Amgen to acquire clinical stage biotechnology firm Teneobio


2021-07-28 20:01:14 PHARMACEUTICAL


Biotechnology company Amgen has agreed to acquire Teneobio, a privately held clinical stage biotechnology firm, in a deal valued at about $900m. Teneobio is developing a new class of biologics, called Human Heavy-Chain Antibodies (UniAb), to treat cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases. TeneoSeek, the company’s discovery platform, includes next-generation sequencing, genetically engineered animals (UniRat and OmniFlic), bioinformatics and high-throughput vector assembly technologies. The transaction will include Teneobio’s bispecific and multispecific antibody technologies that will help Amgen to speed up the discovery and development of new molecules. These new molecules will have potential to treat a broad range of diseases that fall under Amgen’s core therapeutic areas. Teneobio will also add TNB-585, a Phase 1 bispecific T cell-engager that helps to treat metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), as well as several preclinical oncology pipeline assets with the potential for near-term IND filings. Amgen Research and Development executive vice president David Reese said: “The acquisition of Teneobio will strengthen our ability to develop innovative medicines to treat patients with serious illnesses and to bring to market best-in-class products, particularly with respect to multispecific and bispecific medicines directed against targets in a wide range of diseases across our core therapeutic areas. “Teneobio’s antibody platform complements our existing capabilities and could potentially give us a more diverse set of building blocks that can be developed into new multispecific therapeutics. “In addition, the availability of Teneobio’s CD3 engager technology will allow us to broaden our capabilities in generating bispecifics, and with our own technology, enable customization of the T cell engaging domain of the molecules depending on the disease and target.” Under the agreement terms, Amgen will make an upfront cash payment of $900m and an additional $1.6bn of future contingent milestone payments in cash to Teneobio equity holders. Subject to customary closing conditions, including applicable regulatory approvals, the transaction is anticipated to be concluded in the second half of this year. Before completion of the deal, Teneobio will spin out three of its affiliates that include TeneoTwo (anti-CD19/CD3), TeneoFour (anti-CD38 enzyme inhibitor) and TeneoTen (anti-HBV/CD3).
生物技术公司安进(Amgen)同意收购私人控股的临床阶段生物技术公司Teneobio,交易价值约9亿美元。 Teneobio正在开发一种新的生物制品,称为人类重链抗体(UniAb),用于治疗癌症、自身免疫和传染病。 该公司的发现平台TeneoSeek包括下一代测序、基因工程动物(UniRat和OmniFlic)、生物信息学和高通量载体组装技术。 该交易将包括Teneobio的双特异性和多特异性抗体技术,这将有助于安进加快新分子的发现和开发。 这些新分子将有潜力治疗属于安进核心治疗领域的广泛疾病。 Teneobio还将添加TNB-585,这是一种1期双特异性T细胞融合器,有助于治疗转移性去势抵抗性前列腺癌(mCRPC),以及几种临床前肿瘤学管道资产,有可能在近期提交IND文件。 安进研发执行副总裁大卫·里斯(David Reese)表示:“收购Teneobio将加强我们开发创新药物治疗严重疾病患者的能力,并将一流产品推向市场,特别是针对我们核心治疗领域广泛疾病目标的多特异性和双特异性药物。 “Teneobio的抗体平台补充了我们现有的能力,并有可能为我们提供一套更多样化的构件,可以开发成新的多特异性治疗方法。 “此外,Teneobio CD3 engager技术的可用性将使我们能够扩大生成双特异性的能力,并利用我们自己的技术,根据疾病和目标定制分子的T细胞接合结构域。” 根据协议条款,安进将向Teneobio股权持有人支付9亿美元的前期现金付款,以及16亿美元的未来或有里程碑现金付款。 根据惯例成交条件,包括适用的监管机构批准,交易预计将于今年下半年完成。 在交易完成之前,Teneobio将分拆其三家子公司,包括TeneoTwo(抗CD19/CD3)、TeneoFour(抗CD38酶抑制剂)和TeneoTen(抗HBV/CD3)。