Lilly and Lycia sign agreement for LYTAC degraders development


2021-08-26 23:33:16 PHARMACEUTICAL


Eli Lilly and Company and Lycia Therapeutics have signed a multi-year collaboration and licensing agreement for the discovery and development of novel lysosomal targeting chimera degraders. The agreement focuses on the development and commercialisation of novel targeted therapeutics using Lycia’s LYTAC protein degradation technology. Lycia will target the untapped extracellular proteome, including cell surface receptors and secreted proteins by leveraging its next-generation degradation approach. The LYTAC platform is expected to help the development of several therapeutic modalities, including antibodies and small molecules, with the potential to prevent several targets that were earlier considered intractable across a range of therapeutic areas and diseases. Eli Lilly and Company Immunology vice-president Ajay Nirula said: “This collaboration with Lycia furthers Lilly’s strategy to utilise innovative new technology to treat challenging disease areas, such as immunology and pain. “We believe Lycia’s technology may allow us to develop targeted therapeutics that were not previously feasible and make advances for patients in areas of high unmet need.” Under the agreement terms, Lilly and Lycia will make use of the latter’s LYTAC platform to discover and develop novel degraders for up to five targets. This is aimed at addressing key unmet medical needs in Lilly’s therapeutic areas of focus, including immunology and pain. Activities related to preclinical and clinical development of candidates will be handled by Lilly, which will receive an exclusive worldwide license to commercialise potential medicines resulting from the agreement. Lycia will receive $35m upfront payment and is also eligible for potential milestone payments of more than $1.6bn based on the achievement of prespecified preclinical, development and commercial milestones. Additionally, it will receive tiered royalties from mid-single to low double-digits on sales that result from the agreement.
礼来公司和Lycia Therapeutics签署了一项多年合作和许可协议,以发现和开发新的溶酶体靶向嵌合体(LYTAC)降解剂。 该协议侧重于利用Lycia的LYTAC蛋白降解技术开发和商业化新的靶向治疗方法。 Lycia将利用其下一代降解方法,瞄准尚未开发的细胞外蛋白质组,包括细胞表面受体和分泌蛋白。 LYTAC平台有望帮助开发几种治疗方法,包括抗体和小分子,有可能预防一些早期被认为在一系列治疗领域和疾病中难以解决的靶点。 礼来公司和公司免疫学副总裁Ajay Nirula说:“与Lycia的合作推进了礼来公司利用创新新技术治疗免疫学和疼痛等挑战性疾病领域的战略。 “我们相信Lycia的技术可能使我们能够开发以前不可行的靶向治疗方法,并在需求高的领域为患者取得进展。” 根据协议条款,礼来和Lycia将利用后者的LYTAC平台,为多达五个靶点发现和开发新的降解剂。 这是为了解决礼来治疗领域的关键未满足的医疗需求,包括免疫学和疼痛。 与候选药物的临床前和临床开发相关的活动将由礼来公司处理,礼来公司将获得独家的全球许可,以将协议产生的潜在药物商业化。 Lycia将获得3500万美元的预付款,并有资格根据预先设定的临床前、开发和商业里程碑的实现获得超过16亿美元的潜在里程碑付款。 此外,它还将从协议产生的销售额中获得从中位数到低两位数的分层版税。