BD Buys Polymer Developer Tepha To Aid In Soft Tissue Innovations


2021-07-27 20:00:55 RTTNews


Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX), a global medical technology company, announced Tuesday that it has acquired privately held Tepha, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of a proprietary resorbable polymer technology. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Tepha's proprietary resorbable polymer (Poly 4-hydroxybutyric acid, P4HB) technology platform is expected to accelerate the growth of BD's surgical mesh portfolio and allow foray into new areas within soft tissue repair, reconstruction and regeneration. Tepha's GalaFLEX products are a bioresorbable scaffold for soft tissue support and to repair, elevate and reinforce deficiencies where weakness or voids exist that require the addition of material to obtain the desired surgical outcome. The acquisition also provides strategic vertical integration as Tepha's proprietary polymer is used in BD's current Phasix Mesh products. The transaction is expected to be immaterial to BD's fiscal 2021 financial results. The shares of BD closed trade on July 26 at $249.43, down $1.65 or 0.66 percent from previous close. For comments and feedback contact: Business News
全球医疗技术公司Becton,Dickinson and Company(BDX)周二宣布,它已经收购了私人控股的Tepha,Inc.。Tepha是一家专有可再吸收聚合物技术的开发商和制造商。交易条款未予披露。 Tepha专有的可再吸收聚合物(聚4-羟基丁酸,P4HB)技术平台有望加速BD外科网片组合的增长,并允许进入软组织修复、重建和再生的新领域。Tepha的GalaFLEX产品是一种可生物吸收的支架,用于软组织支持,并在需要添加材料以获得预期手术结果的弱点或空洞存在时修复、提升和加强缺陷。 此次收购还提供了战略垂直整合,因为Tepha的专有聚合物用于BD目前的Phasix网状产品。 该交易预计对BD 2021财年财务业绩无关紧要。 BD股价7月26日收盘报249.43美元,较前收盘下跌1.65美元,跌幅0.66%。 如需评论和反馈,请联系 商业新闻