Leeds Teaching Hospitals selects Agilisys for data platform


2021-07-22 18:00:57 digitalhealth


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has selected Agilisys to provide a cloud-based data platform which will support its digital strategy.  The platform will provide reporting and analytics services, with tools to help trust colleagues handle the more than 50million pieces of data which are created every month. The platform will also support colleague collaboration and enable users to explore and exploit data. Agilisys will also establish and embed a Data Management Framework designed to support the trust’s ambition for digitally-enabled, integrated patient-centred care with data incorporated at every level of the organisation. Guy Dickie, associate director of digital at the trust, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to enhance our data analytics capability, harnessing the power of the Trust’s data to develop a state of the art, modern solution which improves care and efficiency, reduces risk and saves money. Using our existing strong foundations, we have a once in a generation opportunity to revolutionise and scale our use of data.” Max Jones, managing partner for health at Agilisys, also recognised the potential of the partnership. He added: “This partnership truly excites because it’s about more than just cutting-edge technology…it’s cutting-edge thinking. Together, we’ll harness our collective knowledge, shared values and deep ambition to turn data into a primary asset for making better decisions for patients. Inward investment and clinical research opportunities are also at the heart of our plans, not least because they create additional mechanisms for enhancing clinical outcomes. “This is a truly visionary partnership that will put Leeds Teaching Hospitals at the forefront of healthcare data excellence and develop skills within the Trust that will ensure on-going success, while also recognising how service continuity and transition is at the heart of the end-user experience.” It’s another boost for digital transformation specialists Agilisys – whose Social Care Cost and Demand Modelling solution has recently been made available to local authorities to help them better plan their social care resources.
利兹教学医院国民保健服务信托基金选择了Agilisys提供一个基于云的数据平台,以支持其数字战略。 该平台将提供报告和分析服务,并提供工具帮助信任的同事处理每月创建的5000多万条数据。该平台还将支持同事协作,并使用户能够探索和利用数据。 Agilisys还将建立和嵌入一个数据管理框架,旨在支持该信托机构的雄心,即在组织的每个层面纳入数据,实现数字支持、集成的以病人为中心的护理。 该信托机构的数字副总监盖伊·迪基(Guy Dickie)表示:“这是一个绝佳的机会,可以提高我们的数据分析能力,利用信托机构数据的力量开发一种先进的现代解决方案,提高护理和效率,降低风险,节省资金。利用我们现有的强大基础,我们有一代人一次的机会来改革和扩大我们对数据的使用。“ Agilisys健康管理合伙人马克斯·琼斯(Max Jones)也认识到了这一合作伙伴关系的潜力。 他补充道:“这种伙伴关系真的令人兴奋,因为它不仅仅是关于尖端技术……而是尖端思维。我们将一起利用我们的集体知识、共同的价值观和深刻的抱负,将数据转化为一项主要资产,为患者做出更好的决定。外来投资和临床研究机会也是我们计划的核心,尤其是因为它们为提高临床结果创造了额外的机制。 “这是一个真正有远见的合作伙伴关系,将使利兹教学医院处于医疗保健数据卓越的前沿,并在确保持续成功的信任范围内发展技能,同时认识到服务连续性和过渡是最终用户体验的核心。” 这是数字转型专家Agilisys的又一个推动--其社会护理成本和需求建模解决方案最近已提供给地方当局,以帮助他们更好地规划社会护理资源。