PerkinElmer to acquire life science antibodies provider BioLegend for $5.25bn


2021-07-27 19:00:33 PHARMACEUTICAL


PerkinElmer has signed an agreement to acquire US-based BioLegend, a life science antibodies and reagents provider, in a deal valued at about $5.25bn. BioLegend provides antibodies and reagents to its academic and biopharmaceutical customers for use in areas including cytometry, proteogenomics, multiplex assays, recombinant proteins, magnetic cell separation and bioprocessing. The deal, which is claimed to be the largest ever for PerkinElmer, will allow the company to grow in areas including clinical diagnostics. PerkinElmer president and CEO Prahlad Singh said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring our technologies and innovative cultures together to create seamless solutions to push science and discovery forward. “We believe joining our teams presents an incredible opportunity to accelerate discoveries that help life science researchers leverage ever-developing technologies and novel approaches to better understand and fight disease.” The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, is anticipated to be concluded by the end of this year. Upon completion of the deal, BioLegend’s San Diego, California-based campus will become PerkinElmer’s global centre for the development of chemical reagents for the combined company. PerkinElmer stated that it has bridge financing from Goldman Sachs Bank USA to cover the cash portion of the agreed transaction. It also said that the deal is expected to provide an estimated growth of $0.30 of adjusted earnings per share in the first full year following the close and over $0.50 in the second year. For the transaction, Goldman Sachs & Co. is acting as exclusive financial advisor, WilmerHale as legal counsel and McDermott Will & Emery as antitrust counsel to PerkinElmer. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC is acting as exclusive financial advisor while Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman is serving as legal counsel to BioLegend.
PerkinElmer签署了一项协议,收购总部位于美国的生命科学抗体和试剂提供商BioLegend,交易价值约52.5亿美元 BioLegend为其学术和生物制药客户提供抗体和试剂,用于细胞术、蛋白质基因组学、多重分析、重组蛋白质、磁细胞分离和生物加工等领域。 这笔据称是PerkinElmer有史以来最大的交易,将使该公司在包括临床诊断在内的领域有所增长。 PerkinElmer总裁兼首席执行官Prahlad Singh说:“我们很高兴有机会将我们的技术和创新文化结合在一起,创造无缝的解决方案,推动科学和发现向前发展。 “我们相信加入我们的团队提供了一个不可思议的机会,可以加快发现,帮助生命科学研究人员利用不断发展的技术和新方法来更好地理解和对抗疾病。” 这笔交易预计将于今年年底完成,但仍需获得监管机构的批准和其他惯常的成交条件。 交易完成后,Biolegend位于加州圣地亚哥的校区将成为PerkinElmer的全球中心,为合并后的公司开发化学试剂。 PerkinElmer说,它从高盛美国银行获得了过渡性融资,以支付商定交易的现金部分。 该公司还表示,该交易预计将在收盘后的第一个整年提供调整后每股收益的估计增长0.30美元,第二年超过0.50美元。 在这笔交易中,高盛(Goldman Sachs&Co.)担任独家财务顾问,WilmerHale担任法律顾问,McDermott Will&Emery担任PerkinElmer的反垄断顾问。 J.P。摩根证券有限责任公司是独家财务顾问,而Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman是Biolegend的法律顾问。