公司预计将把几种TCR-T疗法推向临床。 Anocca成立于2014年,由一个经验丰富的管理团队领导,该团队已从北欧领先投资者Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik、Ramsbury Invest、Mellby Gård、Nidoco和Michano那里筹集了超过1亿美元的资金,丹斯克银行担任顾问。Anocca的团队超过65名员工在瑞典Södertälje的网站上运营。要了解更多关于Anocca的信息,请访问,并关注我们的LinkedIn。 在businesswire.com查看源代码版本: 媒体联系人: 阿诺卡岛 业务拓展副总裁 马克农场 +46766474942 Scius通信(国际媒体) 卡贾斯托特 +447789435990 丹尼尔·古奇 +44(0)7747875479 Cord通信(瑞典和北欧媒体) 米凯尔·韦德尔 +46 703 11 99 60 来源:Anocca 在网上查看此新闻稿: