Mablink Bioscience and Emergence Therapeutics Enter Into a Licensing Agreement to Develop Antibody Drug Conjugate as a Potential Cancer Therapy

Mablink Bioscience和Esceening Therapeutics达成许可协议,开发抗体药物结合物作为潜在的癌症疗法

2021-10-21 18:30:09 BioSpace


Emergence Therapeutics obtains the rights to develop a novel antibody-drug conjugate using Mablink Bioscience’s proprietary PSARlink™ drug-linker technology. LYON, France & DUISBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. a biotechnology company developing a pipeline of ADC based on its proprietary PSARlink™ drug-linker technology and Emergence Therapeutics AG, a European biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibody drug conjugate (ADC) immuno-therapeutics to treat cancers with high unmet needs today announced that they entered into a Licensing Agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Emergence Therapeutics will use a PSARlink™ drug-linker developed by Mablink to develop an ADC targeting Nectin-4, a protein overexpressed in several severe cancers. Jack Elands, CEO of Emergence Therapeutics said: “Mablink Bioscience’s technology, PSARlink™, which is based on a hydrophilic linker using a polysarcosine arm, enabled us to design a Nectin-4 ADC loaded with the cytotoxic agent of our choice, whilst retaining the antibody’s pharmacological properties. This technology has the potential to widen the therapeutic index of an ADC and to make our Nectin-4 ADC a best-in-class. The preclinical data we obtained so far are very encouraging in this regard.” Jean-Guillaume Lafay, CEO of Mablink Bioscience added: “We have developed a unique technology that we believe solves the core issue that impaired so many ADC developments. Grafting cytotoxic molecules to an Antibody usually creates a rather hydrophobic ADC, which is correlated with poor pharmacological properties (low drug-exposure and general toxicity issues). While Mablink Bioscience develops its own drug candidates targeting several difficult-to-treat cancers, we are delighted to be joined by Emergence Therapeutics in our effort to develop the 3rd generation of ADCs and to bring new, more efficient, therapeutic options to cancer patients.” Pursuant to the agreement, Mablink Bioscience is entitled to receive milestone and royalty payments, based on the development of the Nectin-4 ADC. About PSARlink™ PSARlink™ drug-linkers are a chemical physical link that can be placed between an antibody and a chosen cytotoxic molecule to be delivered into tumor cells. PSARlink™'s unique structure "masks" the cytotoxic molecules, especially hydrophobic compounds, and provides a "stealthy" property to such antibody drug conjugates, enabling them to stay longer in the body, giving them more time to destroy tumor cells. At the same time, making ADC stealth avoids most of the damage typically caused by such molecules to healthy cells: PSARlink™-based ADC are better tolerated. These improvements translate into a 10-fold increase of the therapeutic index observed in animal models, a potentially game changing factor for future clinical success. About Mablink Bioscience Mablink Bioscience is a biopharmaceutical company which has developed PSARlink™, an innovative and hydrophilic drug-linker technology that brings dramatically improved pharmacological properties to antibody-drug conjugates. Mablink Bioscience develops its own pipeline of ADC targeting several cancers with high unmet medical needs. For more information, please visit: About Emergence Therapeutics Emergence Therapeutics is a European biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibody drug conjugate (ADC) immuno-therapeutics to treat high-need cancers. Its lead program uses innovative linker technology and payload technology to target Nectin-4 – an important and validated target for a broad range of cancers. Furthermore, Emergence is actively exploring opportunities to develop further best- or first-in-class ADCs driven by therapeutic need. Emergence has entered into a licensing and collaboration agreement with SATT Sud-Est (the regional tech transfer office for Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS and Inserm) through which the Company has been granted exclusive rights to