How This Juicy Political Opportunity Could Send Marijuana Stocks Soaring


2021-09-21 19:30:12 PROFIT


Sometimes this job feels more like political analysis than stock market prognosticating. The reason? Marijuana stocks are intrinsically tied to politics. After all, until prohibitions against cannabis are lifted the world over, pot stocks won’t reach their full potential. Which brings us to a tantalizing new prospect. I’ve been writing about marijuana stocks for years now, and I’ve cooked up a number of ways federal U.S. marijuana legalization could get it done. From Congressional maneuvers, to presidential executive orders, to ballot initiatives, to Supreme Court interdictions, it’s safe to say that I’ve thought a lot about how U.S. pot legalization could happen—and happen fast. After all, many of the pot stocks I routinely write about would skyrocket in value in the event of marijuana legalization in the U.S. Which brings me to what I want to focus on now: the flagging Democratic Party approval ratings. Stay with me here: I promise the topic is connected to marijuana stocks. You see, the Democrats have been taking a beating as of late. With razor-thin majorities in both the House and Senate, it would make sense that they would try to do something popular for a change. (Source: “Biden Approval SINKING FAST as Dems Face Midterm Bloodbath,” Breaking Points, YouTube video, September 2, 2021.) And there are few political positions in the U.S. that are as resoundingly popular as pot legalization. A comfortable super-majority of U.S. citizens have said they would be happy to see pot legalized in one form or another. Heck, even just enacting medical marijuana legalization in the U.S. would go a long way toward gaining political popularity and helping supercharge pot stock prices. But, of course, President Joe Biden is famously resolute in his stance against federal U.S. pot legalization. He is, after all, a politician from another era who’s certainly at odds with the younger base of his party. But I digress. My point is that the Democrats need a win, and marijuana legalization could be that win. Sound far-fetched? Actually, it’s not only realistic, but it’s been done before. In Canada, before the 2015 federal election, the Liberal Party had fallen to third place in the country’s parliamentary system after decades of dominance. When Justin Trudeau ran in the 2015 election as Liberal Leader, part of his appeal was that he was a fresh new face with fresh new ideas. One of those fresh new ideas was marijuana legalization. The Liberals went on to win the 2015 election with a majority, and Trudeau became prime minister. Now, I’m not going to sit here and claim that pot legalization was the only reason the Liberals won the 2015 election. Legalization did, however, play a role, and it could play an equally potent role in U.S. elections, should a politician have the foresight to seize the opportunity. It need not be a Democratic politician either; the Republicans are perfectly capable of jumping onto this extremely popular policy. While the conservative base is more anti-marijuana than the liberal base, marijuana legalization is a very popular position across many states. Those include the all-important battleground states that play outsized roles in determining who gets to be president. I’ll be honest, dear reader: I doubt that Biden, after decades of being a marijuana prohibitionist, is suddenly going to change his tune. That said, stranger things have happened. More to the point, if the Democrats find themselves locked out of the White House come 2024 (or even if they lose their majorities in the upcoming midterm elections), it doesn’t take a political genius to see that some positive and exciting legislative promise needs to happen to reinvigorate the voting population. This will be especially true when Donald Trump is no longer in the political equation. Trump could serve one more term as president, but he would almost certainly not stage another campaign should he lose the 2024 election (that is, if he even runs in 2024). Saying you’re not the other side can only get you so far politically. Eventually, as a party, you have to offer people something. This has somehow failed to be grasped by either political party, but mark my words, someone will eventually wake up to this fact. And when they do, they’ll see that a perfectly suitable bipartisan issue is sitting there, ripe for the picking: federal marijuana legalization in the U.S. What’s more, pot legalization would bring in huge sums of tax revenue, which in turn would help spur the economy, which in turn would help with being reelected. The economy, after all, is perhaps the strongest indicator of a sitting president’s ability to retain their position in the next election. All this to say that the political case only gets stronger for U.S. marijuana legalization. So, there’s a popular policy that has a strong political case for its passage, one that’s simultaneously pro-business and anti-incarceration, appealing to both sides of the aisle. Really, can we say the same thing about any other political issue in modern America? From where I’m sitting, pot legalization looks more and more irresistible to the two American parties that are in desperate need of reinvigoration. When federal U.S. marijuana legalization is eventually announced, marijuana stocks will likely surge quickly. The only thing that has yet to be decided is when legalization will take place. The stage is set for American leaders to take political advantage of the gift that is federal U.S. pot legalization. While it may not happen today, tomorrow, or even next year, an opportunity this juicy can only remain so long before a politically savvy actor gobbles it up. And when they do, we can expect pot stocks to make massive gains.
