Legislators Drop SAFE Banking From Defense Spending Bill


2021-12-08 01:34:00 Business Times


As federal legislators continue to debate the finer points of a broad spending bill, the National Defense Authorization Act , a newly published version of the legislation excludes cannabis banking reform language that had been previously included.  Marijuana Moment first reported the news on Tuesday.  The U.S. House has repeatedly passed the framework of the SAFE Banking Act, which would provide a legitimate legal avenue for financial institutions to work with private cannabis businesses. The addition of the banking reform language in the NDAA was the House’s latest attempt to get this policy approved as law. The U.S. Senate, meanwhile, had not yet acted on any version of the banking reform bill. And as the NDAA works its way through the legislature, U.S. senators won’t have a chance to chime in on the SAFE Banking Act at this point, either. “I'm disappointed #SAFEBanking is not included in the NDAA bill text released today,” U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, a sponsor of the banking reform bill, tweeted. “The Senate insists on burying its head in the sand and deny every opportunity to reform our outdated cannabis laws to align state and federal law to improve public safety.” After years of debate on the matter, the question (and the timing) of banking reform remains elusive in Congress. "We see the consequences every day of the lack of banking access, from the rash of dispensary robberies to the ongoing challenges of minority and small business owners to secure capital," Steven Hawkins, CEO of US Cannabis Council, said in a public statement. "The SAFE Banking Act would provide urgently needed relief to cannabis businesses of all sizes and put wind in the sails of the broader push to end federal cannabis prohibition." In a court case involving a recent product recall in Michigan, Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray granted Viridis Laboratories a preliminary injunction for a recall of products that one of its labs tested, but denied a preliminary injunction for a recall at another of the company’s labs, according to the Detroit Free Press. RELATED: Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Issues Recall for Several Cannabis Products The Dec. 3 decision means that about half the recalled product will be released from recall. The recall pertaining to products tested at Viridis Laboratories, located in Lansing, was upheld. The recall pertaining to products tested at Viridis North in Bay City was overturned. Both labs share ownership but are separate LLCs, according to the Detroit Free Press. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issued a bulletin on Dec. 3 stating that the recall on Viridis North products had been enjoined and that the agency “will release the administrative holds on all products” that were recalled after the lab tested them. Previously, the MRA cited in its original Nov. 17 recall notice that consumers of the recalled products who have lung diseases or weakened immune systems are at the highest risk of developing aspergillosis. In their lawsuit, the labs contended that the agency had targeted Viridis—which by its own estimation tests between 60 and 70% of Michigan’s cannabis products—to point cannabis businesses to work with other testing labs, according to the Detroit Free-Press. “While we maintain that the entire recall was completely without merit, we applaud the court for at least reversing the MRA’s faulty decision to recall products tested at Viridis Bay City,” Kevin Blair, an attorney with Honigman LLP, said in an emailed statement also obtained by other media. MIAMI, Florida, December 6, 2021 - PRESS RELEASE - Ayr Wellness, Inc. (Ayr), a vertically integrated multistate cannabis operator, announced it has received a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) to begin operations in its Phoenix, Ariz., cultivation facility. "Ayr continues to execute on its plan for growth, with this Phoenix cultivation facility being the latest project to come online," said Jonathan Sandelman, Ayr founder, chairman and CEO. "Our talented cultivation team has already received great reviews for the Kynd premium flower being grown in our Chandler, Arizona facility, and we look forward to scaling production with this larger space. The flower produced will supply our three Oasis dispensaries, as well as our growing wholesale business in the state." The first crop was planted over the weekend, with its first harvest projected for mid-March 2022. The company anticipates receiving local and regulatory approvals for additional sections of the cultivation facility in the coming weeks.
随着联邦立法者继续就一项广泛的支出法案《国防授权法案》的细节进行辩论,该法案的新发布版本排除了以前包括的大麻银行改革语言。 大麻时刻周二首次报道了这一消息。 美国众议院一再通过《安全银行法》的框架,该框架将为金融机构与私人大麻企业合作提供合法的法律途径。在NDAA中加入银行改革的语言是众议院为使这项政策获得批准成为法律而做出的最新尝试。 与此同时,美国参议院尚未就银行改革法案的任何版本采取行动。随着NDAA在立法机构的顺利通过,美国参议员也没有机会在这一点上插手《安全银行法》。 银行改革法案的发起人、美国众议员埃德·佩尔穆特(Ed Perlmutter)在推特上说:“我对今天发布的NDAA法案文本中没有包括#安全银行感到失望。”“参议院坚持把头埋在沙子里,拒绝任何改革我们过时的大麻法律的机会,以调整州和联邦法律,改善公共安全。” 经过多年的争论,银行改革的问题(以及时机)在国会仍然难以捉摸。 “我们 每天都要看到缺乏银行准入的后果,从 对少数族裔和小企业持续挑战的药房抢劫 所有者获得资本,“史蒂文 美国大麻理事会首席执行官霍金斯在公开声明中说。“《安全银行法》将提供急需的 缓解了各种规模的大麻企业,并为 更广泛地推动结束联邦大麻禁令。“ 据《底特律自由报》报道,在涉及密歇根州最近产品召回的一个法庭案件中,密歇根州索赔法院法官克里斯托弗·默里(Christopher Murray)授予Viridis Laboratories一项初步禁令,要求召回其一个实验室测试的产品,但拒绝了该公司另一个实验室的初步召回禁令。 相关:密歇根州大麻监管机构发布召回几种大麻产品的问题 12月3日的决定意味着大约一半的召回产品将被解除召回。 在位于兰辛的Viridis实验室测试的产品的召回得到了支持。与在海湾市Viridis North测试的产品有关的召回被推翻。据《底特律自由报》报道,两个实验室都拥有所有权,但都是独立的有限责任公司。 大麻监管机构(MRA)于12月3日发布公告称,绿色北方产品的召回已经被禁止,该机构“将解除对所有产品的行政拘留”,这些产品在实验室测试后被召回。 此前,MRA在11月17日的最初召回通知中提到,患有肺部疾病或免疫系统减弱的召回产品消费者患曲霉病的风险最高。 据《底特律自由报》报道,在他们的诉讼中,实验室辩称,该机构以Viridis为目标,指出大麻企业与其他测试实验室合作。Viridis根据自己的估计测试了密歇根州60%至70%的大麻产品。 霍尼格曼有限责任公司(Honigman LLP)的律师凯文·布莱尔(Kevin Blair)在一份电子邮件声明中表示:“虽然我们坚持认为整个召回完全没有法律依据,但我们赞扬法院至少推翻了MRA召回在Viridis Bay City测试的产品的错误决定。”其他媒体也获得了这份声明。 佛罗里达州迈阿密,2021年12月6日--新闻稿--垂直整合的多州大麻运营商艾尔健康公司(Ayr)宣布,它已经收到了一份临时入住证书(TCO),可以在亚利桑那州凤凰城的种植设施开始运营。 艾尔创始人、董事长兼首席执行官乔纳森·桑德尔曼(Jonathan Sandelman)表示:“艾尔继续执行其增长计划,凤凰栽培设施是最新上线的项目。”“我们才华横溢的栽培团队已经对在亚利桑那州钱德勒工厂种植的Kynd优质花卉获得了很好的评价,我们期待着利用这个更大的空间扩大产量。生产的花卉将供应我们的三个绿洲药房,以及我们在该州不断增长的批发业务。” 第一茬作物在周末种植,第一次收获预计在2022年3月中旬。 该公司预计在未来几周内将收到当地和监管机构对种植设施额外部分的批准。