Driven By Stem Announces the Acquisition of Artifact Extracts, Salem Delivery Capabilities, and Two Additional Dispensaries


2021-09-21 06:30:07 CFN Media Group


BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 20, 2021 — Stem Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Driven by Stem  , the first multi-state, vertically integrated Farm-to-Home™ cultivation and technology omnichannel cannabis company featuring a proprietary Delivery-as-a-Service marketplace platform, today announced that it has acquired Artifact Extracts , a premier cannabis extraction company based in Oregon known for its award-winning concentrates, as well as two dispensaries. The national market for concentrates grew 40% last year* as new and current cannabis consumers turn to this product category. Strategic Highlights: With the acquisition of Artifact, Driven By Stem will be well positioned to capture additional market share, expand its presence in the fast-growing concentrates segment, and maximize value for all its shareholders. Increases footprint of fully-owned dispensaries on the West Coast to six locations. Expand Oregon presence with a dispensary in Salem, to be re-named TJ’s on Broadway, and a dispensary in Eugene, to be re-named TJ’s on 7th, flanking its two existing dispensaries in the city. Cannabis sales in Salem/Marion County were $73.5 million in 2020 growing 32.4%** as compared to the prior year. Immediately launch the Budee™ proprietary delivery platform in Salem, extending its consumer reach with expedited service, with service expansion to Eugene in October. Supply consistent, high-quality biomass for Artifact from its cultivation operations for Stem’s TJ’s Gardens™ and Yerba Buena™ brands in Oregon, with accretive margins. Integrate Artifact’s premier line of concentrates including budder, badder, shatter, crumble, rosin, THC A crystals, and other popular forms into Stem’s family of brands and product lines. Expands the Company’s distribution footprint by cross-selling into dispensaries not yet supplied with the full portfolio of Stem’s brands, as well as including Artifact’s presence in all TJ’s dispensaries. Strengthen Stem’s experienced management team with the integration of Artifact’s skilled R&D leadership. “Artifact is recognized for the potency and purity of its high-quality line of concentrates that have driven its growth in the Oregon market,” stated Adam Berk, CEO of Stem. “As a result of this strategic acquisition, we will benefit from the expertise and broad capabilities that the Artifact team will provide to our existing extraction team that has specialized in tinctures and edibles, as well as in retail operations. We look forward to integrating Artifact’s operations, dispensaries, and leadership into the Stem family, and quickly expanding product distribution to our full retail customer base for rapid growth.” Jesse Johnson, the lead extractor at Artifact, commented, “We have worked with Stem in the past and trust the quality of the cannabis grown in its facilities. The synergies of this acquisition will build value for the company as we combine our expertise to launch cutting-edge products meeting the needs of this evolving market, as well as increasing their market penetration with an expanded retail and delivery platform,” he concluded. The transaction closed September 17th, 2021 with all OLCC approvals granted. In connection with such transaction, Stem issued 8,209,178 shares of common stock of Stem at a deemed aggregate value of US$2,925,000 at a 24% premium to Stem’s closing share price of common stock. Such share consideration will be held in escrow for a period of six months with a subsequent six month leak out. *MJ Business Daily, 2/8/2021, “Marijuana Concentrate Sales Up” **Portland Business Journal, 1/11/2021, “Oregon Cannabis Consumption at Record High…” About Stem Holdings, Inc. Stem Holdings is a leading omnichannel, vertically-integrated cannabis branded products and technology company with state-of-the-art cultivation, processing, extraction, retail, distribution, and delivery-as-a-service (DaaS) operations throughout the United States. Stem’s family of award-winning brands includes TJ’s Gardens™, TravisxJames™, and Yerba Buena™ flower and extracts; Cannavore™ edible confections; Doseology™, a CBD mass-market brand launching in late 2021; as well as DaaS brands Budee™ and Ganjarunner™ through the acquisition of Driven Deliveries. Budee™ and Ganjarunner™ e-commerce platforms provide direct-to consumer proprietary logistics and an omnichannel UX (user experience)/CX (customer experience). Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information This press release contains statements that constitute “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including statements regarding the plans, intentions, beliefs and current expectations of the management of Stem with respect to future business activities. Forward-looking information is often identified by the words “may,” “would,” “could,” “should,” “will,” “intend,” “plan,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect” or similar expressions and includes information regarding: (i) expectations around the accretive nature of the acquisition; (ii) the expansion of the Company’s market following the closing of the acquisition and the ability to scale operations; and (iii) the launch of delivery services into Stem’s current and future markets. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking information is not based on historical facts but instead reflects the management of Stem’s expectations, estimates or projections concerning future results or events based on the opinions, assumptions and estimates of management considered reasonable at the date the statements are made. Although Stem believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking information are reasonable, such information involves risks and uncertainties, and undue reliance should not be placed on such information, as unknown or unpredictable factors could have material adverse effects on future results, performance or achievements of the Company. Among the key factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking information are the following: changes in general economic, business and political conditions, including changes in the financial markets; the ability of the Company to raise debt and equity capital in the amounts and at the costs that it expects; adverse changes in the public perception of cannabis; construction delays; decreases in the prevailing prices for cannabis and cannabis products in the markets that the Company operates in; adverse changes in applicable laws; adverse changes in the application or enforcement of current laws, including those related to taxation; the inability to locate and acquire suitable companies, properties and assets necessary to execute on the Company’s business plans; political risk; and increasing costs of compliance with extensive government regulation. This forward-looking information may be affected by risks and uncertainties in the business of Stem and market conditions. