Is Long-Term Projection for Marijuana Stocks Still Bright or Is Momentum Flagging?


2021-08-24 22:00:22 PROFIT


Where Pot Stocks Could Go in 2022 To some, it might be a little concerning to realize we’re already through two-thirds of the year. With most of 2021 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to consider what 2022 holds for marijuana stocks. I, for one, continue to be very bullish on pot stocks. It’s worth noting that I’ve long been a buy-and-hold evangelist when it comes to the marijuana industry. And, frankly, that strategy has made many investors a lot of money. Some of the marijuana stocks I’ve been writing about for a few years, like Innovative Industrial Properties Inc (NYSE:IIPR), Curaleaf Holdings Inc (CNSX:CURA, OTCMKTS:CURLF), and Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC)—though CGC stock was certainly more dependent on timing than the other two—have seen huge gains. Chart courtesy of Altogether, early investors in pot stocks have been reaping huge gains for years. However, it’s never a good idea to assure yourself of future success because of past performance. Having said that, the future remains bright for marijuana stocks. Many of the positives that got the market to its current height in the first place are still there, while newer breakthroughs continue to drive the market forward. Those breakthroughs could help the market ascend to new heights in 2022 and beyond. Now, I’ll be totally upfront here: predicting the state of the economy in 2022 is a tough game. There are many factors to consider, including how the continuing COVID-19 pandemic will be managed, how much money the Federal Reserve will continue to pump into the market, how low interest rates will remain, and the extent of the pent-up investing and spending by white-collar workers who were essentially homebound for a year. But here’s what is easy to predict: there will be growth in the marijuana industry. The cannabis sector has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few years, from full legalization in Canada, to amazing strides in the U.S., to inroads in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. The expanding legal marijuana market has investors salivating at the opportunities that billions of dollars in projected revenue (the marijuana black market is worth over $100.0 billion) will bring to the pot companies that are able to best capitalize on the situation. Legalization, it must be said, is a fickle game, reliant on—at times—skittish politicians who are often from an older generation and have a War-on-Drugs mindset (at least in the U.S.). That’s changing, of course, as the old guard is cycled out for new blood with much more libertarian views on marijuana usage, but that will take time. As it stands, federal legalization in the U.S. (the Holy Grail of the marijuana market, as I call it, due to its size) is closer to becoming a reality than ever. It’s also still a few years away, with President Joe Biden being a bump in the road in the progression toward legalization, with his aversion to any sort of pro-marijuana legislative action. Having said that, the majority of Americans support marijuana legalization, and state legislators have had some success in passing bills that end pot prohibition at the state level (and they’ve increasingly been doing so without holding voter referendums first). This increasing political comfort with marijuana bodes well for the future of pot stocks. But while state-level legalization is going to keep going apace, we can’t count on federal legalization anytime soon. But, as I said earlier, one thing we can count on is continued growth. First, we’re going to see the marijuana black market slowly be eroded as more people eschew their old dealers in favor of legal businesses. That process is being accelerated by falling legal pot prices as production becomes more efficient. Another big boon is that marijuana stocks are, by and large, well regarded by retail investors. And considering what we saw happen with GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) and similar “meme stocks,” there’s a decent chance that more retail investors will set their sights on pot stocks. Better yet, marijuana stocks have a lot of realistic potential growth paths that I’d argue are very probable. Not a lot of meme stocks can say the same. And here’s some more good news: pandemic or no, vice goods—as they’re commonly referred to—are recession-proof. Alcohol, for instance, actually sees increased sales during economic downturns, and early evidence suggests that the same holds for marijuana. So, even if we see more economic lockdowns in 2022 (let’s collectively hope we don’t), there’s no reason to suspect it would severely impact marijuana companies’ revenues, and it might even encourage higher sales. Analyst Take All this is to say that 2022 looks like it could be a great year for pot stocks. There’s already a decent chance of a rally in the sector’s future, due to deflated marijuana stock prices as fallout from the early-pandemic market panic. Taken in sum, there’s a lot of momentum behind pot stocks. I’ve been writing about marijuana stocks for years now, and this is as good an opportunity as there’s ever been, provided that investors choose the correct stocks. There’s still so much room for pot stocks to grow, and in that growth, many investors will likely see huge gains.
