Sanofi To Buy Austrian Biotech Firm Origimm Biotechnology - Quick Facts


2021-12-01 16:00:14 RTTNews


French drug major Sanofi announced Wednesday that it entered into an agreement to acquire Austrian privately owned biotechnology company Origimm Biotechnology GmbH. The acquisition is expected to close early December 2021. Origimm specializes in the discovery of virulent skin microbiome components and antigens from bacteria causing skin disease, such as acne. The transaction will add ORI-001 to Sanofi's early-stage pipeline. ORI-001 is a therapeutic vaccine candidate for acne vulgaris based on recombinant proteins, which entered preliminary clinical studies in the third quarter. In parallel, Sanofi is working to develop additional antigen versions and expects to leverage its next-generation mRNA platform in a comprehensive Ph1/2 trial to start in 2023. With the acquisition, Sanofi said it continues executing its global Play to Win strategy, pursuing growth opportunities and building an industry-leading vaccines pipeline. Thomas Triomphe, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Sanofi Pasteur, said, "The acquisition of Origimm further broadens our vaccines R&D pipeline with a first vaccine candidate against acne, a high medical need for millions of teenagers and adults. Welcoming Origimm within Sanofi expands our area of expertise by bringing extensive know-how in the field of skin microbiome and skin immunology. We look forward to unlocking the full potential of this candidate." For comments and feedback contact: Business News
法国制药巨头赛诺菲周三宣布,它达成了一项协议,收购奥地利私营生物技术公司Origimm biotechnology GmbH。 收购预计将于2021年12月初结束。 Origimm专门从引起皮肤疾病的细菌中发现有毒的皮肤微生物组成分和抗原,如痤疮。 这笔交易将把ORI-001添加到赛诺菲的早期管道中。ORI-001是基于重组蛋白的寻常痤疮治疗性候选疫苗,于第三季度进入初步临床研究。 与此同时,赛诺菲正在努力开发额外的抗原版本,并预计将在2023年开始的全面pH1/2试验中利用其下一代mRNA平台。 通过收购,赛诺菲表示,它将继续执行其全球游戏赢战略,寻求增长机会,并建立行业领先的疫苗管道。 赛诺菲巴斯德执行副总裁兼全球负责人托马斯·凯旋门(Thomas Triomphe)表示:“收购Origimm进一步拓宽了我们的疫苗研发管道,推出了第一款针对痤疮的候选疫苗,痤疮是数百万青少年和成年人的高度医疗需求。赛诺菲欢迎Origimm在皮肤微生物组和皮肤免疫学领域带来广泛的知识,从而扩大了我们的专业领域。我们期待着释放这一候选疫苗的全部潜力。” 如需评论和反馈,请联系 商业新闻