Patented Data and Devices for Pharmaceutical Cannabis


2021-09-10 04:30:07 CFN Media Group


  For all of the talk about cannabis as a medicine and potential treatment for a wide variety of ailments, from sleep to stress to pain disorders and more, there is a huge missing element. There are almost no FDA-approved cannabis-derived medicines. The potential is very large considering the prevalence and market size of many of these conditions, so why aren’t we seeing more advanced drug candidates and approvals? They are surely coming, but the hurdles are tremendous. Medical cannabis researchers are working in something of a vacuum, with little historical data to draw from due to years of prohibition. The plant itself is a highly complex assembly of active ingredients, or cannabinoids, and the mechanisms of action are not clearly understood. Genetics can vary widely from plant to plant, even within an accepted strain. Overall it seems there is more we don’t know about the plant than what we do. Data, and testing, and trials, and documentation, and interpretation are all sorely lacking. RYAH Group, Inc. (CSE: RYAH) is here to change all of that with its suite of proprietary smart devices, patented AI-powered data engine, and its huge (and growing) database of medical cannabis use and its effects. RYAH is involved in several international clinical trials and studies, partnering with researchers to make their investigations efficient, productive, and scientifically relevant. RYAH’s data driven solutions are just the sort of medicine that cannabis researchers should be ordering in their quest to legitimize the plant as a pharmaceutical option. RYAH has been granted what it believes to be the first patent surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in plant-based medicine, including cannabis. Plant-based medicines are often seen as folk remedies, with practitioners relying on anecdotal evidence and a healthy dose of faith in their potential. There are occasional breakthroughs, like the discovery and development of aspirin, but plant-based medicine is in dire need of scientific documentation. And cannabis is perhaps at the head of that particular line right now. RYAH CEO Greg Wagner discusses IP, including granted and pending patents.  RYAH also has patents pending for its suite of connected devices – a pen for tinctures, a patch for transdermal applications, and an inhaler for breathable vapors. The devices offer precise and consistent session management for patients, something which can be difficult for people to achieve. They feed data about the volume and usage into an app, which also offers an easy way for users to record their experiences. The app is tied into the larger RYAH database, and the AI behind the system can make recommendations and observations based not only on the individual’s treatment history but on the history of thousands of other patients. Put it all together and you have a cannabis- and plant-based medicine compendium of knowledge all wrapped up in the RYAH ecosystem. Patients, doctors, cultivators all benefit from the insights made possible by the system. And researchers are increasingly buying into the concept. Click here to receive an investor presentation and corporate updates The potential for RYAH’s proprietary system to move cannabis science forward is tantalizing. The more data is gathered, the more insights can be gained and the larger the body of knowledge becomes. RYAH devices are currently being used in a 5-year study in the United Kingdom, expected to cover thousands of patients and comprising one of the largest research projects to date on the efficacy of cannabis and hemp treatments of chronic pain. RYAH is also involved in a partnership with the University of Milan to develop a standardized dosing measurement system for dry herb. Think about it – how can doctors prescribe cannabis as a treatment without a method for standardizing the dosage? It’s this sort of foundational science that is needed to move cannabis into the medical mainstream, and RYAH’s system is just the type of solution to provide it. RYAH is also involved in studies in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands between England and France. The company’s devices are central to a pilot study in Italy. The company has agreements in France and New Zealand. RYAH also publishes interesting monthly reports on preferences and tendencies based on user data, giving a glimpse of the kind of insights that can be gained. In the end, RYAH is aggressively moving forward toward its goal of providing, collating, analyzing, and distributing the scientific data and information necessary to normalize cannabis based medical treatments. The opportunity is tremendous, and the need is dire. Those interested in the future of cannabis as a medicine are encouraged to find out more about RYAH Group Inc. (CSE: RYAH) and follow its progress. Click here to receive an investor presentation and corporate updates Disclaimer The above article is sponsored content. and CFN Media, have been hired to create awareness. Please follow the link below to view our full disclosure outlining our compensation: This article was published by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the industry’s leading agency and digital financial media network dedicated to the burgeoning CBD and legal cannabis industries. Call +1 (833) 420-CNFN for more information.
