Neuvotion Secures over $1M in Seed Funding to Commercialize Neurostimulation Technology


2021-10-14 22:00:07 BioSpace


Neuvotion, Inc., an early-stage medical device company developing neurostimulation products for the rehabilitation and physical therapy markets, today announced that it has received over $1M in seed funding.  The Long Island Angel Network, an organized group of individual angel investors based on Long Island, and the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network,  a nationally recognized rehabilitation leader, have provided the company with its first equity investment. This seed funding will be used by Neuvotion to expand its team, conduct a multi-site clinical study, and seek FDA clearance for its initial product. Further, Neuvotion secured exclusive worldwide rights to transformative technology developed by its founder, Chad Bouton, who is a professor at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health. "I am inspired by the prospect of helping the millions of patients who have experienced a stroke, traumatic injury, or are living with movement impairment, to reach their goals," said Chad Bouton, Founder & CEO of Neuvotion. "We are working to commercialize NeuStim™ and other technologies so they can be used in clinical practice, and ultimately in the home to increase quality of life and independence." "We have been very impressed with Professor Bouton's work and are pleased to support its commercialization through our seed investment in Neuvotion," said Steve Winick, Managing Director of Topspin Fund and member of the Long Island Angel Network. "As a leading provider of rehabilitation services, we see tremendous clinical potential for Neuvotion's NeuStim technology," added Michael Spigel, PT, MHA, President & CEO of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network. "We look forward to serving as a foundational research partner in Neuvotion's upcoming multi-site clinical study. We feel strongly that this technology can help transform lives for people with spinal cord injuries, strokes and other neurological conditions." About Neuvotion Neuvotion ( is an early-stage medical device company developing solutions for facilitating and restoring movement to the millions of patients experiencing impairment from stroke, traumatic injury, and other conditions. Its NeuStim™ technology combines highly targeted neurostimulation and artificial intelligence to make physical and occupational therapy more effective and efficient. Neuvotion is planning a multi-site clinical study to begin next year. About Long Island Angel Network The Long Island Angel Network (LIAN; is a New York not-for-profit corporation consisting of individual angel investors interested in financing early-stage and emerging growth companies, primarily in technology- and innovation-focused areas. LIAN screeners endeavor to select companies for presentation that they judge likely to be of the greatest interest to members, but the Network does not make investment recommendations; investors' decisions are made individually. LIAN's goal is to back our region's most exciting, promising early-stage growth companies. About Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit rehabilitation leader with more than 70 locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is committed to transforming lives through expertise, innovation, and compassion. Good Shepherd provides an exceptional patient experience for all ages and stages by developing leading-edge solutions, often for complex medical situations; serving as a test site for the newest rehabilitation technologies; and inspiring hope in all we do. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Good Shepherd also partners with Penn Medicine to provide rehabilitation and specialty services in the greater Philadelphia area and New Jersey through Good Shepherd Penn Partners. If you would like more information about this topic, please call Travis Millman at +1 (917) 496-3663, or email multimedia:
Neuvotion公司是一家为康复和理疗市场开发神经刺激产品的早期医疗设备公司,今天宣布已获得超过100万美元的种子资金。以长岛为基地的有组织的个人天使投资人群体长岛天使网,以及全国公认的康复龙头好牧人康复网,为公司提供了首笔股权投资。Neuvotion将利用这笔种子资金扩大其团队,进行多点临床研究,并为其初始产品寻求FDA的许可。 此外,Neuvotion获得了其创始人查德·布顿(Chad Bouton)开发的变革性技术的全球独家权利,查德·布顿是诺思韦尔健康公司范斯坦医学研究所的教授。NeuVotion的创始人兼首席执行官查德·布顿(Chad Bouton)表示:“我被帮助数百万经历过中风、创伤性损伤或患有运动障碍的患者实现目标的前景所鼓舞。”“我们正在努力将Neustim™和其他技术商业化,以便它们可以用于临床实践,并最终用于家庭,以提高生活质量和独立性。” Topspin Fund董事总经理、长岛天使网络成员Steve Winick说:“我们对Bouton教授的工作印象深刻,并很高兴通过我们对Neuvotion的种子投资支持其商业化。”“作为一家领先的康复服务提供商,我们看到NeuVotion的NeuStim技术具有巨大的临床潜力,”好牧人康复网络总裁兼首席执行官迈克尔·斯皮格尔补充说。“我们期待着在NeuVotion即将进行的多位点临床研究中作为基础研究合作伙伴。我们强烈感受到,这项技术可以帮助改变脊髓损伤、中风和其他神经疾病患者的生活。” 关于中性化 Neuvotion(是一家早期医疗设备公司,为数百万因中风、创伤性损伤和其他疾病而受损的患者开发促进和恢复运动的解决方案。其Neustim™技术结合了高度针对性的神经刺激和人工智能,使物理和职业治疗更加有效和高效。Neuvotion计划明年开始一项多点临床研究。 关于长岛天使网络 长岛天使网络(LIAN;是纽约一家非营利公司,由对资助早期和新兴成长公司感兴趣的个人天使投资者组成,主要是在技术和创新领域。LIAN筛选者努力选择他们认为可能对成员最感兴趣的公司进行展示,但该网络不提供投资建议;投资者的决定是单独做出的。利安的目标是支持我们地区最令人兴奋、最有前途的早期成长公司。 关于好牧人康复网络 好牧人康复网络(是一个全国公认的非营利康复领导者,在宾夕法尼亚州和新泽西州有70多个地点,致力于通过专业知识、创新和同情来改变生活。Good Shepherd通过开发领先的解决方案,通常针对复杂的医疗情况,为所有年龄和阶段提供非凡的患者体验;作为最新康复技术的试验场;在我们所做的一切中激发希望。Good Shepherd总部位于宾夕法尼亚州艾伦镇,还与宾夕法尼亚医学合作,通过Good Shepherd Penn partners在大费城地区和新泽西州提供康复和专业服务。 如果您想了解更多关于这个主题的信息,请拨打+1(917)496-3663打电话给特拉维斯·米尔曼,或发电子邮件。 多媒体: