Levitee Labs Acquires Five Addiction Clinics in Alberta


2021-07-30 01:00:41 CFN Media Group


Levitee acquires the majority of the operating assets of ACT Medical Centres Inc. Five acquired addiction clinics have conducted 35,000+ patient visits over last 12 months Clinics will be integrated with Levitee’s growing portfolio of healthcare assets   VANCOUVER, BC, July 29, 2021 /CNW/ – Levitee Labs Inc. (CSE: LVT) (the “Company” or “Levitee”), an integrative wellness company with a diversified portfolio of healthcare and wellness assets, today announces the completion of the acquisition of the majority of the operating assets of ACT Medical Centres Inc. (“ACT Medical”) as of July 28, 2021. These assets include 5 addiction treatment clinics across the province of Alberta that have conducted over 35,000 patient visits during the past 12 months.   ACT Medical is a community-based organization providing in-depth assessment, customized treatment and counselling to patients suffering from opioid use disorder, chronic pain, and mental health conditions. Each clinic employs a highly educated and specialized team of dedicated physicians, nurses and therapists working in unison with patients to ensure treatment goals are achieved. ACT Medical’s clinics are located throughout the province of Alberta, including Calgary, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Grande Prairie and Lethbridge.   In consideration for the acquisition, Levitee paid $350,000 in cash on the closing date.   Pouya Farmand, CEO of Levitee, states: “We are thrilled to have acquired these five addiction clinics, which directly interface with patients that need alternative medicines and therapies the most. Unfortunately, substance abuse and addiction in Canada is far too prevalent, and current service options do very little to improve the health and wellness of these patients.  With innovation and our patient-centric approach, we expect to make a meaningful impact and improve services to the Alberta communities where these clinics are located.”   “These assets give us a great start in building our platform for addiction treatment services, with over 20,000 individual patient records and a name brand in the Alberta market,” added Ken Osborne, Head of M&A at Levitee. “We are currently evaluating additional accretive opportunities to grow our footprint across Canada.”   Levitee intends to integrate these clinics with its current assets in mental health and addiction treatment, as well as assets that are acquired by Levitee in the future.   “Over the past 5 years, ACT Medical has become a leader for the provision of evidence-based treatment programs for people suffering from addictions and chronic pain in Alberta”, said Carrie Wylie, Executive Director, ACT Medical. “We are delighted to join the Levitee team on its journey to become a leader in the area of mental health and wellness nationally.”   Levitee is also pleased to announce the acquisition of a 5,400 square foot building in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In the future, Levitee intends to use the building to host business operations that are complementary to the Company’s mental health and addiction services which are also currently operating in the building.   About ACT Medical Centres Inc. ACT Medical provides a bridge to recovery. In the continuum of care, it plays a significant role in preparing individuals for recovery. ACT Medical is a community-based organization focused on treating people with opioid use disorder, chronic pain, and mental health issues. ACT Medical has established Care Teams at each of its locations to serve patients. The Care Teams are comprised of a medical director, physicians, nurses, and medical office assistants (MOA’s). They provide specialized treatment services as well as provide patients access to recovery programs/beds; access to AISH programs; access to case workers; access to other social supports such as housing support, food services, and dental care, and more. Recovery is the focus of ACT Medical’s policies and practices.   About Levitee Labs  Levitee Labs is establishing itself as a leader in the integrative wellness space. Through leveraging an M&A regimen that focuses on the centralization of complementary integrative wellness assets, Levitee Labs aims to transform mental health and addiction treatments through the integration of psychedelic medicines and therapies.   Further information about the Company is available on its website at www.leviteelabs.com. This article was published by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the industry’s leading agency and digital financial media network dedicated to the burgeoning CBD and legal cannabis industries. Call +1 (833) 420-CNFN for more information.
Levitee收购了ACT医疗中心公司的大部分经营资产。 在过去的12个月里,五个获得性成瘾诊所已经进行了35,000多名患者的访问 诊所将与Levitee不断增长的医疗保健资产组合整合 不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华2021年7月29日电/CNW/-Levitee Labs Inc.(CSE:LVT)(“公司”或“Levitee”)是一家拥有多元化医疗保健和健康资产组合的综合性健康公司,今日宣布完成收购ACT Medical Centres Inc.(“ACT Medical”)截至2021年7月28日的大部分运营资产。这些资产包括艾伯塔省的5个成瘾治疗诊所,在过去12个月里,这些诊所进行了35,000多名患者的就诊。 ACT医疗是一个以社区为基础的组织,为患有阿片类药物使用障碍、慢性疼痛和精神健康状况的患者提供深入评估、定制治疗和咨询。每个诊所都雇佣了一支受过高等教育的专业医生、护士和治疗师团队,与患者一起工作,以确保治疗目标的实现。ACT Medical的诊所遍布艾伯塔省,包括卡尔加里、医学帽、马鹿、格兰德草原和莱斯布里奇。 作为收购的代价,Levitee于交割日支付了350,000美元现金。 Levitee的首席执行官Pouya Farmand说:“我们很高兴收购了这五家成瘾诊所,它们直接与最需要替代药物和治疗的患者联系。不幸的是,药物滥用和成瘾在加拿大太普遍了,目前的服务选择对改善这些患者的健康和福祉几乎没有帮助。通过创新和我们以病人为中心的方法,我们希望对这些诊所所在的艾伯塔省社区产生有意义的影响,并改善服务。“ 莱维特并购主管肯·奥斯本补充说:“这些资产为我们建立成瘾治疗服务平台提供了一个很好的开端,拥有超过2万份个人患者记录,并在艾伯塔省市场上拥有一个名牌。”“我们目前正在评估额外的增值机会,以扩大我们在加拿大的足迹。” Levitee打算将这些诊所与其目前在精神健康和成瘾治疗方面的资产以及Levitee未来收购的资产整合在一起。 ACT医疗公司执行董事凯莉·怀利说:“在过去的5年里,ACT医疗公司已经成为艾伯塔省为瘾君子和慢性疼痛患者提供循证治疗方案的领导者。”“我们很高兴加入莱维特团队,成为全国精神健康领域的领导者。” Levitee也很高兴地宣布收购位于艾伯塔省Grande Prairie的一栋5400平方英尺的建筑。未来,Levitee打算使用该大楼来接待业务运营,这些业务运营与该公司目前也在该大楼运营的精神健康和成瘾服务相辅相成。 关于ACT医疗中心公司。 ACT医疗提供了一座通往康复的桥梁。在连续的护理中,它在为个人康复做准备方面发挥着重要作用。ACT医疗是一个基于社区的组织,专注于治疗阿片类药物使用障碍、慢性疼痛和精神健康问题的人。ACT医疗公司在其每个地点都建立了护理小组来为病人服务。护理小组由一名医疗主任、医生、护士和医疗办公室助理(MOA的)组成。它们提供专门的治疗服务,并为病人提供康复方案/床位;获得AISH方案;接触个案工作者;获得其他社会支助,如住房支助、食品服务和牙科保健等。康复是ACT医疗政策和实践的重点。 关于Levitee实验室 莱维特实验室正在建立自己作为一个领导者在综合健康空间。Levitee Labs的目标是通过整合迷幻药物和治疗来改变精神健康和成瘾治疗。 有关该公司的进一步信息可在其网站www.leviteelabs.com上获得。 本文由CFN Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB:CNFN)发表,该公司是CFN Media的所有者和运营商,CFN Media是行业领先的机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的CBD和合法大麻行业。请致电+1(833)420-CNFN了解更多信息。