ACELYRIN, INC. Closes $250 Million Series B Financing and Announces Licensing of Izokibep, a Late-Stage IL-17A Inhibitor to Treat Inflammatory Diseases


2021-11-16 19:00:08 BioSpace


Series B led by AyurMaya, an affiliated fund of Matrix Capital Management, Surveyor Capital , and Westlake Village BioPartners Currently enrolling izokibep in pivotal trial in uveitis and Phase 2b trial in axial spondyloarthritis; activities underway for Phase 2b trial in hidradenitis suppurativa LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ACELYRIN, INC., an innovative clinical-stage biopharma company that identifies, acquires, and accelerates the development and commercialization of life-changing therapies, today announced the completion of a $250 million Series B financing led by AyurMaya, an affiliated fund of Matrix Capital Management ("Matrix"), Surveyor Capital (a Citadel company), and Westlake Village BioPartners ("Westlake"). Additional new investors include Cowen Healthcare Investments, Decheng Capital, Marshall Wace, OrbiMed, RTW Investments, LP, Samsara BioCapital, Tybourne Capital Management, and venBio Partners. ACELYRIN also announced it has entered into an agreement with Affibody AB to develop and commercialize izokibep, a unique, antibody mimetic, interleukin-17A (IL-17A) inhibitor designed to overcome the limitations of monoclonal antibodies and provide potential for meaningfully differentiated efficacy in several autoimmune diseases. The exquisite potency and small size of izokibep enables enhanced tissue penetration and high exposures in a single subcutaneous injection; exposures monoclonal antibodies require IV administration to approach. The proceeds from the Series B financing will be used to fund licensing and acquisition of additional programs, with a focus in immunology, and accelerate the development of izokibep. "We are pleased this syndicate of blue-chip investors has committed to ACELYRIN and our mission to identify, license, and develop transformative therapies for patients with serious diseases and unmet needs," said Shao-Lee Lin, MD, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of ACELYRIN. "This financing catalyzes our ability to rapidly advance the late-phase development of izokibep and demonstrate its potential for differentiation within the class of IL-17 inhibitors, both by unlocking new indications as well as achieving differentiated efficacy in existing blockbuster indications, where significant unmet needs persist. The financing also catapults our ability to proactively build the company and aggressively pursue the expansion of our portfolio to meaningfully improve patients' lives." "As the lead Series A investor, we want to thank and welcome this impressive group of Series B investors in joining us to support ACELYRIN. This is a management team we know well and have every confidence will achieve its goal of building a fully integrated biopharma company with a robust pipeline and broad research, development, and commercialization capabilities," said Westlake's co-founding managing director and ACELYRIN Board member, Sean Harper, MD. "ACELYRIN's founders have a long track record of bringing life-changing medicines to patients with immunologic diseases. These medicines are amongst some of the most successful drugs, reflecting the team's ability to identify significant unmet medical need and bring innovative solutions to meet those needs," said Alan Colowick, MD, managing director, Matrix. "We believe izokibep is the first of many assets that the company will develop to transform patients' lives, and we are excited to be a partner in that journey along with the other investors and management team." The Company is currently enrolling izokibep in a pivotal trial for the treatment of uveitis, a vision-threatening form of inflammation inside the eye, and a Phase 2b trial for the treatment of axial spondyloarthritis (AS), a chronic form of arthritis that primarily affects the spine and enthesites, specialized tissue that connects ligaments and tendons to bone. In addition, ACELYRIN plans to initiate a Phase 2b trial for hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), a devastating, chronic inflammatory disease of the exocrine sweat glands characterized by painful, malodorous nodules and abscesses in the axilla, groin, and gluteal areas that can become scarred and disfiguring. "As the innovators of izokibep, we're honored to work with ACELYRIN to unlock this molecule's potential and address promising new indications and solve unmet needs," said David Bejker, CEO of Affibody AB. "In addition, we look forward to working with the ACELYRIN team to select additional targets and build new programs, in parallel with the development of izokibep." Under the terms of the transaction with Affibody AB, ACELYRIN has obtained worldwide rights to izokibep except development and commercialization by Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in selected Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, and excluding Japan, and commercialization by Affibody in the Nordic Countries. The agreement with Affibody AB also includes an option for ACELYRIN to license additional molecules developed by Affibody AB. The Company is adding Richard Gaster, MD, of venBio Partners and Dr. Colowick to its board of directors. About Izokibep Izokibep is a unique, antibody mimetic, interleukin-17A (IL-17A) inhibitor designed to overcome the limitations of monoclonal antibodies. With extraordinary potency and small molecular size, izokibep can reach high drug exposure levels through a single subcutaneous injection that monoclonal antibodies require IV administration to achieve. In addition, the molecule's small size—about a tenth the size of a monoclonal antibody—also enables its potential to reach targeted tissues that may otherwise be inaccessible to the much larger monoclonal antibodies. More than 300 patients have been exposed to izokibep to date, many for up to three years. These data confirm the safety profile of izokibep and support the strategy of fully evaluating IL-17A inhibition in pursuit of transformative efficacy across many disease states. About ACELYRIN ACELYRIN, INC. is a biopharma company focused on providing patients life-changing new treatment options by identifying, acquiring, and accelerating development and commercialization of promising drug candidates and by leveraging its expertise to rapidly advance these medicines to patients. The company was founded in late 2020. For more information, visit multimedia:
B系列由Matrix Capital Management、Surveyor Capital和Westlake Village BioPartners的附属基金AyurMaya领导 目前izokibep在葡萄膜炎的pivotal试验和轴性脊椎关节炎的2b期试验中注册;化脓性汗腺炎2b期试验正在进行的活动 洛杉矶2021年11月16日电/PRNewswire/--负责识别、收购并加速改变生命疗法开发和商业化的创新临床阶段生物制药公司ACELYRIN,Inc.今天宣布完成了由Matrix Capital Management(“Matrix”)附属基金AyurMaya、Surveyor Capital(一家城堡公司)和西湖村生物制药公司(“西湖”)牵头的2.5亿美元B轮融资。其他新投资者包括Cowen Healthcare Investments、Decheng Capital、Marshall Wace、OrbiMed、RTW Investments、LP、Samsara BioCapital、Tybourne Capital Management和venBio Partners。 ACELYRIN还宣布,它已与Affibody AB公司达成协议,开发和商业化izokibep,一种独特的抗体模拟白细胞介素17a(IL-17A)抑制剂,旨在克服单克隆抗体的局限性,并为几种自身免疫性疾病的有意义的差异化疗效提供潜力。izokibep的精巧的效力和小尺寸,使组织渗透能力增强和高暴露在一次皮下注射;接触单克隆抗体需要静脉注射才能接近。 B系列融资的收益将用于资助更多项目的许可和收购,重点是免疫学,并加快Izokibep的开发。 ACELYRIN联合创始人兼首席执行官(CEO)、医学博士、博士Shao-Lee Lin说:“我们很高兴这个由蓝筹股投资者组成的银团致力于ACELYRIN和我们的使命,即为患有严重疾病和未满足需求的患者识别、许可和开发变革性疗法。”“这笔融资促进了我们快速推进izokibep晚期开发的能力,并展示了它在IL-17抑制剂类别中的差异化潜力,既可以打开新的适应症,也可以在存在大量未满足需求的现有重磅适应症中实现差异化疗效。这笔融资还增强了我们主动建立公司的能力,并积极寻求扩大我们的投资组合,以有意义地改善患者的生活。” 西湖联合创始人总经理兼ACELYRIN董事会成员肖恩·哈珀医学博士说:“作为A系列的主要投资者,我们要感谢并欢迎这群令人印象深刻的B系列投资者加入我们,支持ACELYRIN。这是一个我们非常了解的管理团队,我们完全有信心实现其目标,即建立一个完全集成的生物制药公司,拥有强大的管道和广泛的研究、开发和商业化能力。” Matrix董事总经理、医学博士Alan Colowick说:“Acelyrin的创始人在为免疫性疾病患者带来改变生活的药物方面有着悠久的记录。这些药物是一些最成功的药物之一,反映了团队识别重大未满足的医疗需求并为满足这些需求带来创新解决方案的能力。”“我们相信izokibep是该公司将开发的许多资产中的第一个,以改变患者的生活,我们很高兴与其他投资者和管理团队一起成为这一旅程的合作伙伴。” 该公司目前正在将izokibep纳入一项治疗葡萄膜炎(一种威胁视力的眼内炎症形式)的关键试验,以及一项治疗轴性脊椎关节炎(AS)的2B期试验,轴性脊椎关节炎是一种慢性关节炎,主要影响脊柱和关节,关节是连接韧带和肌腱与骨骼的特殊组织。此外,ACELYRIN计划启动化脓性汗腺炎(HS)的2B期试验,化脓性汗腺炎是一种毁灭性的慢性外分泌汗腺炎症疾病,其特征是腋窝、腹股沟和臀部区域的疼痛、恶臭结节和脓肿,可以成为疤痕和毁容。 Affibody AB公司首席执行官大卫·贝克尔(David Bejker)表示:“作为izokibep的创新者,我们很荣幸与ACELYRIN合作,释放这种分子的潜力,解决有希望的新适应症,并解决未满足的需求。”“此外,我们期待着与ACELYRIN团队合作,选择额外的目标并建立新的方案,同时开发Izokibep。” 根据与Affibody AB的交易条款,除Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals有限公司在选定的亚洲国家(包括中国、香港、韩国和台湾,不包括日本)的开发和商业化以及Affibody在北欧国家的商业化之外,ACELYRIN已获得izokibep的全球权利。与Affibody AB的协议还包括ACELYRIN许可Affibody AB开发的额外分子的选项。 该公司将venBio Partners的医学博士理查德·加斯特(Richard Gaster)和科洛维克博士(Dr.Colowick)加入董事会。 关于Izokibep Izokibep是一种独特的抗体模拟,白介素-17a(IL-17A)抑制剂,旨在克服单克隆抗体的局限性。izokibep具有非凡的效力和小分子尺寸,可以通过一次皮下注射达到单克隆抗体需要静脉注射才能达到的高药物暴露水平。此外,这种分子的小尺寸--大约是单克隆抗体的十分之一--也使其能够到达目标组织,否则大得多的单克隆抗体可能无法到达。迄今为止,已有300多名患者接触izokibep,其中许多人长达三年。这些数据证实了izokibep的安全性,并支持充分评估IL-17A抑制的策略,以寻求在许多疾病状态下的转化疗效。 关于ACELYRIN ACELYRIN公司。是一家生物制药公司,专注于通过识别、获取和加速有希望的候选药物的开发和商业化,并通过利用其专业知识迅速将这些药物推向患者,为患者提供改变生活的新治疗选择。该公司成立于2020年末。欲了解更多信息,请访问。 多媒体:抑制剂治疗炎症-疾病-301424582.html