Flora Growth Receives 2021 Commercial Export Quota of 7,900kg of Psychoactive Cannabis Flower From Colombian Government

Flora Growth获得哥伦比亚政府2021年7900公斤精神活性大麻花商业出口配额

2021-09-08 05:00:06 CFN Media Group


Flora receives commercial high-THC export quota from the Colombian Technical Quotas Group of 7,900kg of dried cannabis flower The market for psychoactive cannabis commands the highest prices in the industry with the average wholesale price per kilogram of THC distillate oil estimated between US$3,500-US$8,000(1) Flora has signed multiple agreements for the sale and distribution of its dried flower and derivative products into several international jurisdictions, including South Africa, the EU, Australia, and Latin America Inaugural harvest of high-THC cultivars expected to occur by November 2021 and will complement commercial non-psychoactive (CBD) harvests, already in production MIAMI & TORONTO, September 07, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) (“Flora” or the “Company”), a leading all-outdoor cultivator and manufacturer of global cannabis products and brands, is pleased to announce that it has received its 2021 export quota from the Colombian Technical Quotas Group (“TQG”) to cultivate up to 7,900 kilograms of high-THC cannabis dried flower for direct sale or processing into derivative products for export to international markets. “We have been eagerly anticipating and preparing for this announcement by cloning thousands of plants which we currently have in propagation waiting to be transferred into our fields. While awaiting this quota, we were focused on optimizing our cultivation strategy and demonstrating our industry-leading production costs of just US$0.06 per gram, while continuing to build out our facilities and applying for third party certifications,” said Javier Franco, VP of Agriculture of Flora. “While we prioritize planting the new high-THC cultivars, it’s also important to note we are actively harvesting our high-CBD crops, and anticipate that this harvest will create a robust pipeline of cannabis derivatives for Flora to use across its premium brands and products, as well as for export to multiple international markets.” Management believes that the new 2021 export quota allocation that Flora has been provided to cultivate, process, and distribute high-THC cannabis dried flower and derivatives, will be sufficient to meet the international demand for Flora’s product for the remainder of 2021 and at the onset of 2022. Flora previously announced agreements with Kiricann and Evergreen Pharmacare to supply dried flower and derivatives for distribution in Africa and the EU, as well as to Australia, respectively. Additionally, the Company announced that it intends to make a strategic investment into Hoshi International, which will establish Flora as a preferred supplier to Hoshi’s two EU processing facilities, located in Malta and Portugal. “This is a significant milestone for the Company and represents a major opportunity to export our high-margin, high-THC goods to legal markets around the world,” said Jason Warnock, Chief Revenue Officer of Flora. “It’s also important to note that this quota is for THC cannabis products as Flora does not require any quota for non-psychoactive cannabis (high-CBD) flower or derivatives.” About Flora Growth Corp. Flora is a cannabis company that leverages natural, cost-effective cultivation practices to supply cannabis derivatives to its diverse business divisions of cosmetics, hemp textiles, and food and beverage. As the operator of one of the largest outdoor cultivation facilities, Flora strives to market a higher-quality premium product at below market prices. By prioritizing natural ingredients and value-chain sustainability across its portfolio, Flora creates premium products that help consumers restore and thrive. Visit www.floragrowth.ca or follow @floragrowthcorp on social for more information. Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-Looking Statements This document contains forward-looking statements. In addition, from time to time, we or our representatives may make forward-looking statements orally or in writing. We base these forward-looking statements on our expectations and projections about future events, which we derive from the information currently available to us. Such forward-looking statements relate to future events or our future performance, including: the impact of legislative changes in Colombia both in Colombia and internationally; the impact of export quotas on our business; the size of markets for cannabis and cannabis products; our financial performance and projections; our growth in revenue and earnings; and our business prospects and opportunities. You can identify forward-looking statements by those that are not historical in nature, particularly those that use terminology such as “may,” “should,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “contemplates,” “estimates,” “believes,” “plans,” “projected,” “predicts,” “potential,” or “hopes” or the negative of these or similar terms. In evaluating these forward-looking statements, you should consider various factors, including: our ability to change the direction of the Company; our ability to keep pace with new technology and changing market needs; and the competitive environment of our business. These and other factors may cause our actual results to differ materially from any forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements are only predictions. The forward-looking events discussed in this document and other statements made from time to time by us or our representatives may not occur, and actual events and results may differ materially and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions about us. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of uncertainties and assumptions, or the forward-looking events discussed in this document and other statements made from time to time by us or our representatives not occurring, except as may be required by applicable law. Footnotes Prohibition Partners, The Cannabis Extraction Report, 2021. Contacts Investor Relations Contact: Evan Veryard [email protected] Public Relations Contact: Cassandra Dowell +1 (858) 264-6600 [email protected] This article was published by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the industry’s leading agency and digital financial media network dedicated to the burgeoning CBD and legal cannabis industries. Call +1 (833) 420-CNFN for more information.
Flora从哥伦比亚技术配额组获得7900公斤干大麻花的商业高四氢大麻酚出口配额 精神活性大麻市场在该行业中价格最高,每公斤四氢大麻酚馏分油的平均批发价格估计在美国3500美元-美国8000美元(1)之间 Flora已经签署了多项协议,将其干花和衍生产品销售和分销到几个国际司法管辖区,包括南非、欧盟、澳大利亚和拉丁美洲 高四氢大麻酚品种的首次收获预计将于2021年11月进行,并将补充已经在生产的商业非精神活性(CBD)收获 迈阿密和多伦多,2021年9月7日--(商业网)--全球大麻产品和品牌的领先全户外种植者和制造商Flora Growth Corp.(纳斯达克代码:FLGC)(“Flora”或“公司”)高兴地宣布,它已从哥伦比亚技术配额小组(“TQG”)获得2021年出口配额,种植多达7900公斤高四氢大麻酚干花,用于直接销售或加工成出口到国际市场的衍生产品。 “我们一直在热切地期待并为这一宣布做准备,克隆了数千株植物,我们目前正在繁殖,等待转移到我们的田里。在等待这一配额的同时,我们专注于优化我们的种植策略,展示我们行业领先的生产成本仅为美国每克0.06美元,同时继续建设我们的设施,并申请第三方认证,“弗洛拉农业副总裁哈维尔·佛朗哥说。“虽然我们优先种植新的高四氢大麻酚品种,但同样重要的是要注意到,我们正在积极收获高生物多样性作物,并预计这一收获将创造一个强大的大麻衍生物管道,供弗洛拉在其优质品牌和产品中使用,并出口到多个国际市场。” 管理层认为,Flora为种植、加工和分销高四氢大麻酚干花及衍生物而提供的新的2021年出口配额分配将足以满足2021年剩余时间及2022年开始时对Flora产品的国际需求。Flora此前宣布与Kiricann和Evergreen Pharmacare达成协议,分别向非洲和欧盟以及澳大利亚供应干花和衍生物。此外,该公司宣布,它打算对Hoshi International进行战略投资,该公司将建立Flora作为Hoshi位于马耳他和葡萄牙的两个欧盟加工设施的首选供应商。 Flora首席收入官杰森·沃诺克(Jason Warnock)表示:“这是该公司的一个重要里程碑,也是向世界各地合法市场出口高利润率、高THC商品的一个重大机会。”“同样重要的是要注意到,这一配额是针对四氢大麻酚大麻产品的,因为植物不要求任何非精神活性大麻(高CBD)花卉或衍生物的配额。” 关于Flora Growth Corp. Flora是一家大麻公司,利用天然的、具有成本效益的种植做法,向其化妆品、大麻纺织品、食品和饮料等不同业务部门提供大麻衍生物。作为最大的户外栽培设施之一的运营商,Flora致力于以低于市场价格的价格销售更高质量的优质产品。通过优先考虑天然成分和价值链的可持续性,Flora创造了优质产品,帮助消费者恢复和繁荣。访问www.floragrowth.ca或关注社交网站@floragrowthcorp了解更多信息。 关于前瞻性陈述的警告性声明 本文件包含前瞻性陈述。此外,我们或我们的代表可能不时以口头或书面形式作出前瞻性陈述。这些前瞻性陈述基于我们对未来事件的预期和预测,这些预期和预测来自我们目前获得的信息。此类前瞻性陈述涉及未来事件或我们的未来业绩,包括:哥伦比亚立法变化在哥伦比亚和国际上的影响;出口配额对我们业务的影响;大麻和大麻制品市场的规模;我们的财务表现及预测;我们在收入和收益方面的增长;以及我们的商业前景和机会。你可以通过那些非历史性的陈述来识别前瞻性陈述,特别是那些使用术语如“可能”、“应该”、“预期”、“预期”、“设想”、“估计”、“相信”、“计划”、“预计”、“预测”、“潜力”或“希望”或这些或类似术语的负面。在评估这些前瞻性陈述时,你应该考虑各种因素,包括:我们改变公司方向的能力;我们跟上新技术和不断变化的市场需求的能力;以及我们业务的竞争环境。这些和其他因素可能导致我们的实际结果与任何前瞻性陈述有重大差异。前瞻性陈述只是预测。本文件中讨论的前瞻性事件和我们或我们的代表不时做出的其他声明可能不会发生,实际事件和结果可能存在重大差异,并受到风险、不确定性和对我们的假设的影响。我们没有义务公开更新或修改任何前瞻性声明,无论是由于不确定性和假设,还是由于本文件中讨论的前瞻性事件,以及我们或我们的代表不时做出的其他声明不发生,适用法律可能要求的情况除外。 脚注 禁止合作伙伴,《大麻提取报告》,2021年。 联系人 投资者关系联系人: 埃文·韦尔亚德 [电子邮件受保护] 公共关系联络人: 卡桑德拉·道威尔 +1(858)264-6600 [电子邮件受保护] 本文由CFN Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB:CNFN)发表,该公司是CFN Media的所有者和运营商,CFN Media是行业领先的机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的CBD和合法大麻行业。请致电+1(833)420-CNFN了解更多信息。