Mimi Lam: Creating a Boutique Cannabis Shopping Experience


2021-10-14 03:00:17 Ganjapreneur


As more cannabis retailers open their doors across Canada and the rest of North America, Mimi Lam’s Superette is a refreshing break from the default cannabis shopping experience with colorful shops drawing inspiration from a variety of other classic shopping experiences. Some of Superette’s locations include a cafeteria-style shop, a cannabis convenience store , and, most recently, a colorful cannabis supermarket. In this Q&A, we ask Mimi about the founding and rapid growth of Superette, where she finds the inspiration for her shops, and how the company works to integrate their dispensaries with their local communities. Mimi also shares some of her biggest obstacles and successes, offers advice for upcoming cannabis entrepreneurs, and more! Read the full interview below: Ganjapreneur: When did you decide to found Superette and what was your starting vision for the company? What was your career background before founding Superette? You recently launched Superette’s first Sip’n’Smoke express shop in Toronto — could you explain the reasoning and inspiration behind this project? What other steps have you taken to integrate your shops with their local communities? What has been your biggest obstacle so far in growing the Superette retail brand? How has the retail market for cannabis shifted in the years since your company’s launch? Could you share any great success stories or a favorite memory from your experience at Superette? As the global industry grows and Superette expands its footprint, is there a specific region or marketplace that you are particularly interested in or excited about? Do you have any advice for people who are about to open their own cannabis retailer? Thanks again, Mimi, for answering all of our questions and sharing your expertise. To learn more about Mimi Lam or Superette, visit SuperetteShop.com.
随着越来越多的大麻零售商在加拿大和北美其他地区开门营业,咪咪·林的Superette打破了默认的大麻购物体验,丰富多彩的商店从各种其他经典购物体验中获得灵感。Superette的一些地点包括一家自助餐厅式的商店、一家大麻便利店,以及最近一家丰富多彩的大麻超市。 在这篇问答中,我们问咪咪关于Superette的创立和快速发展,她在哪里找到了她的商店的灵感,以及该公司如何将他们的药房与当地社区融合。咪咪还分享了一些她最大的障碍和成功,为即将到来的大麻企业家提供建议,等等! 阅读以下完整的采访: Ganjapreneur:你什么时候决定成立Superette,你对公司的最初愿景是什么? 你在创办Superette之前的职业背景是什么? 你最近在多伦多推出了Superette的第一家Sip'n'smoke express商店--你能解释一下这个项目背后的原因和灵感吗? 你还采取了什么其他步骤来整合你的商店和他们当地的社区? 到目前为止,你在发展Superette零售品牌方面最大的障碍是什么? 自贵公司成立以来,大麻零售市场是如何变化的? 你能分享你在Superette的成功故事或最喜欢的记忆吗? 随着全球行业的发展和Superette的扩张,有没有一个特定的地区或市场是你特别感兴趣或兴奋的? 你对即将开自己的大麻零售商的人有什么建议吗? 再次感谢,咪咪,回答我们所有的问题和分享你的专业知识。要了解更多关于Mimi Lam或Superette,请访问superetteshop.com。