对于所有关于大麻作为一种药物和各种疾病的潜在治疗方法的讨论,从睡眠到压力到疼痛障碍等等,有一个巨大的缺失因素。几乎没有FDA批准的大麻衍生药物。考虑到其中许多疾病的流行率和市场规模,潜力是非常大的,那么为什么我们没有看到更先进的候选药物和批准? 他们肯定会来,但障碍是巨大的。医用大麻研究人员在真空中工作,由于多年的禁止,几乎没有历史数据可供参考。这种植物本身是由活性成分或大麻素组成的高度复杂的集合体,其作用机制尚不清楚。植物之间的遗传差异很大,即使在一个公认的品系中也是如此。总的来说,我们对工厂的了解似乎比我们所做的还要多。数据、测试、试验、文档和解释都非常缺乏。 RYAH Group,Inc.(CSE:RYAH)正在改变这一切,它拥有一套专有的智能设备、专利的人工智能数据引擎,以及它关于医用大麻使用及其影响的庞大(且不断增长)数据库。RYAH参与了几项国际临床试验和研究,与研究人员合作,使他们的研究高效、富有成效和科学相关性。Ryah的数据驱动解决方案正是大麻研究人员在寻求将这种植物作为药物选择合法化时应该订购的药物。 RYAH被授予了它认为是第一项围绕人工智能在包括大麻在内的植物医学中使用的专利。植物药物通常被视为民间偏方,从业者依赖于轶事证据和对其潜力的健康信心。偶尔会有突破,比如阿司匹林的发现和开发,但植物药物急需科学文献。大麻现在可能是这一特定领域的领导者。 RYAH首席执行官格雷格·瓦格纳讨论知识产权,包括已授予和未决专利。 RYAH还为其系列连接设备申请了专利--用于酊剂的笔、用于透皮应用的贴片和用于可呼吸蒸汽的吸入器。这些设备为患者提供了精确和一致的会话管理,这对人们来说是很难实现的。他们将关于音量和使用量的数据输入应用程序,这也为用户记录他们的体验提供了一种简单的方法。该应用程序与更大的RYAH数据库绑定在一起,该系统背后的人工智能不仅可以根据个人的治疗历史,还可以根据数千名其他患者的历史提出建议和观察。 把所有这些放在一起,你就有了一个大麻和植物药物知识汇编,所有这些知识都包含在RYAH生态系统中。病人、医生和耕种者都受益于该系统所提供的洞察力。研究人员越来越多地接受这一概念。 单击此处接收投资者演示文稿和公司更新 Ryah的专有系统推动大麻科学向前发展的潜力非常诱人。收集的数据越多,可以获得的洞察力就越多,知识的主体就变得越大。RYAH装置目前正在联合王国进行一项为期5年的研究,预计将覆盖数千名患者,这是迄今为止关于大麻和大麻治疗慢性疼痛疗效的最大研究项目之一。 RYAH还参与了与米兰大学的合作,以开发一个标准化的干燥药草剂量测量系统。想想看--如果没有规范剂量的方法,医生怎么能开大麻作为治疗呢?正是这种基础科学需要将大麻引入医学主流,而赖亚的系统正是提供这种解决方案的类型。 RYAH还参与了新泽西岛的研究,新泽西岛是英国和法国之间最大的海峡群岛。该公司的设备是意大利试点研究的核心。该公司在法国和新西兰都有协议。RYAH还根据用户数据发布有趣的偏好和趋势月度报告,让人们看到可以获得的洞察力。 最终,RYAH正积极地朝着其目标前进,即提供、整理、分析和分发必要的科学数据和信息,以使基于大麻的医疗正常化。机会是巨大的,需求是迫切的。鼓励那些对大麻作为一种药物的未来感兴趣的人了解更多关于RYAH集团公司(CSE:RYAH)的信息,并跟踪其进展。 单击此处接收投资者演示文稿和公司更新 免责声明 以上文章为赞助内容。cannabisfn.com和CFN Media被雇来提高认识。请按以下链接查看我们概述赔偿的完整披露: 本文由CFN Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB:CNFN)发表,该公司是CFN Media的所有者和运营商,CFN Media是行业领先的机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的CBD和合法大麻行业。请致电+1(833)420-CNFN了解更多信息。