AstraZeneca completes acquisition of biopharmaceutical firm Alexion


2021-07-22 22:00:24 PHARMACEUTICAL


AstraZeneca has completed the acquisition of biopharmaceutical company Alexion Pharmaceuticals in a deal valued at $39bn. The latest move comes after the receipt of clearance from the UK Competition and Markets Authority for the acquisition, this month. AstraZeneca has secured complete clearances from regulatory authorities in the UK, US, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Colombia, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The acquisition was first announced in December last year to improve AstraZeneca’s scientific presence in immunology through the addition of Alexion’s strong pipeline and innovative complement-technology platforms. For the deal, AstraZeneca has paid nearly $13.3bn in cash to Alexion shareholders and 236,321,411 new AstraZeneca shares (about 94% of which will be represented by new AstraZeneca American Depositary Shares (ADSs)). AstraZeneca chief financial officer Marc Dunoyer said: “I am delighted to be working alongside my new colleagues at Alexion where we will continue to discover, develop and deliver medicines that change the lives of people suffering from rare diseases. “We look forward to also applying Alexion’s complement-biology platform across areas of AstraZeneca’s broader early-stage pipeline and, significantly, to the extraordinary opportunity to extend existing and future rare disease medicines to patients in many countries where AstraZeneca already has a strong presence.” Alexion is focused on the discovery, development, and commercialisation of therapies for patients and families affected with rare diseases. The company’s portfolio includes Soliris (eculizumab), an anti-complement component 5 (C5) monoclonal antibody; and Ultomiris (ravulizumab), a second-generation C5 monoclonal antibody. Now, the new business unit named ‘Alexion, The AstraZeneca Rare Disease’ will be created with headquarters in Boston, US and focus on rare diseases.
阿斯利康完成了对生物制药公司亚历克西翁制药的收购,交易价值390亿美元。 最近的举措是在本月收到英国竞争和市场管理局的收购许可后采取的。 阿斯利康已获得英国、美国、巴西、加拿大、俄罗斯、哥伦比亚、摩洛哥、土耳其、以色列、沙特、南韩、台湾和日本监管机构的完全许可。 这项收购于去年12月首次宣布,旨在通过增加亚历克西翁强大的管道和创新的补充技术平台,改善阿斯利康在免疫学领域的科学存在。 为了这笔交易,阿斯利康向Alexion股东支付了近133亿美元现金和236,321,411股新阿斯利康股份(其中约94%将由新阿斯利康美国存托股代表)。 阿斯利康首席财务官马克·杜诺耶(Marc Dunoyer)表示:“我很高兴与我在Alexion的新同事一起工作,我们将继续发现、开发和提供改变罕见疾病患者生活的药物。 “我们还期待着在阿斯利康更广泛的早期管道领域应用亚历克西翁的补体生物学平台,更重要的是,利用非同寻常的机会,将现有和未来的罕见疾病药物推广到阿斯利康已经拥有强大影响力的许多国家的患者。” Alexion专注于罕见疾病患者和家庭治疗的发现、开发和商业化。 该公司的产品组合包括Soliris(eculizumab),一种抗补体成分5(C5)单克隆抗体;和第二代C5单克隆抗体Ultomiris(ravulizumab)。 现在,新的业务部门名为“阿斯利康罕见疾病Alexion,阿斯利康罕见疾病”将成立,总部设在美国波士顿,专注于罕见疾病。