Boehringer acquires Abexxa Biologics to develop novel cancer therapies

勃林格收购Abexxa Biologics开发新型癌症疗法

2021-09-22 20:00:12 PHARMACEUTICAL


German pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim has acquired Abexxa Biologics to expand its research efforts in cancer immunology and novel immunotherapeutic approaches. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed by Boehringer. However, the deal includes an undisclosed upfront payment, milestones as well as other payments. US-based Abexxa Biologics is a preclinical biopharmaceutical stage company, which is focused on developing next generation of precision drugs for cancer treatment. Through this acquisition, the German pharmaceutical firm aims to develop novel cancer therapies using Abexxa’s technology and antibody-based drugs. Boehringer stated that Abexxa’s technology can help in the development of cancer immunotherapies which could be effective in a variety of patient populations and cancer types. Boehringer Ingelheim discovery research global head and corporate senior vice-president Clive Wood said: “The acquisition of Abexxa bolsters our commitment to tumour-antigen discovery and new ways of targeting intracellular antigens. “Their cutting-edge know-how and technologies for antigen discovery and novel antibody generation strongly complement the current approaches we have been applying successfully to enable immune-targeting of cancer cells. “By expanding our portfolio of antibodies binding novel intracellular tumour antigens, we are striving to develop unique and broadly applicable new immunotherapeutic approaches for cancer patients.” Abexxa’s platform can recognise the presentation of cancer cells’ intracellular antigens on the cell surface by MHC class 1 molecules and addresses the more common HLA-A2 peptide presentation. The company has also developed a T-cell receptor (TCR)-like antibody used to hinder the NKG2A:HLA-E immune checkpoint axis in cancer. Abexxa Biologics co-founder and CSO Jon Weidanz said: “The acquisition by Boehringer Ingelheim allows our team to access the company’s expertise and capabilities in immuno-oncology and antibody development and to have the opportunity to translate Abexxa technology into a clinical asset.” After the acquisition, Abexxa will continue its operations in the Arlington, Texas, area as a Boehringer Ingelheim family company.
德国制药公司勃林格殷格翰收购了Abexxa Biologics,以扩大其在癌症免疫学和新的免疫治疗方法方面的研究努力。 勃林格没有披露交易的财务细节。然而,这笔交易包括一笔未披露的预付款、里程碑以及其他付款。 总部位于美国的Abexxa Biologics是一家临床前生物制药阶段公司,专注于开发下一代精准癌症治疗药物。 通过此次收购,这家德国制药公司旨在利用ABEXXA的技术和基于抗体的药物开发新的癌症疗法。 Boehringer表示,ABEXXA的技术可以帮助开发癌症免疫疗法,这些疗法可以在各种患者群体和癌症类型中有效。 勃林格殷格翰发现研究全球负责人兼公司高级副总裁克莱夫·伍德说:“收购Abexxa支持我们对肿瘤抗原发现和针对细胞内抗原的新方法的承诺。 “他们在抗原发现和新抗体生成方面的尖端专门知识和技术有力地补充了我们成功应用于癌细胞免疫靶向的当前方法。 “通过扩大我们结合新的细胞内肿瘤抗原的抗体组合,我们正在努力为癌症患者开发独特的、广泛适用的新免疫治疗方法。” ABEXXA的平台可以识别癌细胞细胞内抗原通过MHC1类分子在细胞表面的呈现,并解决更常见的HLA-A2肽呈现。 该公司还开发了一种T细胞受体(TCR)样抗体,用于阻碍癌症中的NKG2A:HLA-E免疫检查点轴。 Abexxa Biologics联合创始人兼CSO乔恩·魏丹兹(Jon Weidanz)表示:“勃林格殷格翰的收购使我们的团队能够获得该公司在免疫肿瘤学和抗体开发方面的专业知识和能力,并有机会将Abexxa技术转化为临床资产。” 收购完成后,Abexxa将继续作为勃林格殷格翰家族公司在德克萨斯州阿灵顿地区的业务。