German Police Unions Oppose Cannabis Legalization


2021-10-14 03:00:17 Ganjapreneur


German police unions on Tuesday came out against plans to legalize cannabis in the nation, Politico reports. The remarks come following the electoral victories of the Social Democrats—which won last month’s elections—the Greens and the Free Democrats, all of which support the reforms. In its election program, the Free Democrats estimated that were cannabis taxed similarly to cigarettes, Germany could raise up to €1 billion annually. The Greens said that a cannabis control law would “drain the black market for cannabis and reduce organized crime,” while the Social Democrats have called for cannabis to be distributed to adults in so-called “field projects” to assess the impact of legalization for adults, the report says. Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union, opposed the reforms, saying that allowing legalized cannabis “would be the beginning of a stoned future instead of the launch of a modern Germany.” Oliver Malchow, the head of Germany’s police union GdP, told Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that he wouldn’t back the reforms as “legal but dangerous” alcohol is “already causing enough trouble.” He added that it doesn’t make sense to “open the door to another dangerous and often trivialized drug.” The reforms are also opposed by the conservative Christian Social Union. CSU member Daniela Ludwig, who has served as the government’s drugs minister since 2019, has said that “legalization doesn’t solve any problems, it creates new ones,” and has called for possession limits up to 6 grams, calling the 15-gram limit in Berlin “clearly too high.”
据政治报道,德国警察工会周二表示反对大麻在该国合法化的计划。此前,社会民主党(赢得了上个月的选举)、绿党和自由民主党(都支持改革)取得了选举胜利。 在其选举计划中,自由民主党估计,如果大麻税类似于香烟,德国每年可以筹集高达10亿欧元。报告称,绿党表示,大麻管制法将“抽干大麻黑市,减少有组织犯罪”,而社会民主党呼吁在所谓的“实地项目”中向成年人分发大麻,以评估合法化对成年人的影响。 德国警察工会主席雷纳·温特(Rainer Wendt)反对这些改革,称允许合法化的大麻“将是一个乱石未来的开始,而不是现代德国的启动。” 德国警察工会GdP负责人奥利弗·马尔乔内(Oliver Malchow)告诉《新奥斯纳布吕克报》(Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung),他不会支持改革,因为“合法但危险”的酒精“已经造成足够的麻烦”。他补充说,“为另一种危险且经常被淡化的毒品敞开大门”是没有意义的。 改革也遭到保守的基督教社会联盟的反对。自2019年以来一直担任政府毒品部长的基社盟成员丹妮拉·路德维希(Daniela Ludwig)表示,“合法化不会解决任何问题,而是会产生新的问题”,并呼吁将持有量限制在6克以内,称柏林的15克限制“显然太高”。