CM Life Sciences II, SomaLogic and Twist Bioscience partner for novel antibodies


2021-08-19 23:00:17 PHARMACEUTICAL


CM Life Sciences II and SomaLogic have collaborated with Twist Bioscience to discover novel therapeutic targets and antibodies. The partnership aims to develop antibodies and discover drugs based on key disease biomarkers. As part of the collaboration, Twist will identify antibodies against targets resulting from SomaLogic’s 7,000-plex assay using SomaScan platform. The platform was designed to be applied across clinical applications, research and discovery, and translational research and biopharmaceutical development. It uses slow off-rate modified aptamers, called SOMAmer reagents, to measure nearly 7,000 proteins from a single plasma, serum, or urine sample. Twist Bioscience CEO and co-founder Emily Leproust said: “Having access to the SomaScan Platform provides a rich source of clinically relevant biomarkers in diverse therapeutic areas, where we can then take those targets and discover potent antibodies for the treatment of disease. “We intend to use the antibodies discovered for our internal pipeline, moving the most promising candidates through preclinical development and then potentially outlicensing to a partner.” The company manufactures a wide range of synthetic DNA-based products such as tools for next-generation sequencing sample preparation, synthetic genes, and antibody libraries for drug discovery and development. SomaLogic stated that the partnership with Twist Bioscience provides an opportunity to explore targets across a wide range of therapeutic areas. SomaLogic CEO Roy Smythe said: “This collaboration is a strong example of the powerful connections that can be made leveraging synthetic biology approaches in both genomics and proteomics. “The vast majority of drugs act on proteins, and this work with target identification and validation is directed at facilitating breakthrough discoveries with significant potential impact in biology and medicine.”
CM生命科学II和SomaLogic与Twist生物科学合作,发现新的治疗靶点和抗体。 该伙伴关系旨在开发抗体和发现基于关键疾病生物标志物的药物。 作为合作的一部分,Twist将使用SomaScan平台识别针对Somalogic的7000丛检测产生的目标的抗体。 该平台旨在应用于临床应用、研究和发现、转化研究和生物制药开发。 它使用慢速修饰适配体,称为索马默试剂,从单个血浆、血清或尿液样本中测量近7000种蛋白质。 Twist Bioscience首席执行官兼联合创始人艾米丽·莱普鲁斯特(Emily Leproust)表示:“进入SomaScan平台为不同治疗领域提供了丰富的临床相关生物标志物来源,我们可以在那里获取这些靶点,发现治疗疾病的有效抗体。 “我们打算将发现的抗体用于我们的内部管道,通过临床前开发转移最有希望的候选人,然后有可能超过合作伙伴的许可。” 该公司生产广泛的基于DNA的合成产品,如用于下一代测序样品制备的工具、合成基因和用于药物发现和开发的抗体库。 SomaLogic表示,与Twist Bioscience的合作为探索广泛治疗领域的目标提供了机会。 索马里首席执行官罗伊·斯迈思(Roy Smythe)表示:“这种合作是利用基因组学和蛋白质组学中的合成生物学方法可以建立强大联系的一个强有力的例子。 “绝大多数药物作用于蛋白质,这项靶标识别和验证工作旨在促进突破性发现,对生物学和医学具有重大潜在影响。”