GE, Apprise Health To Launch First Automated Statewide Hospital Bed Management Solution In Oregon


2021-10-13 20:30:12 RTTNews


GE Healthcare , a medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions provider, and Apprise Health Insights, a healthcare data and analytics company have joined hands to launch country's first automated statewide hospital bed management solution in Oregon. According to the deal, Apprise Health Insights will lead the deployment of GE Healthcare's Oregon Capacity System (OCS) to every hospital in the state of Oregon by summer 2022. The latest software solution is expected to support the healthcare system in the state by providing real-time data on bed availability. The Covid-19 crisis has already exposed the need for better capacity management across hospitals. Using GE Healthcare's command center software, Oregon's Statewide Capacity System is tracking 7,368 beds and approximately 800 ventilators across 60 hospitals, while processing 4.2 million data points each day, removing the need to manually track and enter capacity information. To date the system has saved participating hospitals 45,000 hours of labor, which amounts to roughly $3 million of productivity. It is expected to save even more time as further automation reduces the burden of manual reporting. For comments and feedback contact: Business News
医疗技术、药物诊断和数字解决方案提供商GE Healthcare和医疗保健数据和分析公司Apprise Health Insights联手在俄勒冈州推出了全国第一个自动化全州医院床位管理解决方案。 根据该协议,Apprise Health Insights将在2022年夏天前领导GE Healthcare的俄勒冈州容量系统(OCS)在俄勒冈州每家医院的部署。 最新的软件解决方案有望通过提供床位可用性的实时数据来支持该州的医疗保健系统。新冠肺炎危机已经暴露出医院需要更好的能力管理。 使用通用电气医疗保健公司的指挥中心软件,俄勒冈州的全州容量系统正在跟踪60家医院的7368张床位和约800台呼吸机,同时每天处理420万个数据点,无需手动跟踪和输入容量信息。 到目前为止,该系统已经为参与医院节省了45,000小时的劳动力,相当于大约300万美元的生产率。随着进一步的自动化减轻了手工报告的负担,预计将节省更多的时间。 如需评论和反馈,请联系 商业新闻