SAGA Diagnostics appoints Peter Collins as Chief Executive Officer


2021-10-14 23:00:07 BioSpace


SAGA Diagnostics AB , a leading cancer liquid biopsy and genomic testing company, has announced the appointment of Peter Collins as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Collins is a highly experienced entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the pharma and diagnostics sector. He joins SAGA after successful executive roles at major players in the liquid biopsy field such as Inivata as Chief Business Officer and at Guardant Health as VP Biopharma Business Development, and CBO of Yourgene. Peter was also VP, Head of Diagnostics at GSK for 5 years. Throughout his various executive positions, he has demonstrated a track record of building high performance teams and leading organizations' commercial growth. "SAGA is an outstanding company with a leading technology and solid market traction. Ultrasensitivity and detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) is exactly what biopharma, the clinical testing market and cancer patients need. SAGA has a diverse and exceptionally talented team already in place – I'm excited to lead this next phase of growth, build out the team further, and execute on a strategy to rapidly bring our technologies into the clinics to benefit more people living with cancer." - Peter Collins, CEO, SAGA Diagnostics "We are delighted to welcome Peter to the SAGA team as our new CEO. With his highly relevant, results-driven experience and extensive network, we are confident that Peter will lead the company in its next phase of growth to becoming one of the leaders in cancer liquid biopsy testing and genomic profiling." - Greg Batchellor, Chairman, SAGA Diagnostics Founding CEO Dr. Lao Saal has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and remains a member of the Board of Directors. "We are delighted to welcome Peter to the SAGA team as our new CEO. I have enjoyed leading SAGA these last 5+ years, and Peter is exactly the right person to receive the reins for this next stage of growth. In my new role as COO, I will be supporting Peter, the wider SAGA team and our Board to deliver on our vision to make SAGA's technologies available to as many cancer patients as possible and truly make a difference to people's lives." - Lao Saal, COO and Co-Founder, SAGA Diagnostics Contact: CEO Peter Collins Email: Phone: +46 (0) 733 01 7242 multimedia:
领先的癌症液体活检和基因组测试公司佐贺诊断公司宣布任命彼得·柯林斯为首席执行官。 柯林斯先生是一位经验丰富的企业家,在制药和诊断领域拥有超过30年的经验。 他在液体活检领域的主要公司担任成功的高管职务后加入佐贺,如Inivata担任首席业务官,Guardant Health担任生物制药业务开发副总裁和YourGene的CBO。彼得也是葛兰素史克的副总裁,诊断主管5年。在他的各种管理职位上,他展示了建立高绩效团队和领导组织商业增长的记录。 “佐贺是一家卓越的公司,拥有领先的技术和坚实的市场牵引。超敏性和微小残留疾病(MRD)检测正是生物制药、临床测试市场和癌症患者所需要的。佐贺已经有了一个多样化和才华横溢的团队--我很高兴领导下一阶段的增长,进一步建设团队,并实施一项战略,将我们的技术迅速引入诊所,造福更多癌症患者。” -彼得·柯林斯,佐贺诊断公司首席执行官 “我们很高兴欢迎彼得加入佐贺团队,成为我们的新首席执行官。凭借他高度相关、结果驱动的经验和广泛的网络,我们相信彼得将带领公司在下一个发展阶段成为癌症液体活检测试和基因组分析的领导者之一。” --佐贺诊断公司董事长格雷格·巴切勒 创始首席执行官劳萨尔博士已被任命为首席运营官,并仍然是董事会成员。 “我们很高兴欢迎彼得加入佐贺团队,成为我们的新首席执行官。在过去的5年多时间里,我一直很喜欢领导佐贺,彼得正是下一个发展阶段的合适人选。在我作为首席运营官的新角色中,我将支持彼得、更广泛的佐贺团队和我们的董事会实现我们的愿景,使佐贺的技术能够为尽可能多的癌症患者提供,并真正改变人们的生活。” -Lao Saal,SAGA Diagnostics首席运营官兼联合创始人 联系人: 首席执行官彼得·科林斯 电子邮件 电话:+46(0)733 01 724 2 多媒体: