Birmingham and Solihull deploy AI dementia detection tool


2021-10-14 07:30:10 digitalhealth


Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with Cognetivity to deliver an artificial intelligence-powered tool to detect dementia. The Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) will be deployed across primary and secondary care services operating out of more than 40 sites and serving a population of about 1.3 million patients. It has the ability to detect dementia up to 15 years earlier than conventional methods, even before memory symptoms present, according to the company. Cognetivity Neuroscience’s early stage dementia detection test will be implemented to enhance the trust’s current dementia care pathway. It will support the specialist diagnostic process and provide long-term monitoring capabilities in a bid to improve both early detection rates and referral rates. The next generation test benefits from shorter testing duration, automatic marking and high classification accuracy, in comparison to pen and paper testing. It’s also well placed to serve the UK’s diverse population as the artificial intelligence is free from learning effect and cultural biases. The introduction of the ICA will be facilitated by interoperability platform provider InterSystems, which already supports the trust’s electronic health records (EHR) systems. It’s hoped this will familiarity deliver seamless interoperability between the ICA and EHRs and reduce the administrative burden on staff while empowering integrated care. Derek Tobin, associate director at the trust, said: “We’re really excited by the ICA what it can do for our dementia assessment services. We always strive to deliver better value and improved outcomes for our patients, and I am confident that Cognetivity’s technology will help us to do that in this area. I greatly look forward to seeing it at work in the hands of clinicians and patients.” Dr Sina Habibi, Cognetivity’s CEO, said: ” We feel honoured that the ICA is being deployed at one of the UK’s best and biggest mental health trusts, touching the lives of a very large number of patients.” “It’s great to see our partnership with InterSystems bearing fruit, because they are already working with NHS organisations all over the UK and many of the most prestigious healthcare systems in the US and beyond. We’re excited to continue making the most of our relationship and getting our revolutionary technology into patients’ hands all over the world.” Cognetivity was awarded a grant by Innovate UK to trial its technology for dementia in clinical settings at the end of 2019. In May this year the company teamed up with InterSystems to gain additional support for its AI-powered ICA.
伯明翰和索利赫尔精神健康国民保健服务基金会信托基金与Cognedicity合作,提供了一种人工智能驱动的工具来检测痴呆症。 综合认知评估(ICA)将部署在40多个地点的初级和二级护理服务机构,为约130万患者提供服务。 据该公司称,它比传统方法更早发现痴呆症15年,甚至在记忆症状出现之前。 Cogneivity神经科学的早期痴呆症检测测试将被实施,以加强信托基金目前的痴呆症护理途径。它将支持专家诊断过程,并提供长期监测能力,以提高早期发现率和转诊率。 与纸笔测试相比,下一代测试具有更短的测试时间、自动标记和更高的分类精度。它也很适合为英国多样化的人口服务,因为人工智能没有学习效应和文化偏见。 互操作性平台提供商InterSystems将促进ICA的引入,该平台已经支持信托基金的电子健康记录(EHR)系统。希望这将带来ICA和EHRs之间的无缝互操作性,并减轻工作人员的管理负担,同时赋予综合护理权力。 该信托机构的副主任德里克·托宾说:“我们对ICA为我们的痴呆症评估服务所做的一切感到非常兴奋。我们一直努力为我们的患者提供更好的价值和改善的结果,我相信CogneDitivity的技术将帮助我们在这一领域做到这一点。我非常期待看到它在临床医生和患者手中发挥作用。“ Cognetivity的首席执行官西娜·哈比比博士说:“我们感到荣幸的是,ICA被部署在英国最好和最大的精神健康信托机构之一,触及了大量患者的生活。” “很高兴看到我们与InterSystems的伙伴关系结出硕果,因为他们已经在与英国各地的国民保健服务组织以及美国内外许多最负盛名的医疗保健系统合作。我们很高兴能继续充分利用我们的关系,并将我们的革命性技术交到世界各地的患者手中。“ 2019年底,英国创新公司授予Cognedicity一笔赠款,用于在临床环境中试验其痴呆症技术。今年5月,该公司与InterSystems合作,为其人工智能驱动的ICA获得额外支持。