有时,这份工作感觉更像是政治分析,而不是股市预测。原因?大麻库存与政治有着内在的联系。毕竟,除非全世界解除对大麻的禁令,大麻库存将不会发挥其全部潜力。 这给我们带来了一个诱人的新前景。 多年来,我一直在写关于大麻库存的文章,我已经编造了许多美国联邦大麻合法化的方法。从国会的策略,到总统的行政命令,到投票倡议,到最高法院的禁令,可以肯定地说,我已经考虑了很多关于美国大麻合法化如何发生--而且发生得很快。 毕竟,如果美国大麻合法化,我经常写的许多大麻库存都会飙升。 这让我想到了我现在想关注的问题:民主党支持率的下降。 和我在一起:我保证这个话题与大麻库存有关。 你看,民主党最近一直在挨打。由于众议院和参议院都有微弱的多数席位,他们试图做一些受欢迎的事情来改变是有意义的。(来源:“随着民主党面临中期大屠杀,拜登的支持率迅速下降”,YouTube视频,2021年9月2日。) 在美国,很少有政治立场像大麻合法化一样受欢迎。绝大多数美国公民表示,他们很高兴看到大麻以这样或那样的形式合法化。 见鬼,即使只是在美国实施医用大麻合法化,也将大大有助于获得政治人气,并帮助推动大麻股价上涨。 但是,当然,乔·拜登总统反对美国联邦大麻合法化的立场是众所周知的坚决。毕竟,他是一个来自另一个时代的政治家,与他的政党的年轻基础肯定不一致。 但我跑题了。我的观点是,民主党需要一场胜利,大麻合法化可能是这场胜利。 听起来很牵强?实际上,这不仅现实,而且以前也做过。 在加拿大,在2015年联邦选举之前,自由党在该国议会体系中的地位已经下降到第三位,此前该党占据了数十年的主导地位。 当贾斯廷·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)作为自由派领导人参加2015年选举时,他的部分吸引力在于,他是一张新面孔,有新想法。其中一个新鲜的新想法是大麻合法化。 自由党以多数票赢得了2015年的选举,特鲁多成为总理。 现在,我不会坐在这里声称大麻合法化是自由党赢得2015年选举的唯一原因。然而,合法化确实发挥了作用,如果一个政治家有远见抓住机会,它可以在美国选举中发挥同样强大的作用。 也不必是民主政治家;共和党完全有能力跳到这个非常受欢迎的政策上。 虽然保守派比自由派更反对大麻,但大麻合法化在许多州都是非常受欢迎的立场。其中包括在决定谁将成为总统方面发挥巨大作用的至关重要的战场州。 老实说,亲爱的读者:我怀疑拜登在做了几十年的大麻禁止主义者后,会突然改变他的论调。也就是说,更奇怪的事情发生了。 更重要的是,如果民主党人发现自己在2024年被锁在白宫之外(或者即使他们在即将到来的中期选举中失去多数席位),不需要政治天才就能看到需要一些积极和令人兴奋的立法承诺来重振投票人口。 当唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)不再在政治方程式中时,情况尤其如此。特朗普可以再连任一届总统,但如果他在2024年选举中失败(也就是说,如果他在2024年竞选),他几乎肯定不会再发起另一场竞选。 说你不是另一边只会让你在政治上走得更远。最终,作为一个聚会,你必须提供给人们一些东西。 不知何故,任何一个政党都未能理解这一点,但请记住我的话,最终会有人意识到这一事实。当他们这样做的时候,他们会看到一个非常合适的两党问题摆在那里,时机已经成熟:美国联邦大麻合法化 此外,大麻合法化将带来巨额税收,这反过来将有助于刺激经济,进而有助于连任。毕竟,经济或许是在任总统能否在下次选举中保住职位的最有力指标。 所有这些都表明,美国大麻合法化的政治理由只会变得更加有力。 因此,有一项受欢迎的政策,它的通过有很强的政治理由,一项同时支持商业和反监禁的政策,对两党都有吸引力。真的,我们能对现代美国的任何其他政治问题说同样的话吗? 从我现在的位置来看,大麻合法化对迫切需要重振的两个美国政党来说似乎越来越不可抗拒。 当美国联邦大麻合法化最终宣布时,大麻库存可能会迅速激增。唯一尚未决定的是什么时候合法化。 为美国领导人利用美国联邦大麻合法化这一礼物提供了政治优势。 虽然它可能不会在今天、明天甚至明年发生,但在一个政治精明的演员狼吞虎咽之前,这种多汁的机会只能存在这么久。 当他们这样做的时候,我们可以期待大麻股票获得巨大的收益。