2022年大麻库存会走向何方 对一些人来说,意识到我们已经度过了一年的三分之二,这可能有点令人担忧。随着2021年大部分时间的到来,是时候考虑2022年对大麻库存的影响了。 就我而言,我仍然非常看好大麻股票。 值得注意的是,在大麻行业,我长期以来一直是一个买入并持有的布道者。坦率地说,这一策略让许多投资者赚了很多钱。 我几年来一直在写的一些大麻股票,如创新工业地产公司(NYSE:IIPR)、库拉雷夫控股公司(CNSX:CURA,OTCMKTS:CURLF)和冠层增长公司(NYSE:CGC)--尽管CGC的股票肯定比其他两家更依赖于时机--已经出现了巨大的涨幅。 图表由stockcharts.com提供 总的来说,大麻股票的早期投资者多年来一直获得巨大的收益。然而,因为过去的表现而保证自己未来的成功从来都不是一个好主意。 话虽如此,大麻库存的未来仍然光明。 许多最初使市场达到目前高度的积极因素仍然存在,而新的突破继续推动市场前进。这些突破可能有助于市场在2022年及以后达到新的高度。 现在,我将在这里完全直言不讳:预测2022年的经济状况是一场艰难的比赛。 有许多因素需要考虑,包括如何管理持续的新冠肺炎疫情,美联储将继续向市场注入多少资金,低利率将保持多久,以及基本上在家呆了一年的白领被压抑的投资和支出的程度。 但有一点很容易预测:大麻行业将会增长。 大麻行业在过去几年里突飞猛进,从加拿大的完全合法化,到美国的惊人进步,再到欧洲、南美和中东的进军。 不断扩大的合法大麻市场让投资者垂涎于数十亿美元的预计收入(大麻黑市价值超过100亿美元)将给能够最好地利用这种情况的大麻公司带来的机会。 必须说,合法化是一个变化无常的游戏,有时依赖于易怒的政治家,他们通常来自老一辈,有禁毒战争的心态(至少在美国)。 当然,这种情况正在改变,因为旧的卫道士在大麻使用上被淘汰出新的血液,他们对大麻的使用有更多的自由主义观点,但这需要时间。 目前,美国的联邦合法化(我称之为大麻市场的圣杯,因为它的规模)比以往任何时候都更接近成为现实。还有几年时间,乔·拜登总统是合法化进程中的一个障碍,他厌恶任何支持大麻的立法行动。 话虽如此,大多数美国人支持大麻合法化,州立法者在通过法案结束州一级的大麻禁令方面取得了一些成功(他们越来越多地在没有先举行选民公投的情况下这样做)。 大麻日益增加的政治安慰预示着大麻库存的未来。但是,虽然州一级的合法化将继续快速发展,但我们不能指望联邦合法化。 但是,正如我前面所说,我们可以指望的一件事是持续增长。 首先,我们将看到大麻黑市慢慢被侵蚀,因为越来越多的人避开他们的老经销商,转而从事合法业务。随着生产效率的提高,合法大麻价格的下降加速了这一进程。 另一个大的好处是,大麻股票基本上受到散户投资者的好评。考虑到我们在GameStop Corp.(NYSE:GME)和类似的“迷因股”中看到的情况,更多散户投资者很有可能将目光投向大麻股。 更好的是,大麻库存有很多现实的潜在增长路径,我认为这是非常可能的。不是很多迷因股都能这么说。 还有更多的好消息:不管有没有流行病,邪恶商品--正如他们通常所说的--是抗衰退的。例如,在经济衰退期间,酒精的销量实际上会增加,早期证据表明大麻也是如此。 因此,即使我们在2022年看到更多的经济封锁(让我们共同希望我们没有),也没有理由怀疑这会严重影响大麻公司的收入,甚至可能会鼓励更高的销售额。 分析员采取 所有这些都是在说,2022年看起来可能是大麻股的伟大一年。由于早期疫情市场恐慌的影响,大麻股价下跌,该行业未来已经有相当大的机会反弹。 总而言之,大麻股背后有很大的动力。 多年来,我一直在写大麻股票,这是一个前所未有的好机会,只要投资者选择正确的股票。 大麻股仍有很大的增长空间,在这种增长中,许多投资者可能会看到巨大的收益。