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should assumptions underlying the forward-looking information prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described herein as intended, planned, anticipated, believed, estimated or expected. Although Stem has attempted to identify important risks, uncertainties and factors which could cause actual results to differ materially, there may be others that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. Stem does not assume any obligation to update this forward-looking information except as otherwise required by applicable law. No securities regulatory authority has in any way passed upon the merits of the proposed transactions described in this news release or has approved or disapproved of the contents of this news release. Stem Holdings Investor Relations Contact: KCSA Strategic Communications Valter Pinto or Rory Rumore +1 212.896.1254 / 347.237.9998 [email protected] / [email protected] Media Contact: Mauria Betts Director of Branding and Public Relations 971.266.1908 [email protected] This article was published by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the industry’s leading agency and digital financial media network dedicated to the burgeoning CBD and legal cannabis industries. Call +1 (833) 420-CNFN for more information.
佛罗里达州博卡拉顿,2021年9月20日--Stem控股公司D/B/a在Stem的推动下,该公司是第一家多州、垂直集成的农场到家庭™种植和技术全渠道大麻公司,具有专有的即服务即交付市场平台,今天宣布收购了总部位于俄勒冈州的顶级大麻提取公司Artifact Extracts,以及两家药房。随着新的和当前的大麻消费者转向这一产品类别,全国浓缩物市场去年增长了40%。 战略亮点: 收购Artifact后,Driven By Stem将能够占领更多的市场份额,扩大其在快速增长的精矿细分市场的存在,并为其所有股东实现价值最大化。 将西海岸完全拥有的药房的足迹增加到六个地点。 扩大俄勒冈州的存在,塞勒姆的一家药房将在百老汇重新命名为TJ,尤金的一家药房将在第七天重新命名为TJ,位于该市现有的两家药房的两侧。2020年,塞勒姆/马里恩县的大麻销售额为7350万美元,比前一年增长32.4%**。 立即在塞勒姆推出Budee™专有交付平台,以快速服务扩大其消费者范围,并于10月将服务扩展到尤金。 为STEM的TJ's Gardens™和Yerba Buena™品牌在俄勒冈的种植业务提供一致的、高质量的人工制品生物量,利润不断增长。 将Artifact的主要浓缩物系列包括budder、badder、shatter、crumble、THC A水晶和其他流行形式融入STEM的品牌和产品系列家族。 扩大公司的分销足迹,交叉销售到药房尚未提供与STEM的品牌的全部投资组合,以及包括Artifact的存在在所有TJ的药房。 结合Artifact熟练的研发领导能力,加强STEM经验丰富的管理团队。 STEM首席执行官亚当·伯克说:“Artifact因其高质量浓缩物系列的效力和纯度而得到认可,这推动了其在俄勒冈州市场的增长。”“作为这次战略收购的结果,我们将受益于人工制品团队将向我们现有的萃取团队提供的专业知识和广泛的能力,该团队专门从事酊剂和食品以及零售业务。我们期待着将Artifact的运营、药房和领导能力整合到Stem家族中,并迅速将产品分销扩大到我们的全部零售客户群,以实现快速增长。“ 杰西·约翰逊(Jesse Johnson)是Artifact的铅提取器,他评论道:“我们过去曾与Stem合作,并相信在其设施中种植的大麻的质量。这次收购的协同效应将为公司创造价值,因为我们结合我们的专业知识推出满足这个不断发展的市场需求的尖端产品,并通过扩大零售和交付平台提高他们的市场渗透率,“他总结道。 交易于2021年9月17日结束,获得了OLCC的所有批准。就该交易而言,Stem发行了8,209,178股Stem普通股,其视为总价值为美国2,925,000美元,较Stem普通股收盘价溢价24%。该等股份代价将以代管方式持有六个月,其后六个月将漏出。 *MJ商业日报,2/8/2021,《大麻浓缩物销量上升》 **《波特兰商业日报》,1/11/2021年,“俄勒冈州大麻消费量创历史新高……” 关于Stem控股公司。 Stem控股公司是一家领先的全渠道、垂直整合的大麻品牌产品和技术公司,在美国各地拥有最先进的种植、加工、提取、零售、分销和服务交付业务。STEM的获奖品牌家族包括TJ的花园™、TravisxJames™和Yerba Buena™花卉和提取物;™;食用甜点;2021年底推出的CBD大众市场品牌Doseology™;以及通过收购驱动交付的DaaS品牌Budee™和Ganjarunner™。Budee™和Ganjarunner™电子商务平台提供直接面向消费者的专有物流和全渠道UX(用户体验)/CX(客户体验)。 关于前瞻性信息的警告说明 本新闻稿包含构成适用证券法意义上的“前瞻性信息”的声明,包括关于Stem管理层对未来业务活动的计划、意图、信念和当前预期的声明。前瞻性信息通常以“可能”、“将会”、“可能”、“应该”、“将会”、“打算”、“计划”、“预期”、“相信”、“估计”、“预期”或类似表述来识别,并包括关于以下方面的信息:(i)围绕收购的增值性质的预期;(ii)收购事项完成后本公司市场的扩张及规模经营能力;及(iii)向STEM目前及未来市场推出送货服务。请投资者注意,前瞻性资料并非基于历史事实,而是反映STEM管理层对未来结果或事件的预期、估计或预测,这些预期、估计或预测是基于管理层在发表声明当日认为合理的意见、假设和估计。尽管Stem认为该等前瞻性信息所反映的预期是合理的,但该等信息涉及风险和不确定性,不应过度依赖该等信息,因为未知或不可预测的因素可能对本公司未来的业绩、表现或成就产生重大不利影响。可能导致实际结果与前瞻性信息中预测的结果大不相同的关键因素包括:一般经济、商业和政治条件的变化,包括金融市场的变化;公司以预期的数额和成本筹集债务和权益资本的能力;公众对大麻看法的不利变化;施工延误;本公司经营的市场大麻及大麻制品的现行价格下跌;适用法律的不利变化;现行法律的适用或执行方面的不利变化,包括与税收有关的法律;无法找到和获得执行公司业务计划所需的合适公司、财产和资产;政治风险;并增加了遵守政府广泛监管的成本。此前瞻性资料可能会受到Stem业务及市场情况中的风险及不确定因素的影响。 如果其中一项或多项风险或不确定因素成为现实,或者如果前瞻性信息所依据的假设被证明是不正确的,实际结果可能与本文所描述的预期、计划、预期、相信、估计或预期的结果有很大差异。尽管Stem试图找出可能导致实际结果大不相同的重要风险、不确定性和因素,但也可能存在其他导致结果不如预期、估计或预期的风险、不确定性和因素。Stem不承担任何更新此前瞻性信息的义务,除非适用法律另有要求。 任何证券监督管理机构都没有以任何方式通过本新闻稿中描述的拟议交易的优点,也没有批准或不批准本新闻稿的内容。 茎持量 投资者关系联系人: 战略传播 瓦尔特·平托或罗里·鲁莫尔 +1 212.896.1254/347.237.9998 [电子邮件受保护]/[电子邮件受保护] 媒体联系: 莫里亚·贝茨 品牌及公共关系总监 971.266.1908 [电子邮件受保护] 本文由CFN Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB:CNFN)发表,该公司是CFN Media的所有者和运营商,CFN Media是行业领先的机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的CBD和合法大麻行业。请致电+1(833)420-CNFN了解更多信息。