a set of anti-Nectin-4 antibodies developed by Dr. Marc Lopez at the Cancer Research Center of Marseille, France. SATT Sud-Est is also providing financial support to the Emergence program. Emergence has also entered into a licensing and collaboration agreement with Heidelberg Pharma Research GmbH, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Pharma AG (FWB: HPHA). Through this agreement Emergence has access to Heidelberg Pharma’s amanitin-based payloads (proprietary ATAC Technology). Heidelberg Pharma Research is also a founding investor in Emergence. Nectin-4 has been clinically validated as an ADC target by enfortumab vedotin, now approved for the treatment of urothelial cancers by the US Food and Drug Administration. Nectin-4 is highly expressed by many different cancers and has a limited expression in healthy tissues, especially compared to many other ADC targets. Emergence is developing a new Nectin-4 ADC with the potential to be a best-in-class ADC. Emergence is led by a strong management team and is supported by a network of world-leading scientists who have contributed significantly to the field of immuno-oncology. The Company is backed by a strong syndicate of European investors including Bpifrance, Gründerfonds Ruhr, High-Tech Gründerfonds, idinvest Partners, Kurma Partners and NRW.Bank. Emergence is based in Duisburg, Germany with a subsidiary in Marseille, France. For more information, please visit: View source version on Jean-Guillaume Lafay President & Chief Executive Officer E: jg.lafay[at] Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. 60 avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon, France Jack Elands, PhD Chief Executive Officer E: jelands[at] M: +33 6 38 35 70 08 Emergence Therapeutics AG Schifferstrasse 210, D-47059 Duisburg, Germany Source: Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. View this news release online at:
Election Therapeutics获得了使用Mablink Bioscience的专利PSARLink™药物连接剂技术开发新型抗体-药物结合物的权利。 法国里昂&德国杜伊斯堡----马布林克生物科学公司一家生物技术公司基于其专有的PSARLink™药物连接剂技术开发ADC管道,一家欧洲生物制药公司开发新型抗体药物结合物(ADC)免疫疗法,以治疗高需求未满足的癌症,今天宣布他们达成许可协议。根据协议条款,紧急治疗公司将使用Mablink开发的PSARLink™药物连接剂开发针对Nectin-4的ADC,Nectin-4是一种在几种严重癌症中过度表达的蛋白质。 Election Therapeutics的首席执行官杰克·埃兰兹(Jack Elands)表示:“Mablink Bioscience的技术Psarlink™基于一种使用多肌氨酸臂的亲水性连接体,使我们能够设计一种装载我们选择的细胞毒剂的Nectin-4 ADC,同时保留抗体的药理特性。这项技术有潜力扩大ADC的治疗指数,并使我们的Nectin-4 ADC成为一流的ADC。在这方面,我们迄今为止获得的临床前数据非常令人鼓舞。“Mablink Bioscience首席执行官让-纪尧姆·拉菲(Jean-Guillaume Lafay)补充说:”我们开发了一种独特的技术,我们认为该技术解决了阻碍如此多ADC发展的核心问题。将细胞毒分子移植到抗体上通常会产生相当疏水的ADC,这与不良的药理学特性(低药物暴露和一般毒性问题)有关。虽然Mablink Bioscience针对几种难以治疗的癌症开发自己的候选药物,但我们很高兴Emercion Therapeutics加入我们的努力,开发第三代ADCs,并为癌症患者带来新的、更有效的治疗选择。“ 根据协议,Mablink Bioscience有权根据Nectin-4 ADC的开发获得里程碑和特许权使用费。 关于PSARLINK™ PSARLink™药物连接剂是一种化学物理连接,可以放置在抗体和选定的细胞毒分子之间,并将其输送到肿瘤细胞中。PSARLink™独特的结构“掩盖”了细胞毒分子,尤其是疏水化合物,并为这类抗体药物结合物提供了“隐身”特性,使它们能够在体内停留更长时间,给它们更多时间摧毁肿瘤细胞。与此同时,使ADC隐身避免了此类分子对健康细胞通常造成的大部分损害:PSARLink™公司的ADC耐受性更好。这些改进转化为在动物模型中观察到的治疗指数增加了10倍,这是未来临床成功的潜在游戏改变因素。 关于Mablink生物科学 Mablink Bioscience是一家生物制药公司,开发了PSARLink™,这是一种创新的亲水药物连接技术,为抗体-药物结合物带来了显著改善的药理性能。 Mablink Bioscience开发了自己的ADC管道,针对几种高度未满足医疗需求的癌症。 欲了解更多信息,请访问 关于浮现疗法 Emercion Therapeutics是一家欧洲生物制药公司,开发新型抗体药物结合物(ADC)免疫疗法,用于治疗高需求癌症。它的主要项目使用创新的连接技术和有效载荷技术来靶向Nectin-4,这是一个重要的和有效的靶向广泛的癌症。此外,Emercise正积极探索在治疗需求驱动下进一步开发最佳或一流ADC的机会。 Emercion已与SATT Sud-Est(Aix-Marseille Université、CNRS和Inserm的区域技术转移办公室)达成许可和合作协议,通过该协议,该公司获得了法国马赛癌症研究中心马克·洛佩兹博士开发的一套抗Nectin-4抗体的独家权利。SATT Sud-Est还为涌现计划提供财政支持。 Emercion还与Heidelberg Pharma Research GmbH(Heidelberg Pharma AG(FWB:HPHA)的子公司)签订了许可和合作协议。通过这一协议,Emercise可以获得海德堡制药的鹅膏胺基有效载荷(专有的ATAC技术)。海德堡制药研究公司也是Emission的创始投资者。 Nectin-4已被enfortumab vedotin作为ADC靶点进行临床验证,现已被美国食品药品监督管理局批准用于尿路上皮癌的治疗。Nectin-4在许多不同的癌症中高表达,在健康组织中表达有限,尤其是与许多其他ADC靶点相比。Emercise正在开发一款新的Nectin-4 ADC,有可能成为同类ADC中的佼佼者。 Emercion由一个强大的管理团队领导,并由一个对免疫肿瘤学领域做出重大贡献的世界领先科学家网络提供支持。该公司得到了一个强大的欧洲投资者辛迪加的支持,包括Bpifrance,Gründerfonds Ruhr,高科技Gründerfonds,idinvest Partners,Kurma Partners和NRW.Bank。Emercion总部位于德国杜伊斯堡,在法国马赛设有子公司。欲了解更多信息,请访问。 在businesswire.com查看源代码版本: 让-纪尧姆·拉菲 总裁兼首席执行官 E:JG.Lafay[at] 马布林克生物科学公司 法国里昂69008洛克菲勒大道60号 杰克·埃兰兹博士 行政总裁 E:Jelands[at] M:+33 6 38 35 70 08 突发性治疗 Schifferstrasse 210,D-47059杜伊斯堡,德国 资料来源:Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. 在网上查看此新闻稿: