Singaporean Man Sentenced to Death Over Kilogram of Cannabis


2021-10-14 03:00:17 Ganjapreneur


A Singaporean man is set to be hanged for importing 1 kilogram of cannabis from Malaysia into Singapore in 2018, Channel News Asia reports. Omar Yacob Bamadhaj, 41, was sentenced to death in February after being convicted on one count of importing cannabis into Singapore — on Tuesday, the death sentence for the conviction was upheld by Singapore’s Apex Court. The prosecution claims that Omar pre-ordered the cannabis and collected them a day later near a mosque in Malaysia. Omar’s defense during trial was that he did not know the nature of the packages when he picked them up and that acquaintances placed the bundles in his bag without his knowledge or consent. During a police interview on the day of his arrest, Omar said he was offered S$500 per bundle to travel with the packages and that he only accepted the deal because he was “desperate for money.” He later denied knowledge of what he was carrying, alleging that Central Narcotics Bureau officers had “coerced” his initial confession, the report says. The Apex Court rejected Omar’s coercion claims, with Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon saying it was “difficult” to see how Omar’s two earlier statements were “involuntary.” Menon pointed out that, notwithstanding the allegation that the first officer had threatened Omar, the second statement was taken by a different officer and Omar divulged more details of how and why he imported the cannabis. Singapore has a zero-tolerance drugs policy. Chiara Sangiorgio, death penalty advisor for Amnesty International, decried the appeal, telling Vice that by dismissing the appeal, “the Singapore authorities have violated international safeguards and sentenced yet another person convicted of drug trafficking to death by hanging.” “Singapore’s heavy reliance on draconian laws and policies have not only failed to tackle the use and availability of drugs,” Sangiorgio said, “they also give zero effective protection from drug-related harm and instead facilitate a raft of human rights violations.”
据亚洲新闻频道报道,一名新加坡男子因在2018年从马来西亚向新加坡进口1公斤大麻而被绞死。41岁的奥马尔·雅各布·巴马达吉(Omar Yacob Bamadhaj)因一项向新加坡进口大麻的罪名成立,于2月份被判处死刑--周二,新加坡最高法院维持了对该罪名的死刑判决。 检方声称,奥马尔预先订购了大麻,并于一天后在马来西亚的一座清真寺附近收集。奥马尔在审判中的辩护是,当他拿起包裹时,他不知道包裹的性质,熟人在他不知道或不同意的情况下将包裹放在他的包里。 在被捕当天的一次警方采访中,奥马尔说,他收到了每包500新元的包裹,他接受这笔交易只是因为他“急需钱”。报告称,他后来否认知道自己携带了什么,声称中央毒品局官员“胁迫”了他最初的供词。 Apex法院驳回了奥马尔的胁迫指控,首席大法官桑达雷什·梅农(Sundaresh Menon)表示,“很难”看出奥马尔早些时候的两份声明是“非自愿的”梅农指出,尽管有指控称第一名官员威胁了奥马尔,但第二份声明是由另一名官员做出的,奥马尔透露了他如何以及为什么进口大麻的更多细节。 新加坡对毒品实行零容忍政策。 大赦国际(Amnesty International)死刑顾问基亚拉·桑乔吉奥(Chiara Sangiorgio)谴责了这一上诉,他告诉Vice,通过驳回上诉,“新加坡当局违反了国际保障措施,并判处另一名被判贩毒的人绞刑。” “新加坡对严厉法律和政策的严重依赖不仅未能解决毒品的使用和供应问题,”桑乔吉奥说,“它们也没有有效保护免受毒品相关伤害,反而助长了一系列侵犯人权的行为。”