New Poll Reveals That 67% of Texans Support Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization


2021-11-25 00:18:00 Business Times


The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued a recall for many cannabis products in the state due to inaccurate and unreliable test results.  Retailers must pull almost all products, except for inhalable cannabis concentrate products, tested by compliance facilities Viridis North, LLC and Viridis Laboratories LLC between Aug. 10 and Nov. 16. Cannabis inhalable products include: All retail locations that have sold such products must display the MRA’s recall on the sales floor and ensure it is visible to all consumers for 30 days from the date the notice was issued. Licensees that have products in their inventory that fit the criteria have the following options: If a licensee opts out to send back or retest a product, they must “create new METRC packages with new METRC identification numbers prior to transferring or submitting the products for testing,” the notice states. Additionally, consumers who have purchased a product that meets the criteria can return it to the location of purchase for proper disposal. Consumers who have experienced adverse reactions from consuming such products should report their symptoms to a physician and the MRA by email: or phone: 517-284-8599, the notice states. According to the notice, the MRA is still investigating. For additional information and questions, contact MRA at Uber has taken its first step into the cannabis market, several months after Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshah told CNBC that the company would “absolutely” consider cannabis delivery in the U.S., depending on regulation. The ride-hailing company has partnered with Canada-based cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke to offer online cannabis ordering in Ontario, Canada, through the Uber Eats app. Beginning early next week, Uber Eats will list Tokyo Smoke's products under a section labeled "cannabis" within the app. Consumers will then be able to place an order for pick up at the nearest Toyko Smoke store in Ontario, a spokesperson told CNN Business. At this time, consumers cannot purchase such products for delivery. It is currently unclear whether the company has plans to expand online cannabis ordering across Canada or within the U.S. "We will continue to watch regulations and opportunities closely market by market," the Uber spokesperson told CNN Business. "And as local and federal laws evolve, we will explore opportunities with merchants who operate in other regions.”
由于检测结果不准确和不可靠,密歇根州大麻监管机构(MRA)已经对该州的许多大麻产品发出召回。 零售商必须在8月10日至11月16日期间撤出几乎所有产品,除了可吸入大麻浓缩物产品,由合规机构Viridis North,LLC和Viridis Laboratories LLC进行测试。大麻可吸入产品包括: 所有销售此类产品的零售点必须在销售楼层展示MRA的召回,并确保从通知发布之日起30天内所有消费者都能看到。 库存中有符合标准的产品的被许可人有以下选择: 通知称,如果被许可方选择不发送或重新测试产品,他们必须“在转移或提交产品进行测试之前,创建带有新METRC识别号的新METRC包”。 此外,消费者购买了符合标准的产品,可以将其退回购买地点进行适当处理。通知称,因食用此类产品而出现不良反应的消费者应通过电子邮件:mraenforcement@michigan.gov或电话:517-284-8599向医生和MRA报告他们的症状。 根据通知,MRA仍在调查中。欲了解更多信息和问题,请联系MRA,地址 优步已经迈出了进入大麻市场的第一步,几个月前,优步首席执行官达拉·科斯罗沙阿(Dara Khosrowshah)告诉美国消费者新闻与商业频道(CNBC),该公司将“绝对”考虑在美国运送大麻,这取决于监管规定。 这家叫车公司与总部位于加拿大的大麻零售商东京烟雾公司合作,通过优步Eats应用程序在加拿大安大略省提供在线大麻订购。 从下周初开始,Uber Eats将在应用程序中的一个标签为“大麻”的部分中列出东京烟雾的产品。一位发言人告诉CNN Business,消费者将可以在安大略省最近的Toyko烟店下单购买。此时,消费者无法购买此类产品送货。 目前还不清楚该公司是否计划在加拿大或美国范围内扩大在线大麻订购 优步发言人告诉CNN Business,“我们将继续密切关注市场的监管和机会。”“随着地方和联邦法律的发展,我们将与在其他地区经营的商人探索机会。”